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Time To Turn The Page

Updated on May 31, 2015

Seeing Signs Along The Way

You have just been through a major event. You're stunned, overwhelmed, lost. Now what? How will you recover from this trauma?

We've all been there multiple times in our lives. We know that somehow, the sun comes up the next day and, by the grace of God, we move forward. But if you are like me, I always wished that God could give me more actual guidance, especially during the hardest times. Somehow, over the past three years, I feel as though I have been connected to resources that have encouraged me to believe that we all have the power to feel, hear, and see messages from God or from a spiritual energy. Throughout this article, I will link to specific resources that have guided me but there are probably many more.

What's interesting to me is the timing. I was at a low point (maybe my lowest). I broke down with a group I hardly knew but they called it "Releasing". It was this event and this group that opened me up to the possibility that there could actually be an energy out there that we could tap into. All we had to do was 1) be open to the possibility of it, 2) then put our request out there in this energy field, and finally 3) be open to listening for an answer.

So, it was during this event that I opened myself up to the possibility of animals presenting themselves at a specific time for the purpose of trying to give us a message. My first resource guide, then, become Animal Speak by Ted Andrews. I've spoken of this book in other posts such as How to Listen For Spiritual Messages - The Message of the Cardinal. This particular hub seems to be read by people each week so I want to share more now about how this revelation has opened up my awareness of all things around me especially as I take my daily walk in the woods.

People Think You're A Little Crazy

When I first started talking about animal messages, people were a bit entertained and they read and listened to my stories. Some would even ask me to look up the message of a particular animal that had crossed their path recently. I would oblige. However, it wasn't long and the novelty wore off for most and my posts were rarely read and, if read, produced no comments. So I backed away from telling my stories. Well, I pulled back a bit to rethink my goals.

What was I trying to accomplish by sharing my messages with others? After all, they were messages meant for me not the public. I think, I had shared my stories because I was completely captivated by the thought of an energy field and being able to tap into messages from that spiritual presence. I was so intrigued by what I was reading that I became relaxed. I was feeling guided by the messages as I read them. I was being told what my next step should be and I felt the confidence to take that next step. I wanted to share these messages with others so they, too, could see that this power was out there, if they just believed.

Well, they began to look at me with that little half smile. You know the one; the one that says "Ok, whatever! You talk to the birds and deer now. Ya, right!"

And Then...


Even My Sister Thought I Had Lost It!

It wasn't exactly when I shared a photo of a tree that felt like it was looking at me. It was when I told me sister that I couldn't find it again. I walked the same trails in the woods every single day. I tried to find that tree to just look at it again and I couldn't find it. How could that be?

That's when my sister thought I had dropped off the deep end.

It has been almost two years now, since I posted a photo of that creepy looking tree and after spending all this time walking the same trails daily, I finally saw that tree again. I would tell you that I felt as though it was in a different place then where I had seen it the first time, but then you might stop reading this too. So, I won't say that (even though it's what I felt).

Regardless, does it not look like that tree is looking down at me?

I showed the photo to my brother, yesterday to see if he thought it looked like a face and he said it not only looked like a face but it looked like a face with a massive tumor on one side; just like the one our other brother had had prior to his death.

Every Day, I Walk The Same Path

So for three years, now, I have lived next to a nature preserve and have walked the same paths over and over again. And every day, I take my current issues along with me as I walk. Now, I no longer tell people what animal crosses my path and how they help guide me. Instead, I walk my walk and I put my thoughts out there, into this energy field and now I say "I listen to my thoughts". That seems to work better for people.

Over the past years, I have walked and thought through issues of first my divorce, then my brother's death, then a daughter's miscarriage, new baby, potential move, illnesses, and so on.

Every day I walk that same path and every day I see different things and those things feed my thoughts with guidance. So, call it what you will. I have found peace and strength from this simple exercise of putting my problems out into the universe and then just being open to looking for signs that a spiritual power is trying to guide me to the right thoughts.

