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10 Of The Worst Injuries In Sports History

Updated on April 10, 2013

Sports fans everywhere can recall at least one horrible injury they remember seeing or hearing about. While sports related injuries are common, some of them are just gruesome, horrific or just plain bizarre. Here are my top 10 most gruesome sports related injuries. Some of the videos are graphic & disturbing - Please use caution if you are easily nauseated.

10.) Evander Holyfield

On June 28th, 1997, boxer Evander Holyfield took on Mike Tyson in a match commonly known as the bite fight. The injury happened in the third round when Tyson actually bit off part of Holyfield's ear. This is considered one of the most bizarre injuries in sports history but still gruesome enough to make the list.

9.) Adam Greenberg

On Adam's first appearance to bat for the Chicago cubs in 2005, he was struck by a pitch that resulted in a concussion. Baseball fans everywhere were in shock, many of which thought he could possibly die or have life altering injuries from being hit in the head.

8.) Tyrone Prothro

Prothro, a former wide receiver for the University of Alabama suffered from a career ending injury in 2005. Upon catching the ball, he came down & cracked his tibia & fibula of his lower left leg.

7.) David Busst

In 1996 while playing for Coventry against Manchester United, David Busst's career came to an end. Busst ran into Denis Irwin & Brian McClair which resulted in his right leg being severely damaged. There was blood all over the field & his leg was at risk of being amputated. His leg suffered from a compound fracture of both the tibia & fibula in his right leg. He had 26 operations & suffered from many infections.

6.) Salim Sdiri

In 2007 during the IAAF Golden League in Rome, Salim was struck with a stray javelin that was thrown by Tero Pitkämäki. Tero had slipped & thrown the javelin in the direction where the runners were warming up for their race. Salim was hit in his side with the javelin piercing through his skin & into his liver & right kidney.

5.) Allan Ray

In 2006, during the Big East Tournament (NCAA), college basketball player for Villanova, Allan Ray took a poke to the eye that resulted in this eyeball coming loose & appearing to be hanging from its socket. His eyelid went behind his eye giving it this appearance. He was temporarily blind but was able to play just one week after the injury.

4.) Joe Theismann

In 1985, week 11 in the NFL, Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann suffered an injury to his leg. Only seconds into the second quarter, Joe orders a trick play (the flea-flicker). The Giants' linebacker, Lawrence Taylor gets a hold of Joe pulling him down as Gary Reasons, another Giants' linebacker rushes into him, falling on top of the pile. When Gary hits into the pile it causes Joe to twist his leg sideways as he falls down & everyone heard a loud crack sound. Joe begins screaming & Lawrence yells for help frantically. Joe's leg was bent behind his body. Multiple tears through the skin were made from the bone actually ripping through. This is said to be one of the worst NFL related injuries in history.

3.) Sid Viscous

In 2001 on January 14th at a pay-per-view in Indianapolis, Sid suffered a near career-ending injury. Upon doing a leap from the 2nd turnbuckle to hit a big boot to Steiner, when he came down his lower leg gave out on him & snapped in half. Both the tibia & fibula broke like twigs with one bone breaking through the skin.

2.) Kevin Ware

Ware, a University of Louisville basketball player, had a gruesome injury just a week ago on Easter Sunday. When coming down from a jump he landed all his weight on his right leg forcing the lower bone to snap in half & bust through the skin. Many say this injury is the worst they have witnessed in sports history.

1.) Clint Malarchuk

In 1989 on March 22nd a NHL game between the St. Louis Blues & the Buffalo Sabres, a horrible accident happened. Tuttle of the Blue & Krupp of the Sabres became entangles while chasing after the puck crashing into Clint Malarchuk. Malarchuk, of the Sabres took a skate blade to his throat slicing open his jugular vein. His life was greatly in danger when this happened & he is still haunted to this day of his horrific injury.


Outside of the ones listed, there are many other horrific injures in sports history. While some may have delayed or even ended careers others have caused death. No sport is 100% safe.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Gread read!

    • ii3rittles profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thanks for the comment whonunuwho!

    • whonunuwho profile image


      6 years ago from United States

      I endured two horrible injuries in high school and still am paying for it today. Thank you for exposing this/whonu


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