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Best Hybrid Golf Clubs 2016

Updated on November 15, 2015

Hybrids golf clubs combine the best elements of fairway woods and long irons into one club. The idea is to get the same distance as a fairway wood, with more control.

A good hybrid gets the ball airborne, letting it fly high and land softly. The hybrid's shafts are shorter and club-faces stiffer, than that of a fairway wood. Hybrids come with different size heads and features such as rounded soles, to deal with a variety of different lies.

If you have trouble hitting the ball for around 240 yards, with your 2 and 3 iron, you should seriously consider replacing them with a hybrid.

In best hybrid gold clubs 2016 we will briefly look at some of the better new hybrid clubs.

Best hybrid gold club 2016
Best hybrid gold club 2016

Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Hybrid

The Big Bertha is a stainless steel hybrid club with technology built in to give you a sweet connection. The club head is weighted to make it more stable and allow for greater accuracy. This applies to shots from the ground as well as tee shots. You can buy it in a number of angles depending on your preference.

Due to the sweet spot being easier to find, it can help you generate more power, which is useful. It has a low center of gravity due to the shape of the crown of the club, designed with amateurs in mind. This means it takes the ball higher than you are use to and it lands much better.

With Callaway you know you are getting quality and it feels does feel like a quality club in your hands. It might be seen as expensive for a single club, but it is very well weighted and rests easily. I like that the how that the Big Bertha Diablo performs well in so many different situations. Having this club can increase your confidence letting you put more into your shots.

Best selling hybrid golf club
Best selling hybrid golf club

Confidence Golf esp3 Hybrid Irons

These hybrid irons can really make a difference to your overall game. The fact that their center of gravity is a focal point gives you a much cleaner connection.

I like how you are able to buy them in a range of irons from 3 to a pitching wedge. This is an improvement on some that focus on the longer irons. It helps you in controlling your shots from a number of positions and lies.

They come with good all weather grips that sit comfortably in your hand. The weight and balance of the clubs give you a feeling of control throughout your swing. This can only help you in bringing down your handicap.

The manufacturer talks about the position of mass giving the best launch angle and trajectory for the club, which is good for the amateur, in getting the maximum out of your shot. The effect it has on the ball and how it moves through the air gives you a better chance of controlling the ball. This of course is a big problem for amateurs and at the price is a relatively inexpensive method of overcoming this.

It does need a sand wedge as the pitching wedge is also a hybrid, so a separate club would be a good addition to the set.

The clubs are sturdy and have graphite shafts which might not appeal to everyone. However the heads are stainless steel and do their job well.

Hybrid golf club set 2016
Hybrid golf club set 2016

Texan Classics HYBRID Golf Set

For the price you get a lot of equipment for your money. For me this is a good set for beginners. The hybrid irons are good quality giving you the distance of a wood but keeps you accurate like an iron.

Their design involves keeping the weight of the club low meaning I can make contact much easier. The loft of the ball is also much better with this giving you an all-round better stroke.

It also contains a good putter within the set designed to help you in lining up the putts. This is why I think it is a good starter set since it has a good club for this important part of the game. But it is a heavy putter so you might need to buy a new one, if this is not to your liking.

The grips are good quality and are all weather which is an added bonus especially if you are starting out. I find this gives you more confidence in your control, which can only help your game.

The bag is strong enough with a reasonable stand as long as you do not punish it too much. There are better bags out there but for the price it is more than adequate.

One downside could be that the shafts are graphite, where some people prefer steel. But the heads themselves are stainless steel. You do also have to buy a sand wedge as it is not included in the bag. But apart from that you are good to go with this set.

As with any set you need to practice but even novices should be able to get to grip with them relatively quickly. You only need to visit a driving range to do this.

I hope you liked best hybrid golf clubs 2016, you might also want to check out best putters 2016.


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      5 years ago

      Nice collection indeed, thanks


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