Another Discarded Bouquet


The Most Recent Message

It was the second discarded bouquet I had seen in two days. On the first day, I took the first photo, thinking it was unusual that someone had picked them, arranged them, and then left them in the tree. It was also on this day that I was concerned for my daughter. She was heading into a meeting with her boss. I had a feeling the meeting would not end well. I was just walking and thinking of her when I saw the bouquet. I took the photo thinking maybe she would like it, depending on the outcome of the meeting. When I returned from that walk, she called. "I quit my job." she said. "It was nasty. When she finally let me speak, all I could say was I think it's time we part ways."

I felt so bad for her but I had also felt that it was going to happen. I'd tried to tell her to be prepared but she thought that was too unlikely. I was glad I had taken a photo of those flowers. I sent them to her with a short little message that just said that no matter what I thought she was awesome.

Then, the next day, as she was dealing with the ramifications of this move, I walked the woods again. This time I had a deeper concern about her. She was really devastated by how she had been treated, used for her expertise and then driven into a corner so she had no alternative but to quit. I wanted some message, some guidance that I could share with her; something that would boost her spirits. It was then I saw the second bouquet.

Her Grandma Loved the Color Purple

This time, I saw the flowers as I was deep in thought. I stopped abruptly, stunned that, for the second day in a row, there was a discarded bouquet of purple flowers; this time on the ground in a tiny stream of water. Again, I took a photo.

This time, though, I though of my daughter's grandma. She had always loved the color purple. Perhaps these flowers were being left by her.

When I returned from my walk, I looked up the flower simply by doing a google search of Wisconsin Wildflowers. As it turns out, that flower is identified as "Dame's Rocket", a common wildflower that grows in Wisconsin woods and along the roadways and is highly invasive. The folklore attached to this plant is that it signifies "women's Independence" but some also say that it may stand for the "flower of deceit". Both messages fit perfectly with how my daughter feels right now. and how she had just been treated. It was as though her grandma was trying to tell her that although she had been deceived by a person she thought of as a friend and partner, she was a strong, independent woman and she would grow and spread her wings further and deeper because of this loss.

And Then,


A Robin Walked With Me

Typically, robins fly away as I step closer to them. On this day, this robin stayed ahead of me but stayed on the path with me. It was like it was wanting to tell me something as well. So when I returned from my walk, I looked up the message of the robin from "Animal Spirit Guides" by Steven Farmer, and this is what it said:

"It's time to let go of anything in your life that's outmoded and stagnant and plant the seeds for the new by setting your goals and intentions for the upcoming year. Let go of your attachment to drama and allow as much joy and laughter into your life as you possibly can. Your spiritual path is steady and slow, with challenges along the way, yet it inevitably leads to your achieving your spiritual ideals. You have a beautiful song inside you, so do whatever it takes to share it with the world. Expect new growth in a number of areas of your life. Make a wish, be patient, and watch how it comes true."

The Message Of The Deer


Be Gentle With Yourself

As I was coming to the end of my walk, I turned a corner and came up on a deer. This has become my reoccurring message saying to "Be gentle with yourself". This deer seemed to quickly run from me and that was unusual. Usually, they are calm around me. But, I visually followed this deer just to see if it would settle down as I passed.

And it the middle of these purple flowers and just stared at me. Now, how could I not take a picture of that? Thank you, Grandma for that beautiful image and great reminder.

The Final Image

As my walk, for this day, came to an end, I had the clearest thought. I needed to tell my daughter that it was Time To Turn The Page! And then, I looked down to the path, just to make sure I wasn't going to trip over a large tree root that I knew coming up and this is the final photo.

Tell Her I Love Her


So, How Can I Not Share This?

Was it just me or did I hear messages from my walk in the woods? Well, I shared part of this with my daughter; the message of the robin and just a "thought" that the flowers reminded me of her grandma's love for the color purple. And then, I told her to just remember to "be gentle with herself" right now and that I loved her.

Message delivered...hopefully.

And, I felt totally guided to do and say the right things to my daughter.

I won't share this many places because, remember, people think this is a little crazy but this story is as true as I can tell it. But, in reality, it was just my thoughts. I just listened to them. And it was just a walk; but I paid attention to what I was walking by. And then I simply looked up the meaning of those things when I returned from my walk.

And this is why I can walk the same path every day and have it be different every day.

What Do You Think?

I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on this subject and if you have similar stories. Please, take a moment and leave a comment.


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