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Best In The World Challenge. The Final Showdown. Week 2 Picks.

Updated on September 15, 2016

@RyanSmithLWOS' Picks.

New York (Jets) vs. Buffalo- New York

These two teams are very similar. Both teams rely heavily on their defenses despite giving their quarterbacks big deals. Honestly, the Jets just have the better quarterback and defense, so they get the win this week.

San Francisco vs. Carolina- Carolina

The 49ers were able to beat the L.A. Rams last week... but the 49er Empire shouldn't get too excited. The Panthers defense should be able to completely shut down the Niners offense, and exploit all of the weaknesses on their defense.

Baltimore vs. Cleveland- Baltimore

The Browns were one of the worst teams in the league... and then they lost RGIII. The Ravens won an ugly game last week against a much better team, and the Browns just have too many holes.

Tennessee vs. Detroit- Detroit

The Titans should have won last week against the Minnesota Vikings. They should have, but they didn't, because the Vikings defense ruined the Titans offense. Meanwhile the Lions defense couldn't stop a cold last week. Despite that, Matt Stafford is coming into his own, and should easily defeat the Titans.

Kansas City vs. Houston- Houston

This game actually figures to be pretty good. Both teams are relatively complete, having so-so offenses and talented defenses. Ultimately, I'm giving the Texans the nod because they have all of their pass rushers. J.J. Watt at 50% is better than Justin Houston on the bench.

Miami vs. New England- New England

Originally, I was hell-bent on predicting that the Patriots go 0-4... then last week happened. If they could beat the Cardinals in Arizona, I don't see how the Miami Dolphins will be a problem.

New Orleans vs. New York (Giants)- New York

Last year, this game was a ton of fun. That shouldn't change this year, as the Saints defense seemingly got worse. Both quarterbacks should put on a show, but ultimately, the Giants have a better defense, and should be able to steal the win.

Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh- Pittsburgh

The Steelers offense picked up where they left off, and this is only the beginning of what should be a great year for the Black and Yellow.

Dallas vs. Washington- Dallas

If only, if only someone had predicted the Redskins were too good to be true.

Tampa Bay vs. Arizona- Arizona

The Cardinals need to bounce back from their embarrassing week one loss. They underestimated a young quarterback on Sunday night, they can't do it again against the Bucs.

Seattle vs. Los Angeles- Seattle

The Rams might be the very worst team in football. Playing against a Seahawk defense that was still very good last week won't help that.

Indianapolis vs. Denver- Denver

This is an intriguing match-up. The Colts have a great offense, but the Broncos have arguably the best defense in football. It's the other match-up that's really interesting. How will Denver's young quarterback do against a defense that was ruined by Matt Stafford last week?

Atlanta vs. Oakland- Oakland

The Raiders pulled off an impressive win last week, but they also gave up a ton of points. Against the Falcons, they have a much better match-up. Sean Smith vs. Julio Jones will be the match-up to watch.

Jacksonville vs. San Diego- Jacksonville

The San Diego defense is pitiful and the offense basically gave up after Keenan Allen was hurt. The Jacksonville Jaguars were able to go blow for blow with the Packers last week, only losing after an idiot playcall on fourth and short.

Green Bay vs. Minnesota- Green Bay

The Vikings defense was able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat last weekend, but it's unlikely that the Packers will give the opportunistic defense as many chances to steal the win.

Philadelphia vs. Chicago- Philadelphia

The Chicago offensive line is just terrible. Just absolutely terrible. If Fletcher Cox is worth a third of the money he was given, he'll have a huge game against Jay Cutler. Meanwhile Carson Wentz should still be handcuffed to a relatively conservative playbook while he adapts to the NFL.

@McFleegle's Picks.

Week 2.....slightly more predictable than Week 1.....maybe?

New York Jets @ Buffalo: How bad did Buffalo's offense look against the Ravens last week? Pretty bad. I think the Jets on the road can do just enough to win this week.

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh: Cincy showed some grit coming back against the Jets last week, but the way the Steelers crushed Washington, on the road, was eye opening. Steelers get the win this week.

Tennessee @ Detroit: Great win by the Lions last week on the road in Indy. Look for them to move to 2-0 with another win this week.

Baltimore @ Cleveland: This game makes me nervous. Our offense wasn't exactly world beaters last week, and Josh McCown torched us for 450+ last year. But, I think the Ravens can do enough to find a way and win this game.

Dallas @ Washington: Tough one to call here. Dallas almost pulled it off last week with Dak, and Washington did not look very good at home to the Steelers. But, on this day, I think Washington does enough to win this game and drop Dallas to 0-2.

New Orleans @ New York Giants: The Saints offense over the last couple years is not the same outside of New Orleans, and the Giants will have momentum and confidence coming off the win in Dallas. Give me Eli and the Giants to outduel Drew Brees and the Saints.

San Francisco @ Carolina: Cam Newton with half his brain is still light years better than Blaine Gabbert. Give me the Panthers, big.

Miami @ New England: Jimmy Garoppolo looked sneaky good against the Cardinals last week. That was an impressive win. I honestly think he's better right now than Ryan Tannehill is, and the Dolphins have a problem keeping running backs healthy right now. Patriots win, and go to 2-0 without Brady.

Kansas City @ Houston: This game should be REALLY good. The Chiefs beat Houston twice on the road last year, including a 30-0 shalacking in the playoffs. And while that obviously won't happen again, I expect the Chiefs will find a way to win again. But, don't be surprised to see the Texans sneak out a win. But, they won't.....I think.

Seattle @ Los Angeles: The Rams couldn't score a single point against the 49ers. What makes you think they'll do any better against the Seahawks????? Hawks win.

Tampa Bay @ Arizona: The Cardinals are going to be a pissed off team, but the Bucs were impressive against Atlanta.......I still think the Cards find a way to go to 1-1.

Jacksonville @ San Diego: I would LOVE the Jags to win this game.....but, they won't. Chargers are way overrated, but will still win.

Atlanta @ Oakland: What a gutsy call by Del Rio and execution to win that game for the Raiders in New Orleans last week! Now they get the Falcons at home, and I think they go to 2-0 for the first time in........a long time, right? Oakland wins. They're going to be REALLY good this year.

Indianapolis @ Denver: Trevor Siemian didn't look good last week by any means, but he did enough to win, along with that Denver defense. He's going to have to outplay Andrew Luck this week though, and I don't think he will. Look for the Colts to sneak out a close win.

Green Bay @ Minnesota: This game is going to be GOOD. The Vikings defense did enough to overcome for a lack of a quarterback and a relatively ineffective AP. I don't think they'll be that lucky against Aaron Rodgers this week. Packers sneak out a close win at home.

Philadelphia @ Chicago: A good Monday Night game this week? Yes! Carson Wentz looked pretty good for the Eagles last week, but now we'll see what he can do on the road in a tough nighttime environment in Chicago. Big learning moment for the young rookie, but, I think he finds a way to get it done. E-A-G-L-E-S win.'Time to make some headway this week!



Leading: Ryan +1

Conner picked the Redskins, I picked them Cowboys.
Conner picked the Chiefs, I picked the Texans.
Conner picked the Chargers, I picked the Jaguars.
Conner picked the Colts, I picked the Broncos.


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