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Air Jordan 11 Concord Review

Updated on October 14, 2015

Getting Jordan 11 is Nuts...

Aloha Air Jordan Heads.

In this edition of the Air Jordan 11 Concord review I go in and dig deeper and find out why is this shoe driving people Bonkers!

On December 22,2011 twas the night before Jordan 11 release,people where already lining up in athletic shoe stores around the country.When I say lined up I really mean lined up.People from all walks of life took the courage to wake up to a very cold morning and drag themselves to the malls.

On the news in certain parts of the states people where fighting in lines.Another incident that took place somewhere in America was a reported shooting while people were waiting in line.This is just insane in my opinion.

I have been there and done that.I will never do it again.It's not worth it to me.The only way I will purchase any Jordan shoes will be online.I will take that chance of ordering.But another disadvantage when ordering crashes.

Why? Because you have a million people at one time at the ready with their mouse waiting to hit that BUY-It-Now-Button.When the timer goes off boom a million hits of orders are processed at one time.That's why the servers go bonkers because of us crazy humans. HA.


We do it for the love of Airness 23 !

Everything was SOLD OUT in an hour!!!!So if you did not make it then good luck spending 400 to 600 dollars more on EBay.

Why go to all this trouble of getting this shoes.Well if you do not know Michael Jordan and what he represented then you have no idea.In the Sneaker Head community/ Air Jordan Head world they have a passion of collecting sneakers of all kind.These are special types of individuals who know their shoes.

The Air Jordan 11 Concord is the most sought after shoe in the Jordan line.This was designed by Tinker Hatefield.Introduced in the 1995-96 season.

This was the time when Michael could not hack it in the Minors and decided to come back from retirement and play for the NBA again.

Boy it was a comeback alright.He again led the Chicago Bulls to another 4th NBA title.Tinker designed this shoe with a lot of unique features and hoping that it catches Michael's eye.

Well it did attract Michael.But for every game he wore the Air Jordan 11,in the semi-finals, he was fined 5,000 dollars.He did not care Anyway since that is pocket change for Nike to care of.

One of the most distinct features of the Concords is the patented shiny leather that wraps around the mid shoe.This was very popular too many who would wear the shoe and pair it with a tuxedo.Cordura nylon fabric is also used on this shoe.Cordura materials are also used on the Tactical Backpacks of our military.Very tough abrasive material.Another material that has been incorporated in the Air Jordan 11 is the carbon fiber plate.The use of the carbon fiber plate in the sole makes the shoe rigid and stronger.The carbon plate can be seen under the sole of the shoe.

Carbon fiber plate

As you can see in the picture above the carbon plate that goes around the sole and then it arcs right in the mid sole.Another feature was the pylon-mid sole design, that Tinker incorporated.The icy blue soles compliment the overall shoe with the shiny patented leather.No wonder this the most wanted shoe in the sneaker head community.

And with a 72 win season that was accomplished Michael Jordan won his 4th championship with the Chicago Bulls and was crowned MVP.

Michael Jordan is well known for his ability to soar in the sky with style and grace.But another ability that is noticed is his drive to win.Give him some trash words and it is over.Michael will eat you up like a tiger on the court.The uniqueness that he brings to every game is his positive attitude and the swagger.

Kobe Bryant comes close to the way Michael plays.But I think Kobe will never touch Jordan in ways how he takes over the game.They call Kobe Bryant "The air Apparent" To Michael.But to me there is no comparison.Kobe is the best in his own right.He is called "The Black Mamba" and Michael is called "AIRINESS".

After the release of this color another shoe was introduced in 96.Michael Jordan wore this during the filming of the Warner Bros. Movie titled Space Jam.Both starring Michael and Bugs bunny.This was another release, that people went bonkers for.Feast your eyes on the Air Jordan Xi "Space Jams" below images.

air jordan xi space jams

Icy soles to Yellow.

Focus your attention to the middle of the sole. Just righ under the carbon fiber plate there is a hint of yellowing. This sole is about to turn from icy soles to yellow.

I just removed the shoe box paper and added 1 silica gel packet to absorb the moisture and what not.


The images you observe here published are my property.I own these shoes as well as I am an avid collector.But besides collecting I also play in these shoes when time permit.I want to see how these Air Jordan perform under my conditions of playing.

Another Air Jordan Xi release called the "Columbia" is about to be announced somewhere in 2012.I can imagine what is that going to be like again.I can bet that it will be crazy.

Air Jordan Concord 2000


For the purpose of this Air jordan 11 Concord Review I also included this older Concord 2000 in the mix.

These are some of the many old retroes found in every sneaker heads collection. The Air Jordan 11 Concords 2000. Since the very first release in 1995 these 11 concords are the most collected.

There are other sneaker collectors who just like collecting new shoes. And vice versa. Some Jordan heads do not discriminate. Og or up to date retro snaeaker heads have both in their arsenal.

Yes I know the soles are faded banana yellow. That is due to oxidation. But this pair is wearable and still looks good to me. Na matter what the color of the soles are.

The topic I want to cover today here is how Jordan concords look between the OG and retro 2000 Jumpman.

The Jumpman

Observe the Jumpman logo on this Retro 11 2000. Notice the direction of the Jumpman. The positioning of the logo is towards the front.

2011 Jumpman

JUMP the other way MAN.

Now focus your attention to the Jumpman logo on this Concord 2011. See any difference from the Concord 2000? Look again at the other image of the Jordan 11 2000. The logo on this particular shoe is facing towards the rear.

Both of the shoes are Left sides. But these are just some of the changes they did. The positioning of the Jumpman Ball to the 23 is correct.

What I mean is the upper ball is lined up to the middle spacing of the 2 and 3. Regardless of the way the logo is facing.

This is different from the Marqueesole Jordan 11 2011. In my other hub I reviewed both pairs from Nike and Marqueesole.

Marqueesole Jumpman

Now the positioning of this Jumpman here is slightly different. The logo is in the correct position facing rear.

But when you look very closely where the upper ball is lined up to the 23? The ball is lined up to the top of the number 2.

Same Logo Man

The Space Jams Jumpman logo is the same. The logo is facing to the rear and the upper ball is in the middle of the 2 and 3.

But in over all these are just little things that are in every setail of the shoes. If you are a very keen observer then you are one step ahead of your shoe game.


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