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All time FIFA world cup top scorers

Updated on June 22, 2014

Record Goal

Miroslav Klose celebrates his 15th FIFA world cup goal which equalised with Ronaldo's top scorer record
Miroslav Klose celebrates his 15th FIFA world cup goal which equalised with Ronaldo's top scorer record

Ronaldo & Miroslav Klose

The last match of Germany in FIFA world cup 2010 was against Uruguay in looser's final which was won by Germany. All football fans in the world expected that Germany's scoring machine Thomas Muller and Miroslav Klose will lead the attack of Germany. It was because of two possibilities. Thomas Muller was marching to the title of top scorer of FIFA world cup 2010 while Miroslav Klose was close to the world record of Brazil's Ronaldo's fifteen world cup goals. But a simple fever changed all expectations. Klose didn't played that crucial match.In other words Germany was not ready to experiment with an unfit player eventhough a world record was just near to their country.

After the end of FIFA world cup 2010 at soccer city in Johannesberg Ronaldo smiled as hi record remained untouched. Klose was getting aged and most of his fans also expected that Klose will remain with 14 goals in history. But unexpectedly when the German squad for FIFA world cup 2014 was announced the old scoring machine was also there in the team.So all German fans' again thought about the record of Ronaldo and calculated that it will be broken in front of Ronaldo in the soil of Brazil.


Ronaldo's way to record goal

Brazil striker Ronaldo started his world cup debut in FIFA world cup 1994 at USA . In that world cup he scored no goals. It was just because Ronaldo was not given chance to play in any of the matches. Brazil emerged as the champions in FIFA world cup 1994. In FIFA world cup 1998 at France Ronaldo started to play in starting line up. He played in seven matches and scored four goals. Ronaldo’s first world cup goal was against Morocco. The 2002 FIFA world cup at Korea Japan witnessed Ronaldo’s original form. He solely lead Brazil to win the championship by scoring 8 goals. He was awarded the golden boot for top scorer in that world cup. His second goal in the final match against Germany equalized him with his own compatriot Pele with 12 world cup goals.In 2006 world cup also Ronaldo played for Brazil. He played in five matches and scored three goals . The two goals against Japan equalized him with all time scorer Gerd Muller and the third goal against Ghana became his 15th goal in world cup matches. This enabled him to claim the world record of fifteen world cup goals by passing the record of Germany striker Gerd Muller.

Ronaldo was lucky enough to lift the world cup in 1994 eventhough he didn’t play and in 2002.In 1998 Brazil reached the final match , but bowed before the hosts France.

Miloslov Close
Miloslov Close | Source

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Klose's way to record goal

German striker Klose started his world cup debut in FIFA world cup 2002 at Korea Japan. In that world cup he scored 5 goals. All the five goals were header goals which became a record. Klose’s first world cup goal was against Saudi Arabia. He completed his goal thirst with a hatrick in that match leading Germany to a victory of 8-0. The other goals were against Ireland and Cameroon. . In FIFA world cup 2006 at his own country Germany Klose’s scoring ability helped the German team to march upto semifinals. From seven matches Klose scored five goals and won the FIFA golden boot award for the top scorer of world cup. Klose’s scored two against Costa Rica , two against Ecuador and one against Argentina. In 2010 FIFA world cup at South Africa Klose represented the country for third consecutive world cup. He scored his 11th world cup goal against Australia. In next match against England Klose scored his 12th world cup goal which equalized him with all time football legend Pele. In the quarter final match against Argentina Klose shook the net twice stunning Argentina by 4 – 0 and reached the record of his German ancestor Gerd Muller. Now in 2014 world cup at Brazil the goal against Ghana became his 15th goal in FIFA world cup and equalized with Ronaldo’s world record.

Eventhough Klose had all these records he was not lucky to lift the FIFA world cup. In 2002 they bowed in final against Brazil. In 2006 and 2010 they ended up in semifinals and emerged as third in both. This year Klose and German team hopes to put an end to the defeats in last matches.

An interesting coincidence !

It was obivious that Klose will equalise Ronaldo in this world cup. But some interesting coincidences are there in this record break.

1. Brazilian Ronaldo made the record by crossing Germany's striker Gerd Muller. Now Germany's Klose equalised Brazilian Striker Ronaldo !

2. Brazil striker Ronaldo reached the landmark at Germay . Now Germany striker reached the land mark at Brazil !!

3. Ronaldo scored his 15th world cup goal against Ghana . Miroslov Klose scored his 15th world cup goal against Ghana itself !!!

Top Scorers of FIFA world cup since 1998

Davor Suker
Miroslav Klose
Thomas Muller


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    • abidareacode profile image

      abidareacode 3 years ago from Areacode , Kerala, India

      Finally in the soil of Brazil against the soccer kings Brazil in front of Ronaldo itself Miroslav Klose had written the new history of all time top scorer in FIFA world cup by scoring 16th goal.

    • tamarawilhite profile image

      Tamara Wilhite 3 years ago from Fort Worth, Texas

      Which country has had the m FIFA world cup top scorers?