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Best Ski Goggles - 5 Best Ski Goggles To Buy

Updated on June 20, 2011

There are thousands of different ski goggles to choose from. Spry ski goggles, Scott ski goggles, smith ski goggles, spy goggles, Oakley ski goggles, anon ski goggles - the list goes on and on. To what the best ski goggle is for you, you have to know what the best ski goggles are.

You could pour a list of ski goggle reviews, or try out a dozen different ski goggles and see what is best; you could do that. You could also get someone else to do the work for you: and by that I mean this article.

If you ever go to a ski goggle sale what is that you look for first? The ones that look the coolest. It's that or you stare at price tags and try to find the cheapest ski goggles. The truth is is that the best ski goggles have a mix of both - plus a little extra.

The best ski goggles should be the following:

  • Cheap
  • Anti-Fog Ski goggles
  • Clear Ski Goggles
  • Comfortable
  • Strong and lasting
  • Style


Check out a list of the 5 best ski goggles below to find out what I mean:


Oakley Crowbar Goggle Kaleidoscope Iridium

This is one of the best ski goggles ever invented. It has one of the best protected goggle lenses on the market, featuring a polarized lens that is surrounded by O matter frame; in other words it will protect your eyes from the worst the sun can bring and at the same time be durable and comfortable.

Furthermore the lens on the Oakley ski goggle is much bigger than most ski goggles; this gives you a visual range that is much larger and will make you a better skier or snowboarder. The O matter frame will actually mold to your facial features, as well keep you warm and keep fog out. It's the perfect blend.


  • Large Lens
  • Flexible O Matter Frame
  • Triple fleece face foam
  • Facial fit
  • Warm and comfortable.
  • Anti-Fog


Dragon Alliance Goggle Catcher Ionized

Sleek.Cool.Protected. Comfortable. These are just a few of the words that describe the Dragon Alliance goggle - one of the best ski goggles of the year.

The biggest feature of this Dragon rogue goggle is the super anti-fog technology. The technology has been evolved and improved over the last fifteen years making it superbly effective; research from NASA is one of the main reasons it's so good.

Add on to that triple layer foam face and micro fleece lining for comfort and you have a ski goggle that is hard to beat.

It's helmet compatible (adjustable hinges) and is good for both skiers and snowboarders.


  • Super anti-fog technology
  • Triple layer foam
  • Fleece lining
  • Helmet Compatible
  • Availible in almost any color.

Smith Optics Spherical Goggle

This best ski goggle doesn't need any explaining. A quick look at the features will show you good it is.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Carbonic - X lens
  • Distortion free technology
  • Vents in font and back
  • QucikFit strap adjustment
  • Dual-Layer DriWix face foam.

Anon Realm Goggles 2011

This is one of the most innovative new ski goggles ever to be invested - and is definitely one of the best ski goggles on the market. The frame is made from the highest quality polyurethane which offers natural resistance to abrasion, yet maintains flexibility when temperatures change dramatically; this means, in laymans terms, that no matter where you are the Anon goggle will fit to your face.

If that's not enough the Anon Realm has triple-layer face foam that uses a special seal to make sure the goggle is secured to your face; nothing gets in, nothing gets out.

Furthermore the goggle has channel venting. This kind of venting is brand new for ski goggles and it vents the entire goggle continuously throughout your day. Couple with this with an interchangeable strap and you have a goggle that feels comfortable all day and never fogs up.


Oakley Unisex Goggle

In any list of best ski goggles you have to include at least one classic. By classic i mean a goggle that looks sleek - but isn't too much. By classic I mean goggle that has simple venting and a lens that is only slightly tinted. By classic I mean a ski goggle that is cheap , yet is worth every penny.

The Oakley Unisex A-Frame goggle is all of that, making it one of the best ski goggles money can buy. It's part of Oakley's first generation of polarized goggles; it's tinted lens will make bright days seem like another normal day.


  • Ellipsoid lens geometry
  • 100% against all rays of light
  • Best polarized lens on the planet
  • Small and medium size
  • Light venting
  • Very durable


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      personally i like the Dragon, oakley are well over-hyped.

    • Robot kid profile image

      Robot kid 

      8 years ago

      I'm a racer and I love my Oakleys, I've had them for about two years and through all the gates smashing my face and helmet area they have never scuffed or cracked. now my helmet on the other hand looks like a new york subway train :D

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      that's bull i have the eg2's there the biggest goggles on the market and there spherical.

    • wsupaul88 profile image


      8 years ago from Seattle, WA

      Cool Hub, I love my Oakleys!

    • profile image

      Volki Park and pipe 

      8 years ago

      I would have to say the anon hawkeye goggles should be up there. Personally Oakleys you get nothing for your money and Anon is bang for your buck. I payed 130 and got sweet goggles.


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