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Amazing World Record Breaking Feats!!!

Updated on August 20, 2020

Kickboxer Sets Record for Most Punches in a Minute

You might not want to start a fight with Pavel Trusov of Slovakia. The 25-year-old now has the world record for the most full-extension punches in one minute.

Trusov spent 19 years studying martial arts, and has competed in many kickboxing competitions.

Trusov trained for six months to set the record, focusing on building muscle as well as improving how long he could punch without getting tired.

"It was during this training that I learned what incredible muscle pain is," he told Guinness World Records.

But on June 27, with a small team to support him and cameras recording, Trusov was able to complete 322 full-extension punches in one minute.

Guinness World Records defines a full-extension punch as: "a forceful strike with the fist where the arm is fully extended and fully retracted between strikes." Trusov punched without twisting his body, which is a type of punch known as a jab.

Like many in their mid-20s, Trusov also enjoys using Instagram, where he posts videos of his training. His account, which describes the young kickboxer as having "the fastest hands," has around 82,000 followers.

Trusov also has students of his own, who were in the small crowd watching as he set the new record. "Being a coach is a big responsibility, and I really want to develop as a coach," Trusov said. "I'd like to help people — make them healthy and strong."

Freestyler Breaks Record for Most Ball Touches on a Treadmill

A Venezuelan soccer freestyler has broken the world record for the most touches of a soccer ball with her feet on a treadmill in one minute.

Laura Biondo, 31, kept the ball in the air for 170 kicks in a minute in Miami, Florida, beating the previous record of 120. For the record to stand, the treadmill had to be going at a minimum speed of 6.5 kilometers per hour.

Biondo told Guinness World Records that she practiced for 10 days before trying to beat the record.

This was the 11th time she has broken a world record — some of which have been her own.

She has been trying to break soccer records since 2013, and says she wants to keep trying to break more.

Some of the records she currently holds include most soccer ball touches with the head in one minute by a female (206), and most soccer ball touches with the shin in one minute by a female (105).

Biondo was born in Venezuela but also spent time in the US and Italy. She started playing soccer at 10 years old, and her brother later introduced her to freestyle soccer, a sport in which all parts of the body are used to do tricks with a soccer ball.

Biondo has become one of the top female freestylers in the world. She is Head of Women's Development for the World Freestyle Football Association, where she hopes to get more women and girls involved in the sport.

She has also performed in the Cirque du Soleil show Luzia, where she was the first ever freestyle entertainer in the organization.

Guinness Names Record Breakers with Online Challenges

World records are still being set even with many sports on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Guinness World Records has been releasing a number of online challenges that can be completed by kids and adults alike. The challenges — such as stacking cans into a pyramid as quickly as possible — are designed to be done with very little equipment.

David Rush from Idaho recently became the record holder through the online "fastest to put on 10 T-Shirts" challenge. His winning time was 15.61 seconds. He practiced so much that he bruised his wrist from hitting it against his head.

Dr. Vikas Saini set the record for "fastest to put on 10 socks", with a time of 9.23 seconds. He set the record sitting on the floor of his home in India. His strategy: Have fun with it.

In a normal year, Guinness receives about 47,000 record inquiries from 178 countries. Of those, around 8,000 are approved.

Since the pandemic started, Guinness officials have seen more record attempts from homes and gardens. They’ve received applications for records like "most sticky notes stuck on the body in 30 seconds," "tallest cotton plant," and "most jumping jacks in one minute."

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