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NBA ALL-STARS AS BABIES Episode 1 -- Pilot

Updated on January 12, 2010

Now now, little Karl Malone, did we use our conflict resolution skills on that one?

Stop talking back to me, little Rasheed Wallace.

I saw that, little John Stockton.

Little Magic, relax.

Now now, nobody's going to challenge you after school in the parking lot, little Mark Aguirre.

You stay in the corner, little John Paxson!

Answer me, little Joe Dumars. Which one of your friends whipped this apple at me?

Little Larry Bird, little Kobe, hang out with the other kids.

Why can't you all be like little David Robinson?

Little Chris Webber, I'm giving you a time-out.

Children, stop laughing.

Now little Shaq, lift me and my desk up and take us to the center of the room so we can start class.

Little Dennis Rodman, stop shutting Shaq down, I need him to help me.

Little Christian Laettner, I'm disappointed in your overall effort young man.

For more, go on gornerp's hubs at

And now in utter below for Part 1 of my self-back-patting series on the greatest team since the 86 Mets...


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