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How to Trust God in Difficult Times?

Updated on March 27, 2011

What is the Answer to Every Difficult Situation in Life?

Trust God!

Trusting in God can be difficult at times and easy other times, when everything is going well and we are having a good time. If we need to trust in God for anything we can do it with ease, it will be a natural choice, because it is a reaction of the good times.

When difficult times appear into our lives it can be very difficult to trust in God. But trusting in God we must, there is simply no other way to bring good in our lives, no matter how challenging the situation may be trusting in God is the only way.

I Am The Way

Jesus Christ (the word) said "I am the way"

With the revelation of God let us look at what Jesus meant by saying "I am the way"

  • If you need love - I am the way.
  • If you need money - I am the way.
  • If you need a Godly spouse - I am the way.
  • If you need a house - I am the way.
  • If you need a job, car, peace, joy, love, abundance, health, strength etc. - I am the way.

My personal experience with I am the Way;

I use to apply those very same words only pertaining to the cross, when Jesus said I am the way the truth and the light, I use to think about believing in Jesus and not other Gods, idols etc.

About 2 years ago, I was going through a really difficult time and then one day I was meditating on those words "I Am The Way" and as lightening a thought flash into my mind and it was "I Am The Way" when you need a way. Never look forcus or give attention to people, situations, circumstances etc. I am the Way, trust in Me, I grab a pen and started to write the words down and this is one of my many experiences that i really enjoy sharing with you.

If difficult situations appear, you must use your will power and refuse to bow down to negative thinking, negative words, negative actions, negative people etc.

Bible Verses

Proverbs 23:7

For as he thinketh in his heart so is he.

Proverbs 25:28

He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down and without walls.


Use your will put everything, all your being to focus on the positive (God's word) love, abundance, peace, thanksgiving etc. Abraham waited 25 years for a promise son and he grew stronger giving thanks.

Never struggle it is your father good pleasure to give you the kingdom. All you "I repeat" all you have to do is to be in the right mental and spiritual attitude of mind believing that you already have and the reward you shall see it.

Having The Right Attitude

  • My attitude towards God's word identifies me as an unbeliever, a make believer or a true believer.
  • My attitude will bring to pass any divine promise of God.
  • My attitude towards God's divine gift will purchase just what I ask for.
  • My attitude towards the people I meet everyday reflects my attitude of Christ.
  • My attitude reveals my character.
  • My attitude brings judgment upon myself.
  • My attitude influences what my children will become.
  • My attitude determines the atmosphere that I live in.
  • My attitude towards God will seal my eternal destination.
  • Together our attitude could change the eternal destination of the entire world.
  • My attitude is my thoughts express.


So when we say life is hard, I am poor, sick, weak, I cannot please God, I cannot have faith, I can't afford to buy this or this, I am not good for God, he is to pure etc. We are putting our negative thinking above the blood of Christ.

Imagine a force that is greater than anything!

Is God greater than your thoughts? Absolutely if you are bound by negative thoughts that is only the devil trying to keep you down, so if you make a mistake(s) SO WHAT! BIG DEAL!! Do you think the blood cannot prevail over your thoughts?

Every great man from the past made mistakes I believe there is greatness in making mistakes, the bible clearly states that all, it means ALL fall short. A wise man falleth 7 times and rise again, repeat to yourself, I AM WISE.

Remember this when you say I am poor, sick, or cannot please God, you are not one with the mind of God, you are using your creative power to keep yourself away from the infinite and just as soon as you believe that you and God are one watch out because there will be a rushing out to meet you as the Father rushed out to meet the Prodigal son.

I Am With You

I am with you always;

  • I am all you seek.
  • I am the Alpha and Omega
  • I am the seen and the unseen.
  • Do as I say do and all will be well.

You will never know what your faith suppose to be unless there is a challenge to bring you to that level. Only accept God word start now! Trust in God!

Difficult times is your greatest opportunity in disguise when we are face with difficult times, we have to put in strenght faith will power to get ourselves into joy.

Let me tell you a secret, when you can be in joy during difficult times that is where strength lies, (Joy is strength)

Seek Joy with all you have, if listening music brings you joy do it, if playing sports brings you joy do it, etc. Do whatever it takes to keep up the joy. By being in joy the law of joy will bring you more joy, so you will always have joy.

Sometimes God allows challenges into our lives to build a better person (character development), lets take for instance if you don't possess patience God will send a situation(s) to help you acquire patience, if you don't have faith, God will send situations that will require you to have faith.

So never look at a difficult situation as a curse, look at it as a blessing, as a test, as being in a classroom. God is depending on you to pass this test to ascend into another level.

Remember Job in the bible he was a righteous man and Job went though so many difficulties, and even though his wife told him to curse God and die he refused to listen to her negativity and sinned not with his lips, but trusted in God and it was well worth it in the end.

Until you do, you will be tested over and over, so now is the time, today is the day, pass all test, take God's word during difficult time and suddenly all your negative surrounding you will disappear and you will look around you and find that all the negative has gone and your life has been filled with goodness, joy and strength.

Believe in yourself, Trust God. Se lah

By; David Beepathsingh


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    • profile image

      Chirila 3 years ago

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    • Sharon Douglas profile image

      Sharon Douglas 6 years ago from GA, United States

      Thank you Brinafr3sh for your wonderful blessed comment.

      Yes that's our strength so keep up the joy.


    • Brinafr3sh profile image

      Brinafr3sh 6 years ago from West Coast, United States

      Christ blessings to you for this article. And your right, the joy of the Lord is our strength. (useful, vote up, awesome, and beautiful).

    • Sharon Douglas profile image

      Sharon Douglas 7 years ago from GA, United States

      Thank you for your comment.

      Jesus said I am the Way the truth and the life. When Jesus said I am the way, he meant if you have a problem I am the way, if you are going through difficult times I am the way, if you need Financial blessing I am the way..

      Jesus said, In that day ye shall know that I am in my father, you in me and I in you, so the answer to life is to look within and let the spirit within "Jesus Christ" solve all your problems.

      Stay Bless!

    • proactrdv profile image

      proactrdv 7 years ago from United States of America

      I'm not saying that there is not a supreme being but it is not God as we make him out to be. You are mistaken if you think there is actually someone out there in a place called heaven that can solve your problems. When people have problems they come up with answers to their own questions and explain away why God did not or why they think God helped them. I would like to think that everyone should think logically as to how they can change or solve their problems and shape their destiny. We've been given the tools, a mind and the capability of reasoning. The problem is that if the odds are really stacked up against us and all will be lost is what we fear the most and God, in the way man sees him gives us a false since of security which protects us against our deepest fears.

    • Sharon Douglas profile image

      Sharon Douglas 7 years ago from GA, United States

      Thank you very much!

    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 7 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      I like your last statement ,believe in yourself,Trust God!