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8 Precautionary Steps to change Luck

Updated on May 3, 2016

Most of us regard good luck as our right, and bad luck as a betrayal of that right.

— William Feather

Good Luck Charm


Influence of Luck

I am a mother of a nine and a half year old son. He studies in class four. I am fond of him because he is my son and nothing else matters more but then too what in particular I like about him is the quality friends he has chosen for himself along with the talents he is blessed with. It is a known fact that no human being can choose his parents but selecting a friend is his prerogative. No one can take away this right from a person. Still, I would like to add that ‘right to choose a friend’ is definitely a person’s prerogative but ‘luck’ needs to be favourable to make a good friend. A person needs luck to have a good or bad friend. I always consider that an important role is played by luck in everyone’s life. Either it breaks a man or makes a man.

Those who don’t believe in luck will never agree to what I said above. Before I pen down my explanation I want to ask a question to the non-believers who don't believe in luck that can they vouch for whatever they have achieved or lost in life is not because of some influence of luck? Now, the point is if luck is so powerful then should we stop putting our share of effort and expect luck to play its magic wand over us and accept what comes in our way, good or bad? My answer is ‘no and never’. People must not stop putting effort.

Definition of Luck

Luck means ‘an external force that brings good or bad fortune’. An ‘external force’ is a supreme power that is a special strength from God but we people must not forget that God helps those who help themselves. It signifies that our effort is required because God loves to help those who themselves try their best and not those who remain idle. If luck turned out to be good then there is no complain but if it brings in ill luck then complains are galore. We all complain against our ill luck and especially against God. What we fail to do is we hardly give a thought about the reason behind our bad luck. As well as, we never ever think once after we are blessed with good luck. Thus, we people are not at all keen to know the reason behind our achievement or loss. We usually thank or blame God in such critical situations and our job is done. Well, analysis is very much essential for the future. Luck does work but it is based on the basis of the amount of effort has been put in.

Sometimes bad luck hits you like in an ancient Greek tragedy, and it's not your own making. When you have a plane crash, it's not your fault.

— Werner Herzog

Control your Luck

I believe, there are many ways with which we can control our luck. Hopefully, to some extent the luck factor can be kept within our control and we can carry forward our lives strongly with a share of our effort. We all know that good luck is always welcomed but ill luck is never welcomed. Luck is a sudden supreme force which changes everything that means when God takes an action then for human beings everything is out of control. One is left to be happy or to repent. Happy human beings give thanks to God while the unhappy people grumble against God. To avoid such a situation to some extent one can easily undertake few precautionary measures. We all know that God is our creator. He is the supreme force. Human beings have no full control upon their own luck other than their creator, God. Still, to lessen the chances of facing bad luck one can adhere to the steps of precautionary measures written below. These measures will certainly help to control the sudden interference of bad luck, may be not completely but to some extent.

Precautionary Measures:

Self Confidence --- A person must have self confidence. Achievement comes with self confidence so lack of it will never allow luck to favour one without it. Lack of self confidence always leaves a scope to commit a mistake.

No Overconfidence --- Confidence is good but overconfidence kills the ability of a person. Luck always acts against the overconfident person and he becomes looser.

No Blind Faith --- Trusting somebody is fine but keeping an eye on the matter is equally important. In this way nobody can take the advantage or else blind faith simply helps the other person to take the privilege and mishandle the work.

Conscious Effort --- Putting effort is required. Hoping everything will be fine without hard work never yields good result. Luck will never smile at anyone who sits idle.

No Misuse of Time --- Act according to the time because once time is lost luck is lost too.

Carefulness --- During any kind of work we must remain careful about any kind of threat. No warning should be ignored. Life is not always fun so to get success, every step must be taken very carefully. Luck comes with care.

Honesty --- Do you remember the story of the Woodcutter and the Golden Axe? The honest woodcutter was rewarded. God is always with the honest people. Naturally, honesty brings in luck.

Patience --- Impatient people loose everything. To achieve something, patience is a must. Impatience tends towards wrong deed while patience is rewarded through luck, may be a bit late.

Above mentioned precautionary measures are very much required to be followed. Hard work brings in good result but it needs to be practised with all the other measures or else luck does not smile.

Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Reality Check

You may wonder that what effort a nine and a half year old could have made to make quality friends! Try a reality check: Friends are made by the children but the parents guide them through. Children at an early age always talk about friends to their parents. At this point, the parents make them understand about friendship and the need to have quality friends. Still, if the children ignore the suggestion of their parents it is quite possible that they may not make quality friends at all.

We normally believe our friends, our blood relations and well wishers still we get ditched. Why? Isn't it that too much of trust plays the havoc? It is a warning for all of us. Luck is very powerful and influential but it works in favour only then when simultaneously hard work is done. Instead, luck fails to favour and gives an opportunity to complain against it. So, let’s gear up. Perform our work sincerely but must follow all the precautionary measures with much more sincerity. Definitely, ill luck will go away from us and then good luck will not be far away!


In the hub I mentioned about the need of analysing the after effect of any action. Bad luck is always a matter of distress so when one faces ill luck then it will be a sheer foolishness to repeat the steps which were taken previously. Thus, ill luck works as a lesson for the future but if ignored then the same outcome will follow. Be cautious!


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