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Voices of Love

Updated on September 11, 2014

Voices of Love on The Eden Magazine -December 2012

Voices of Love on The Eden Magazine -December 2012
Voices of Love on The Eden Magazine -December 2012 | Source

Testifying Faith and Inner Strength

I admire the Voices of Love as the most truthful and heartfelt article written by me.

I've written so many texts,but this one has become the favorite (up-to-date).

Have a break and read The Stone Years and Forgiveness hubs.

Both are auto-biographical like this one.

And both have affiliated the feeling of the present time of writing.

Voices of Love determine a specific timeline of my Life whereas inner conflicts disorientate my inner perception and disconnect me from Cosmic Consciousnesses.

A testify of my strength,faith and beliefs credited by my will to move on. Like on the hub on Writing and the Purification of Self

Image by Wikimedia Commons:Rafael - Ressurreição de Cristo

The Most Important Thing

is to remember is that Angels always protects us and reply to our prayers.

Here and Now

She was sitting in her living room next to her Christmas tree ,decorated and full of bright tree that reminded her of her childhood when she was waiting for someone or something new to invade her boring, unsatisfying life.

"I am sure that are all somewhere around, looking at me, listening to my whispers, concentrating on my mourns, laughing with my noble thoughts or deeds".

She was feeling totally desperate and abandoned by everybody, especially her guides and angels, whom she had ever trust and faith in.

They were apparently joining her dreams and she could feel their appearance as a huge energetic field

engulfing her when she was upset or sensing the obscure approaching of a dark cloud; dark forces in motion, as they were trying hopelessly to exhibit their hard, gloomy work.

"They need to accomplish the work they are appointed to" she smiles to herself, "thus to regress every particle of this reality that is not compromising to its harsh demands".

Angels are...?

See results

The Purpose of Life

Eventually she could find herself in the very good position of being totally devoted in a Higher' s Good plan, a Divine Plan, remaining but unknown to her,with a glimpse of her own duty to cooperate with Divine Forces in gratification to a pre-born competence to a warrior's life while incarnating in this world.

Being a working housewife didn't seem to be a real warrior's life anyway , but she had to admit that life itself is a constant conflict , and by raising two kids , working under non-ethics conditions and walking in unsafe streets of the big city for a living transformed her into an invisible- to human eyes -warrior.

Once she asked for more relief in this despising sort of life she was drifted in, the answer was the kind of "it's a reinforcement for you living in a place of difficulty that strengthens your body and mind".

The Angelical Language

The Angelical Language, Volume I: The Complete History and Mythos of the Tongue of Angels
The Angelical Language, Volume I: The Complete History and Mythos of the Tongue of Angels

The Angelical language channeled by alchemist Edward Kelley and recorded by royal astrologer John Dee has mystified magicians, linguists, historians, and cryptographers for generations. It’s even rumored that the language may be an encryption method of some kind, unbroken to this day. This fascinating, in-depth analysis reveals the truth behind the saga of two Renaissance wizards who spoke with angels and received instruction in the celestial tongue.


Messages from within

The answer given was always the same to her quests:

"You have everything you asked for in your life, so feel content and grateful for what you have".

In her dreams many entities were approaching with healing energy and encouragement; sometimes dreams were so subtle and funny, as if their invasions were due to spread her relief, and very often she had this deep feeling that they had something useful and wise to message her.

Messaging or not , in the early morning she had to press herself to remember anything .

Messages were escorted to subconscious, so that being able to retrieve them while being calm and relaxed from worries.

Everything looked like an inspiration stuff .

"Com' n and give me a hand in my thinking process; I am not quite sure, if you pay attention to my deepest thoughts, however truthful are" she was overwhelmed by a full of bitterness thought".

From Chrysalis to Butterfly: A personal journey

From Chrysalis to Butterfly: A personal journey revealing how knowledge of our past lives can heal us today and divulging some of the hidden depths that lie between us all.
From Chrysalis to Butterfly: A personal journey revealing how knowledge of our past lives can heal us today and divulging some of the hidden depths that lie between us all.

This is a true story of how Anna discovered that she had the ability to heal physical and mental ailments amongst her family and friends. She then became aware that she had lived before and that many people involved in her past lives were around her again in this life. She developed the ability to interpret her own past and present life situation and then found that she could do the same for others.


From Chrysalis to Butterfly

It was not her depth that they do not correspond with her, but the fact that she had no acceptance in her only one attempt to spring up from her cocoon and become the butterfly she imagined she was.

What if she had already transformed to a beautiful butterfly she dreamed of?

What if she was not aware of this transformation had already taken place?

Not for sure , but the voices replied in their sweet mode ;and she could hear them clearly .

They suggested her more than once to write down what she could hear, so that notes will assist her in her story telling process.

"Teaching and learning are similar options of the coin. Avoid negative thoughts ; follow truthful thoughts ,while proceeding in knowledge that is hidden within you", they stated.

"You are, but the only one who knows the Truth, for Truth resides within you , in the dim, but so precious Divine Sparkle. Search for Truth for none will confess it to you. This way you'll find it pure and honest in your True Self".

"They were clear and right", she had to admit.

Angelic Guidance

"Avoid dishonest thoughts and mean attitudes. They are means to a misleading path .Truth is you, when inspiring truths and spread Love in human hearts".

"Neglect all negative thinking that lurks in this moment you lose faith. Whenever you lose your faith , a dark opening allows negativity operate in your mind. Escort it all out of your mind and you feel calm".

"What if love and remembering hurts?", she wondered.

Voyage of Life, Childhood. Thomas Cole

Thomas Cole [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Think by Heart

"Be aware that cleansing yourself from toxins is a painful procedure, as well as remembering "who you really are. Remembering assists you and reinforces you as you move to an upper state of consciousness".

"Maybe we are all in a process of global healing .This releases a huge amount of pain. What should I tell people to think of", she was finally aware of her duty.

"Do not let negative thoughts overwhelm you. Remember that you should not think by mind. Think by heart. See beyond matters and harsh situations.

See beyond 3D walls manifested to hide a wonderful reality that resides within you, in your precious feelings. Your heart is your means to express your brilliant feelings".

"...and do not forget to spread the word!"


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