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AFC Wild Card Predictions, 2013.

Updated on January 3, 2014

Kansas City at Indianapolis- Kansas City.

I know that just two weeks ago, these two teams faced off at Arrowhead, and the Colts just beat the Chiefs to death, but I'm calling a mulligan for KC.
Forgetting all of the injuries that the Chiefs had that week, they just weren't motivated.
The DB's were standing around, bowlegged, and the offense just wasn't in sync.
I'm not saying that resting the starters in week 17 helped, but I think it provided something raelly special.

Once you get into the playoffs, it isn't about who the better team is, it's about which teams play better.

Otherwise Peyton Manning/Tom Brady would play against Aaron Rodgers/Drew Brees every year. (2 super bowls from that group over the last 7 years...)

No, there's something that just clicks for teams and they get hot.

Look at the Ravens last year, most people were picking the Colts to get the upset AT Baltimore.
Instead they got red hot and beat the AFC's finest on the way to the ship.
For a team that got complacent after scoring 101 points in the previous two games... They could do with a kick in the ass.
Meanwhile the Colts have been limping since their huge primetime upset of Peyton Manning and the Broncos.
The loss of Reggie Wayne has seriously hurt the production of the offense.

I'm picking the Chiefs to out-muscled the Colts, and avenged all those playoff failures of years past.

San Diego at Cincinnati- Cincinnati

This one is easier. The Chargers don't belong here.
They barely beat the Chiefs second string last week, and now they have to play one of the hottest teams in the NFL at one of the coldest stadiums?
I've said before that Philip Rivers will never win a Super Bowl with San Diego, and their 2013 playoff run will be nothing more than a brief cameo thanks to the stifling Bengals defense and explosive offense.


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