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Calvary and the Kingdom of Christ

Updated on August 23, 2014

The Road to Calvary

2000 years ago:

Jesus walked the road to Calvary,

There they crucified Him for you and Me!

They set up over His head INRI.

" Iesus Nazarene Rex Iudea", said the elders

Chief priests, Scribes and the soldiers;

Come down from the cross and we'll believe.

Jesus answered them nothing!

Jesus prayed,"Father forgive them."

312 A.D:

Emperor Constantine had a vision of the cross;

And the words: "By this Sign conquer."

Brought him hope and he a Victor,

"Monarch of Europe and Western Asia".

2010 A.D.:

Some say he wasn't crucified;

Others say He just hadn't died.

Such scoffers are now increasing;

They call Him insane, that wrests our souls;

Yet His calm voice resounding,

You'll hear, "They're Blinded by Satan".

So Christians answer them nothing;

They pray ,"Lord open their eyes."

That they may behold,

The beauty of the cross untold!


The kingdom of Christ

From the beginning of human race,

The first kingdom established on earth was the Babylonian Kingdom

Nebuchadnezzar the Babylonian king had seen in his dream the great image; and unto Daniel was given the dream and the interpretation thereof:

The head of fine gold --the Babylonian kingdom.

The breast and arms of Silver --TheMedes and Persian kingdom.

The belly and thighs of brass--Alexander the Great the Greecian Kingdom.

The legs of Iron--- The Roman Kingdom.

The Feet part of iron and part of clay--- The present mixed kingdom.

The stone that smote the feet -Christ's kingdom bringing all kingdoms to an end.(Daniel 2:31 -45)

Now we await christ's kingdom which Daniel the prophet foretold.

His kingdom surely will come one day ;

All kingdoms will then pass away,(Rev 19:11-21)

For one thousand years Christ will reign;(Rev 20 :6)

Every knee to him shall bow;

Every tongue will then confess,

Jesus Christ is Lord!


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