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You Are What You Are!

Updated on February 17, 2011

You are What You Are Because of Your Thoughts!

You are what you are because of the thoughts you allow to a occupy your subconscious mind.

Do you know who you are? You are energy.

E = Energy

E - Earth - the abundance, dominion and fullness are given to you by the Supreme for his glorification and expression of love to Mankind.

E - Human (You) - extension of source energy with choosing abilities by self will and will power.

E - 2 Emotions and 2 Vibrations - to deliberately choose Good or Bad.

E - Five Senses - Not to believe in, but to translate vibration (Energy) and to perceive mankind, places, things and every thng ye come in contact with.

You are the thought of God express, the purpose of God through the Holy Spirit.

God the father dwelling in you, working out his plans to finish his great plan of redemption, working through you, making you a co-worker with him, giving you his spirit and his love.

You are God in flesh again, God is what you are and God is who you are.. (let me explain this...)

You are love, God wants you to love and care for one another, don't matter the situation.

You are your confession, out of your very own confession comes your life, everything that is happening to you right now is your confession, change your confession and you change your life experience.

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You Are What You Think!

Yes you are what you think and say, your life is an expression of what goes on in your brain. If you fill your brain with negative thinking, then your life will be negative you cannot defy that law. As within so without as above so below.

The natural is a type of the spiritual, if you say and repeat to yourself I am poor, I cannot afford this or that, then the law of creation by thought will deliver to you poor and can't afford situations and circumstances.

If you say I don't want anything bad to happen to me that same law will use your very own thought to bring all sorts of bad in your life.

Don't expect trouble if have a tendency of not disappointing you!

If you want change to any degree then use the most powerful and greatest thing, "the power of the thought."

All you have to do is take your time and start eliminating every negative thought which is in your brain and replace it with thoughts of; love, joy, abundance, happiness, yes happiness. You are responsible for your own happiness by the positive use or negative use of thought planted within the mind.

You are the captain of your ship, any command that is given whether it be good or bad the law of God will take that and as a magnet you will attract just what you thought.

You must be thinking thoughts of joy first before joy can manifest in the physical plane. Start now, think only good thoughts and yes shall see it.

Remember you are responsible for your own happiness, no one else!

You Get What You Think

If you think you are beaten, you are.

If you like to win, but you think you can’t

It is almost certain you wont.

If you think you’ll loose, you’re lost.

Success begins with a fellows will

It’s all in a state of mind.

Life’s battles don’t always go

To the stronger or faster man

But soon or late, the man who wins

Is the one who thinks he can!

You Are What You Eat!

I love being healthy and love to help other make healthy choices. I enjoy that very much.

It is required of God for us to take excellent care of our body temple. It has to contain the Holy Spirit. If you want to live a happier healthier life you must stop all bad habits

Ten Healthy Commandments

  1. Thou shall respect and protect thy body as the highest manifestation of thy life.
  2. Thou shall abstain from all unnatural devitalized food and stimulating beverages.
  3. Thou shall nourish thy body with only natural unprocessed, live food, ....
  4. Thou shall extend thy years in health for loving, sharing with others and charitable service.
  5. Thou shall regenerate thy body by the right balance of activity and rest.
  6. Thou shall purify thy cells, tissue and blood with healthy foods, pure water, clean air and sunshine.
  7. Thou shall abstain from all food when out of sorts n mind or body.
  8. Thou shall keep all thoughts, words and emotions pure, calm, good, loving and uplifting.
  9. Thou shall increase thy knowledge of nature's laws, follow them, and enjoy the fruits of thy life's labor.
  10. Thou shall lift up thyself, friends and family by obedience to mother nature's and God's healthy, natural laws of living.

by; Patricia and Paul Bragg.

Whatsoever a man soweth he shall reap "bible" if you want to live a long life, have a sound mind, increase in energy and vitality, bad habits and eating junk (man made food) must be eradicated from one lifestyle.

When we are not healthy we are out of alignment with the creator. So in other words to be in harmony with God we must be in tip top shape, physically, mentally, emotionally and the foundation spiritually.

Just imagine living a healthy lifestyle and seeing every are in your body working correctly then we can reach a higher mental, emotional and spiritual state of perfection and that brings us back to you are what you eat.

Have a Happy, Healthy, Long and Prosperous Life.

Be Bless!

By David Beepathsingh



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    • Sharon Douglas profile image

      Sharon Douglas 7 years ago from GA, United States

      Thank you Arb for the comment!

    • arb profile image

      arb 7 years ago from oregon

      Sharon,Well done again. Provacative, illuminating and documented.

    • Sharon Douglas profile image

      Sharon Douglas 7 years ago from GA, United States

      yes I have!

    • OpinionDuck profile image

      OpinionDuck 7 years ago

      Have you even looked outside?

    • Sharon Douglas profile image

      Sharon Douglas 7 years ago from GA, United States

      Thank you, Druid Dude

      I really appreciate that.

      Stay Bless!

    • Druid Dude profile image

      Druid Dude 7 years ago from West Coast

      Good hub. Honest and sincere.