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Why Your Next Air Mattress is an Aerobed

Updated on December 15, 2011
Aerobed Lasting Comfort Tough Queen Airbed
Aerobed Lasting Comfort Tough Queen Airbed

Aerobed Lasting Comfort Air Mattress

Air mattresses, or air beds if you prefer, are an inexpensive and practical luxury to have handy. Bring the air bed to a friend's or relative's house while visiting friends and family, pull it out and blow it up in minutes when guests stay over. An air mattress deflates and rolls up for easy carrying, or for storage when the guests leave.

The innovative Aerobed is one of the best air beds on the market, and has been since 1992. Ever had to fiddle with a hand or foot pump for 10-15 minutes while you held the nozzle in the hole to keep it from popping out? How about forgetting the pump somewhere and having to use a hair dryer? I'm guilty on both counts. The Aerobed solves this problem by making the pump part of the bed. Just plug it in and turn the dial to inflate or deflate the mattress; when you're done, turn the dial back to the off position and it stops immediately.

The Aerobed also has built-in pillows in some models and a built-in headboard with the "Lasting Comfort." Although it functions more as a pillow than a headboard, the effect is greater sleeping comfort. Other nice features include the sueded material covering the top (which is much nicer to sleep on) and the heavy 28 gauge (on the bottom) pvc construction for puncture resistance.

Perhaps the best feature of the Lasting Comfort model, and several others, is the height. This Aerobed is 18 inches tall, and looks like two mattresses stacked on top of each other (it's not, only one.) The greater height is closer to that of a normal mattress and box springs and makes it easier to get into and out of. Even though the air mattress inflates as one piece, it is constructed with plenty of room to secure a fitted sheet in the corresponding size (sizes are true to their name whether twin, full, queen or king.)

The final features which deserve mention are the patented "Whoosh" valve, the construction of the sleeping area and the carrying bag. First of all, the "Whoosh" is a giant release valve that empties the air bed in 15 seconds; nice touch if you are in a hurry. Second, the surface is not flat. The surface construction of the bed is chambered or ribbed for extra strength and presumably comfort. This feature gives the entire body steady support throughout the night, but if the bed is too firm, it may be a nuisance to some people.

Finally, the whole package fits into a lightweight carry bag with a shoulder strap. Please note they are talking about the bag being light weight. The bed is beefier than the average air mattress and probably weighs over 30 pounds. Still it packs up nicely and takes up no more room than other queen sized air mattresses.

If the Aerobed has any flaws, it's the price. They cost about triple what the average quality air mattress would cost with a pump; but then again, they don't make an average air mattress. Once you have used the Aerobed, you will have a new standard and might not use anything else again. This is our second one and nothing else compares.


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    • MosLadder profile image

      Chris Montgomery 6 years ago from Irvine, CA

      Hey greg,

      Yes, they have 12V adaptor inflators that plug into cigarette lighters, as well as inflators that run on 4D batteries. I would probably go with the latter. Cheers!

    • gg.zaino profile image

      greg g zaino 6 years ago from L'America- Big Pine Key, Florida

      Hey Moss- Thanx for the heads up- voted up. useful for me as the wife and i will be road tripping across the country shortly. I like this air mattress!

      is it possible to inflate this with an adapter to the SUV's battery?

      thanks for the article- well done