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Air Jordan 11 Concord review Pt. 2

Updated on October 12, 2015

The Nike vs Marqueesole debate.

Well here we go again.Yes you guess it.The Air Jordan 11 Concord review.

Another review again??

Well a little yes and no .In this review I'm not going to explain the history of the Jordan 11 Concord.Any one else in this world knows Michael Jordan.From all over the world Michael is a Iconic figure.

This review is all about the comparison between the Nike vs Marqueesole.

And in the Sneaker Head culture we know the shoes.To be more specific lets talk about the Jordan 11 Concords.But for some of us we know what these shoes represent.4th championship ring and The best looking shoe.

Let me pull you out of the box for awhile.There is a debate going on.What's that debate you ask? Well it's not the presidential debate.It's more of a big argument. Between purchasing shoes online early or wait for the general release.

But there are questions these people want to know.

Questions that are always asked are:

Are the shoes authentic?

Are they worth the time ordering?

Should I take the chance?

Are these jordans B-grades?

Who else purchased from this guy?

And Blah, Blah, Blah and more Blah's.

There are so many countless answers along with not so good answers.Then there are the arguments.Arguing all day on the forums and what not.This leads to nothing else but just plain non-sense

Wide mouth vs Narrow Mouth

What I am determining to initiate here is educate you on what I've found.On account of this the questions I was looking for in forums and other online shoe blogs gave me no answers whatsoever $6.

Back to the images.

The LEFT shoe is a Nike Retail Jordan 11 .The RIGHT shoe is from .I ordered a pair from each of the online retail stores mentioned.

This is why I advise people to do their own recon.Do your own investigation to fulfill your own curiosity.Armed with the right knowledge you are good to go.

On the LEFT shoe notice the openning.See how it is wider in comparison to the RIGHT shoe.

Inner sole padding

Observe of the image above again.This time I went ahead and pulled out the inner soles of both shoes.

On left is the Nike Jordan 11 soles.If you look closely there are no patterns of glue or any sticky substance.Well maybe a little.But it's smooth all the way.

On the Marquee sole Jordan 11 you can see traces of glue stripes.On the shoe inserts the color is also notably different.

To be smooth...

.To the untrained eye you would not know the difference in what to look for on the shiny patented black leather.

But for the Air Jordan Heads/Sneaker Heads who have very keen eyes will notice the difference.It's All In the Details!

Look closely at the LEFT shoe.The shiny leather is a little rough.The shoe on the RIGHT is a little more smoother.Sorry for the bad images.I tried my best to focus the camera.

You can really see how the construction differs with each shoe and how it was made

Marqueesole vs Nike retail.

After my investigation I found things that were interesting.Yes all my questions were answered due to my own recon.I am very satisfied.

Now with the questions that were mentioned earlier.Should I give out my answers too? Well like I mentioned before.Go out and do your own probing.

This is the only way I can advise you to do.It will not matter if I gave you a no or yes.

Because lets face it.Reading on what I wrote today might help you a little. But your curiosity still out weighs my review.

Commonly asked questions are:

Is this guy legit?

Did he really ordered from both online retailers?

Did he steal the images?

Is he a real collector?

Does he know what he is talking about?

Maybe this Air Jordan Head is Pupuli?

I am still not satisfied with this review???

So you see. That is the why I do my own hands on review.Because these are the same questions that I often ask when I am on these shoe forums searching for answers.

Go out there people and start walking.Find what you are looking for.Don't let anybody tell you the negatives.

Be like Michael and say ...Go ahead.Tell me I cannot do it!!!! Go ahead!

Here is another Image of both Air Jordan 11's side by side.

Left shoe: Nike Retail Jordan Xi

Right shoe: Marquee Sole Jordan 11.

Itis all in the Details!!!!

When they say a picture is worth a thousand words is an understatement. I think it is more like a million.

Remember people. Do not just look at the Kalua Pig!!! Look at the whole Luau people!!

Look at the image above. Observe the Left and RIght shoe. The Left shoe is a bit taller.

Now focus your attention to the Jumpman Icon. Observe the Left Jumpman . Notice the upper ball how it lines up between the spacing of the 2 and the 3.

On the Right Jumpman the upper ball is line up closer to the top of the number 2.

Now let us check the lower fingers of both Jumpmans. On the Left the fingers are spread out evenly with 4 fingers. The Right side the Jumpmans finger is almost like a fist.

Let me take both Left pairs of the shoe and put them side by side. Again look at the image below.

Go Left, Go Left, GO L E F T...

23 or 2 3??

Observe the number 23 on both shoes. Both are Left sides.

The 23 on the Left shoe has more of a relaxed look. The spacing on the 2 and the 3 is correct. Also look at the whole number setting of the 23. Every spacing around the numbers are correct.

The 23 on the right shoe shows more of a busy number 23. It is a bit wider. The spacing is some what similar to the Left shoe. To the untrained eye it does not seem all that different. But ask a Sneaker Head and he will tell you immediately the differences.

So which one is it people? Wide or normal?

Nike Retail Air Jordan Xi Retro Concord 2011

Marquee Sole Air Jordan Xi Retro Concord 2011

Sneaker Heads?

Who ordered their Air Jordan 11 Concord from Nike? Marqueesole?

See results

The 23. The Ruler of 23 do not lie...

Well here I go again. After going at it with my buddy who is a JARHEAD. He did not believe the comparisons to be legit. He told me that the comparisons I did was not legitimate. So when I pulled out the Ruler and did some measurements on the number 23 he was shocked. I thought to my self this Marine is very hard to convince.

Sometimes the Ruler will rule you out.

Anyway observe the number 23 again. I pointed out the differences in the previous reviews of this hub.

But this time I will show you the measurements of the number 23. Just to be sure of myself I went ahead and measured my Space Jams also. It is the same.

Observe the images below.

Nike Retail

23 then 24...

The measurement I did on this 23 was at 24mm wide.

2......3 :-( )


This Marquee Sole Jordan Retro 11 was measured at 28mm wide.

So in the end mission was accomplished for my Marine buddy. I squared him away down range.


My advise is that if your in doubt then do not buy from unauthorized shoe retailers. That is to include online retailers.

This way it will give you a peace of mind.

For more of a detailed information read here on the Air Jordan 11 Concord Review.


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