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Air Jordan 6 7 8 11 12 13 14 .

Updated on October 14, 2015

Michael Jordan 1st NBA Title.

What does the Air Jordan 6 7 8 11 12 13 & 14 represent?

6 NBA Titles.

Michael Jordan.

Tinker Hatefield.

That is what it represented. Michael Jordan accomplishments through the years and the shoes he wore with it.

Each shoe in the image is a tribute to what Michael had to endure through the years of blood, sweat and tears.

Blood, Sweat and Tears for each shoe.

This is a tribute to the man they call AIRNESS. Just by looking at each one of the shoes you see what Michael had to go through. Yes. The Jordan Brand is one of the most accomplished product in the history of Nike Corp. It is just amazing how one athlete can influence the whole whole world. And dominate each aspect of the game through perseverance, dedication and discipline.

Wow. We need another Michael Jordan in the NBA. When will that be? Kobe is the only one that is Air Apparent to Michael. Even Michael agrees 100 percent. Kobe Bryant is the closest in comparison to Michael. That is an honor for Kobe Bryant.

The Air Jordans

Air Jordan 6 OG Carmines

No SHOW TIME but Airtime with the Air Jordan 6.

Let me start by saying that what Michael has done to the sport has changed tremendously today in ways how these new generations play the game.

All these fancy passes, cross overs and behind the back passes has already been proven back in the old glory days of Cousey.

Let me start with the Air Jordan 6.

Air Jordan 6.

BEAT L.A.! BEAT L.A.!! BEAT L.A. !!! BEAT L.A. !!!! BEAT L.A. !!!!! BEAT L.A. !!!!!!

Jordan won his first NBA title with these sneaker. Well with the help of Paxon, Pippen and the rest of the crew.

Design by Tinker Hatfield.

Released in 1990-91.

Original Air Jordan VI had the Nike Air Logo in the heel.

Just imagine the feeling of what Michael Jordan was going through in that locker. This is the first of a new beginning as they say. The great ones start to really stand out. It was time to shine after his first ring.

But getting that first ring will be a journey of road maps.

Air Jordan 7.

Jordan won his second NBA title again while wearing this shoe.

Tinker Hatfield design.

Released in 1992-93.

Olympic Gold Medal sweetness. This was the best dream team ever assembled in 1992.

The " HARES " model. This model promoting Bugs Bunny.

The Jordan 7 BORDEAUX model appeared in Michael Jacksons video JAM.

Appearances By: Michael Jordan, Heavy D (R.I.P.) and Kriss Kross.


Air Jordan 8.

3-Peat and his 20,000 points.

Jordan won his 3rd NBA title with the Chicago Bulls .

Released in 1994-95.

The Air Jordan 8 was a very unique design by Tinker.

With added crossover straps. Shoe was a little on the heavy side.

But traction on the court was tremendous. Ankle support was good.

Michael Jordan announced his retirement after the sad loss of his fathers passing.

Michael Jordan retired first time.

Air Jordan 11.

Jordan won his 4th NBA title when he came back from retirement.

Released in 1995-96. Perfect timing for Michaels comeback.

Another of Tinker Hatfields creative patented leather.

People go bonkers when these shoes are released.

Air Jordan XI

Air Jordan 12.

Jordan won his 5th NBA title with this shoe.

Released in 96-97.

This shoe was very unique. Because of the Japanese rising sun flag design.

This shoe was part of the Air Jordan Brand.

Air Jordan 13.

Released in 1997-98.

The famous shoe with the Hologram Jumpman.

Light weight in design.

There were so many Retro releases with this shoe that it is not even funny.

This shoe was modeled after a panther cat. Just like Jordan on the court. He would observe and then strike like a panther at his opponents and grabs the ball. When you look at the bottom soles of the Jordan 13 it resembles the paw of a Panther cat.

So basically Jordan was a CAT that could Ball!!!

Along with this shoe Michael got his final 6 MVP award with the Chicago Bulls.

The Air Jordan 14. " The Last Shot" .

This was the famous shoe that Michael wore when he took the last shot of the game against Utah.

He sealed his name in the history books. The way it ended was phenomenal!!

Released in 1997-98.

This shoe was modeled after his Ferrari F550 Maranelo car. FERRUCCIO LAMBORGHINI MUST BE PISSED OFF IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unique for its 7 Jumpman on each shoe. Light weight in design .

The Last Shot

87-86 win over the Utah Jazz in game 6 of the NBA finals.

Jordan with 45 points.

Michael Jordan Retires for the 2nd time.

Michael Jordan is the best palyer to ever play the game of basketball.

Sealed in the History books. Air Jordan 14.


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    • freeman82 profile image

      freeman82 6 years ago from US

      this is truly legendadr stuff. more than just sneakers!!!!