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A Great Turkey Gun The Mossberg 535

Updated on December 2, 2010

A Great Turkey Gun The Mossberg 535

Turkeys are some of the toughest big game to hunt. This is because they have such great sight and can detect movement very easily. So you will need have the proper camouflage and proper calls to get one of these and also a gun. Many people want to know the best all around shotgun to claim their turkey with. You want one that has enough power and is comfortable to use. Everybody has there different opinions on the best gun manufacturers, but in this article I will explain the pros and cons of the Mossberg 535. Most of will be explaining why it is such a great turkey gun but only mediocre in other categories.

The Mossberg 535 is very similar to a lot of other Mossberg models, but some others are for home defense and this one is not made for that purpose. It has a long barrel which is great because you will want to have a lot of range when your hunting turkey. It is a pump action shotgun which most people use this action because you may need an extra shot to bring down a turkey. It is chambered for 3.5 inch mags which is the highest you can go. So you have the option of using 3 inch or 3.5 for turkeys. If you buy the mossberg 535 it will most likely be in camo synthetic stock which is great to avoid detection from turkey. When you go to purchase one at your local gun shop there may also be a 535 with a pistol grip and a shell holder on the extendable stock. I chose to go with the normal one cause it was a combo where I got a slug barrel addition which is nice.

Mossberg 535 with slug barrel combo
Mossberg 535 with slug barrel combo

A Great Turkey Gun The Mossberg 535 Reviewed

   A great thing about this gun is that you have the range and power. It has a long barrel which is ideal for turkey and can be chambered for 3.5 inch mag. The only downside to having the longer barrel is that it's a lot harder to swing, but if you plan on using this mostly for turkey it really does not matter since you will be still ore than likely. This gun will come with fiber optic sights front and rear. These sights are okay, but are not the best in my opinion if you want to have accuracy on a turkeys head at longer distances. I would recommend you find a Mossberg 535 rail and put a  Tru Glo red dot sight on which will be excellent for turkey. The choice is yours, but you will have an easier time pinpointing the red dot on that turkey than you would with the factory fiber optic sights.

   The nice thing about purchasing a Mossberg 535 is that it is cheaper than most other gun manufacturers and you will probably pay around 400$. This is an amazing deal considering you have it chambered for 3.5 and it is a pump action. You will also have a slug barrel if you took the combo option.

   The Mossberg 535 is a great gun but compared to my 20 gauge Remington 870 I noticed something. Whenever you pump this gun it is not nearly as smooth as the Remington. I had it get stuck a few times because I was trying to shoot fast. It just seems the action of this gun is not as smooth and does not have that "cool signature sound" like the 870. It is also a light weight gun considering barrel length and the gauge. This is a good thing except that I think its made slightly with a lower standard than other gun manufacturers. Not to say this is a bad gun it just feels a bit different. I would not try to fire it very fast cause this could lead to a shell getting stuck when its ejecting.

   Now as for range this is amazing especially if you are using a red dot scope on it. You will be able to shoot turkey out to 40 yards using 3.5 inch magnums. You have the range to do it with the barrel length and have a lot more shot. Even if you don't get the turkey on the first shot you will get a few more powerful shots with the awesome 3.5 mags. You could also mix these if you wanted. For example: Load a 3.5 then load two 3 inch just in case you wanted to save more 3.5 since there expensive.

Overall I have to say for the price for what you are getting this is an amazing gun. I just don't think its made quite as good as Remington models as far as how its made, but those can get quite expensive. Its very good for a turkey gun but not much of a wing shooter. You will find this gun hard to swing and follow through with when shooting pheasants or doves. This gun is primarily made for turkey and for its purpose it is phenomenal.

A Great Turkey Gun The Mossberg 535 PROS And CONS


-Long barrel length for extended range

-Camo stock which is great to conceal from Turkey

-Is chambered for 3.5 inch mags which will give you more shot

-Light weight

-Has a nice cosmetic appearance to it

-Comes with a slug barrel if you get the combo

-Good for in the rain


-The Action is a bit sloppy when pumping it sometimes

-Is not a very good swinging gun

-Fiber optic sights are medicorce and this gun has much more potential with red dot scope

Favorite gun brand for turkey

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