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BCS Matchups 2010

Updated on August 16, 2011

Coach Mack Brown and Colt McCoy Celebrate the Big 12 Championship

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images North America
Ronald Martinez - Getty Images North America

Mark Ingram and Greg McElroy Embrace in SEC Championship Game versus Florida

Kevin Cox - Getty Images North America
Kevin Cox - Getty Images North America

The BCS Matchups Have Been Announced

We know the matchup in the Bowl Championship Series. To no ones surprise, Alabama will face Texas in the Citi BCS Championship game to be played on January 7th.

On January 1st, the first two BCS matchups will take place with Oregon facing Ohio State in the Rose Bowl and Cincinnati taking on Florida in the Sugar Bowl.

The Fiesta Bowl on January 4th will feature two non-BCS and undefeated schools in Texas Christian University versus Boise State.

The Orange Bowl on January 5th will see Iowa face Georgia Tech.

Here is a preview of the matchups.

Alabama vs. Texas  football/  index.shtml football/ index.shtml  football/  index.shtml football/ index.shtml

BCS Championship Game in Pasadena

This is the matchup most people were not expecting for the BCS Championship but it will do. Texas is led by star QB Colt McCoy. Alabama is led by star RB Mark Ingram. Both teams have struggled toward the tail end of the season. Alabama was taken to the wire with rival Auburn. Texas had all it could handle with in-state rival Texas A&M and in the Big 12 Championship game versus Nebraska. Alabama is listed as a slight favorite at the time of the posting. Both teams are strong on the offense and defense side of the ball. My prediction is Texas 34 Alabama 31.

TCU vs. Boise State    football/    index.shtml football/ index.shtml  football/  index.shtml football/ index.shtml

Fiesta Bowl

The first ever non-BCS conference teams, Texas Christian and Boise State will take place in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl at University of Phoenix Stadium. Both teams come into the game with undefeated records. Boise State is 13-0 and TCU is 12-0. Boise State has been in a BCS game before back in 2006 season when it finished undefeated. They defeated Oklahoma in Fiesta Bowl that year. TCU comes into the game with the 5th ranked rushing offense. It looks it will be an offensive showdown. My prediction - TCU 49 Boise State 45.

Cincinnati vs. Florida    football/    index.shtml football/ index.shtml  football/  index.shtml football/ index.shtml

Sugar Bowl

The fairy tale ending to QB Tim Tebow's career will take place at the Superdome in New Orleans. The Sugar Bowl matchup of Florida and Cincinnati will showcase two very offensive minded teams. Cincinnati Head Coach Brian Kelly could be coaching his final game for the Bearcats as he is rumored to become the Head Coach at likes of Notre Dame or other big name schools that have job openings. My prediction is Florida will manhandle Cincinnati by the score 45 to 32.

Georgia Tech vs. Iowa   football/   index.shtml football/ index.shtml  football/  index.shtml football/ index.shtml

Orange Bowl

The 2010 Orange Bowl in South Florida will see the 11th ranked offense in Georgia Tech take on the 11th ranked defense in Iowa. Georgia Tech plays a very nifty spread offense under Head Coach Paul Johnson. Iowa started the season at 9-0 until they were upset by Northwestern. Iowa was very lucky to have been undefeated that long into the season when they barely beat the likes of Arkansas State and Northern Iowa. My prediction - Georgia Tech 33 Iowa 24.

Ohio State vs. Oregon  football/  index.shtml football/ index.shtml  football/  index.shtml football/ index.shtml

Rose Bowl

Well, the classic Big Ten/Pac-10 showdown will take place at the Rose Bowl this year. Ohio State will bring its smash mouth football into Pasadena against an unlikely Pac-10 opponent in Oregon. Both teams will run the ball on you. Ohio State possesses a great combination QB in Terrell Pryor. Oregon is led by combination QB Jeremiah Masoli. The defenses are strong too. My prediction is Ohio State 28 Oregon 24.



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    • kingis profile image

      Patrick King 7 years ago from Springfield, IL


      Thanks for your insight. I am slightly biased toward the Big Ten since I am huge University of Illinois fan and living in Big Ten country. The Ducks are good team. I like Masoli. I had him and Terrell Pryor on my Fantasy College Football team. Blount played a very good game in the win versus Oregon State. It will be a good game on New Years Day.

    • wboor profile image

      wboor 7 years ago from California

      I agree with most of the pics except the Rose Bowl. I think that the Ducks will win, but that could be because I have been writing about the Pac-10 all year and am a huge fan of that conference.

      As far as the TCU vs. Boise State matchup, it would have been great to see them play major schools, but that was next to impossible for it to happen. Also, if both teams are legitimate teams they will be able to prove just as much by playing against each other as they would playing against other "big-time" programs.

    • kingis profile image

      Patrick King 7 years ago from Springfield, IL


      I totally agree with you on that one. Cincinnati is no match for Florida. If Cincy struggled against a bad Illinois team, their matchup with Florida will be a joke. That is why I think Florida will stomp all over Cincy especially because they have no defense.

    • Paul Edmondson profile image

      Paul Edmondson 7 years ago from Burlingame, CA

      I'd rather see TCU or Boise St play a top program like Florida, than play each other, but it should be a fun game.