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Reusable Hand Warmers - Flameless Hand Warmers

Updated on January 28, 2015
No more cold hands
No more cold hands | Source

Reusable Flameless Hand Warmers Make A Great Gift

Buying gifts for people can often be difficult. How can you buy something meaningful for someone when they appear to have everything they want or need? The answer is to buy them something that they can cherish, something that they will constantly use and will last them a lifetime. For the outdoor enthusiast, a flameless hand warmer can be just that gift.

Flameless hand warmers are, as the name suggests, a device that can be used to provide warmth to cold hands. Though they can use both indoors and out, they are primarily used by outdoor enthusiasts who still enjoy to venture out when the weather conditions are cold. They resemble an oversized traditional style cigarette lighter, but are safe to hold and keep in your pocket as after the initial lighting there is no flame.

When choosing a flameless hand warmer, look for models which have a replaceable burner. Some makes do not have this, which means having to replace the whole unit when the burner needs replacing. The device will have a small bag that you slip it in to before holding it in your hand or putting in your pocket. Their metal case design allows for them to be engraved, creating a personal touch to the device and adding significance to the gift.

Flameless hand warmers can last a lifetime, with only the burner element needing replacing when it is exhausted, compared with a lot of hand warmers on the market which are either disposable or have a shelf life.

The other type of long-lasting reusable hand warmers that can be purchased are the battery/rechargeable hand warmers. These are great to use but either need access to a power source after about 4-6 hours, or if a battery powered model, replacement batteries (which add weight and take up pack space) need to be carried. This can limit their use.

Whereas, with a flameless hand warmer, a small container of lighter fuel and a cigarette lighter is all that is needed to keep it functioning for days or weeks at a time. This is ideal for pursuits such as camping, hiking, fishing or any outdoor activity involving longer than a few hours outside. Flameless hand warmers will provide heat that lasts between 6- 24 hours, depending on the refill method, and the make and model.

A flameless reusable hand warmer can be an ideal gift for anyone who spends any length of time out in cold weather. It can be a useful piece of equipment that is regularly used and will be of real benefit to the owner. A worthwhile gift that will be truly appreciated.


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    • Iris Draak profile image

      Cristen Iris 3 years ago from Boise, Idaho

      I spend a lot of time in remote areas and I keep an emergency set up (lighter, matches, TP, paper for kindling, extra socks, First Aid, that sort of thing) in case I have to overnight unexpectedly. I have wondered if there was such a thing because I don't like the waste of the charcoal warmers. Thank you for sharing this. It is very helpful.