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Are Reusable Gel Hand Warmers Worth Buying?

Updated on September 27, 2013

Looking At The Benefits Of Using Reusable Gel Hand Warmers

You may have seen reusable gel hand warmers for sale and wondered if they are any good or actually worth buying? It does all depend on your needs, but for many they can be a great purchase. Here’s why:

This type of hand warmer is gel filled and is activated by clicking a small metal disc inside it. Once activated, it can give up to an hour of heat, depending on the make and model. Once the heat is lost, it only takes a short while to reactivate it again. It’s then ready for use when you next need it.

These hand warmers can be used for multitude of outdoor activities, such as sports, leisure pursuits, or for when venturing into the cold is a necessity, such as the cold winter commute to work. They can be used in the home for extra warmth, ideal for anyone who suffers from cold extremities, aching joints or muscles.

Warm Hands!
Warm Hands! | Source

My experience

My reusable gel hand warmers are one of my best buys. It was impulse purchase, I am glad I made, while browsing in an outdoor sports shop. They service me well, and for the small price I paid for them, have been great value for money.

Their primary use for me is to keep my hands warm while I am out walking. I have always suffered from cold hands, so I don't look forward to the cold winter months. Even with gloves on, I can at times still have cold fingers, especially if I have had to remove my gloves, even for a minute or two. Now, with my hand warmers, this is not so much of a problem.

I stop my hands getting cold by keeping them in my pockets, snuggled around a hand warmer in each one. I find if I hold them outside my pockets the heat last about ten minutes, but if I keep them in my pockets they last more than twenty minutes.

The hand warmers are easy to reuse. My concern, when purchased, was that reactivating them would be too much hassle and I wouldn't bother using them. I was pleasantly pleased how easy it actually is. All I do is place them into a pan of boiling hot water and after about 10-15 minutes they are ready for use again. They stay like that until I am ready to use them. When I do, I simply click the metal disc inside the gel and they warm up, as if by magic (it's actually a chemical reaction that occurs in the gel). I usually do the boiling while I am preparing the evening meal, so they are ready for the next day, if required.

As part of my working day, I will usually go for a walk, to get some fresh air and stretch the muscles and, if it looks cold outside, I will pop the hand warmers in my pockets, just in case. I also went for a short break away during the Christmas period. I'm glad I slipped my hand warmers into my pack as they came in handy when I decided to go for an early morning walk around the grounds of the hotel.

These reusable gel hand warmers should be good for up to 100 uses. For me, that is great value, for such a small initial cost, with all the benefit I get from them.

Reusable Gel Handwarmers
Reusable Gel Handwarmers | Source

The benefits

The benefit of being reusable is that you don't need to keep purchasing and replacing them as is the case with the disposable options that are available. This removes the hassle of having to remember to purchase new ones all the time and the annoyance of realizing you haven’t got any disposable ones left when you really need them.

As they are reusable, they can be used time and time again. Similar to my hand warmers, many manufacturers claim a repeated usage of up to 100 times. This also means less wastage, so more environmentally friendly.

The reusability also makes them a cost effective choice. The great thing is, they are relatively inexpensive to purchase initially as well, a good pair will leave you change from $10/£10.

Gel hand warmers are small and lightweight and take up very little space. They slip easily into pockets, bags and packs and fit easily under layers of clothing. They are designed to fit neatly in your hands. Due to their shape, they also slip easily into gloves, boots and even slippers.

Using reusable gel hand warmers can make your outdoor pursuits more enjoyable, your mind being on what you are enjoying, not on the discomfort of your hands being cold. It can make commuting to work in cold weather that bit more bearable. It can ease the discomfort and give some respite from the unpleasantness of cold extremities or aching joints and muscles. They can be used time and time again, and with only a simple preparation, ready whenever you need them. For such a small price, for such big benefits, reusable gel hand warmers really can be worth buying.

If your don't like having cold hands...

Have you tried reusable gel hand warmers?

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    • jasmith1 profile imageAUTHOR

      Adrian Smith 

      6 years ago from UK

      aw, great! I'm glad you're finding these useful Matthew! :)

    • Matthew Ryczko profile image

      Matthew Ryczko 

      6 years ago from Ohio

      You're 2 for 2 lol With the natural light alarm clocks and now this- I need to keep an eye on your hubs for these neat little products :) Thanks!


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