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Best Water Parks in New York

Updated on May 27, 2012
SeaBreeze water park
SeaBreeze water park

New York water parks

New York gets millions of visitors and tourists every year and a large percentage visit the great water parks in this state. New York has both indoor and outdoor water parks giving enough options for visitors all through the year. Water parks typically include such features like wave pool, kiddie area with sprays and fountains, action rive, wading pools and lots and lots of interesting water slides some dropping you into a pool of water. My list of best water parks in New York include Aquazonia, Zume Flume, Enchanted Forest Water Safari, Roseland, Seabreeze, Darien Lake, etc. Post your experiences at these water parks in the comments section given at the end of this article on best water parks in New York state.

Enchanted Forest / Water Safari

The first one in my list of best water parks in New York is Enchanted Forest Water Safari as it is a New York's largest water park located on Old Forge, NY 13420. The park has a lazy river, 1/4 acre wave pool, activity pool, kiddie pool, interactive play structures and more than 50 water rides and slides some of them are the wettest and wildest. The Curse of the Silverback! is one of the newest water rides which is just amazing and you can also enjoy the classic amusement rides, fun food, exciting games, storybook theme characters, a family circus show and more, there's something for every member of your family throughout the amusement park.

Attractive rides in water safari include

Amazon: a family ride and the water path length is 1100 foot.

Black river: a 500 foot closed slide, this most thrilling game offers a two person tube.

Bombay blasters: a fully enclosed, fast slides.

The Curse of the silverback: newest one which is a double tube ride, the gaint bowl droping out the middle into the splash pool below.

Killermanjaro:a 280 feet slide, offers 30 miles speed per hour, a tallest and fastest slide.

Water slide new york
Water slide new york
Water Safari New York
Water Safari New York

Darien Lake SplashTown

Darien Lake is a theme park which also has a water park called Splash Town. Splash Town has many rides like Swirl City Slide, Mister Twister, Cannon Ball run, Turbo Twins, relaxation river, Big Kahuna, etc. Grizzly run is the adventure river which has many surprises. Shipwreck falls is a 500 foot water fall, creates huge waves for surfers to enjoy. Thunder rapids is long ride, has two slides such as tunnel and splash zones. Mister twister has Topsy-Turvy funnels that slosh riders back and forth before propelling them on to another exciting section of track. Cannon ball run is an open air bowl that offers a thrilling experience. Big kahuna offers a 4 persons raft, this slide has many twist and turns. Tornado, cuda falls and crocodile isle also available here.

Splish and Splash Water Park

Voted one of the Best Waterparks in America by the Travel Channel, Splish Splash easily makes it in the top of my list of best water parks in New York. It has 96 acres of fun rides and activities for the whole family. Some of the attractions in this water park in New york are Abyss, an enclosed slide with twists and turns, Barrier Reef, Dragon's Den, a thrilling ride, Hollywood Stunt Rider, a family raft, Splash landing, a long and winding open slide. Other featured attractions are Cliff Driver, Giant twister, Mammoth river, Shotgun falls, Dr. Von Dark's tunnel of terror, etc.

Kahuna bay is a wave pool for kids, here 4 foot water waves are produced. Surf city is a refreshing zone. Lazy river offers a relaxing tube, where guests can ride on a beautiful landscaped river, sorrounded by a spraying foutains.

Splish Splash Water Park

A markerSplish Splash water park -
2549 Splish Splash Dr, Calverton, NY 11933, USA
get directions

Zoom Flume Water Park

zoom flume pic
zoom flume pic

Zoom Flume is a family water park in New York, located on 1 Shady Glen Road, East Durham, NY 12423. Nestled in the scenic northern Catskill Mountains, Zoom Flume, Family Water Park offers safe water fun, excitement and relaxation for all ages in a beautiful natural setting.

Located just over two hours north of NY City and just one hour south of Albany, Zoom Flume is the perfect location for quenching your thirst this summer. Some of the interesting water rides in this park are Riptide cove wave pool, Black vortex, a thrilling game, it is dark and long slide, has many twist and turns. Pelican pond is a children zone, it has many simple slides. Mighty anaconda, Grand prix splashway, Lagoon activity pool are some other attractions. Lazy river is a most fun place for all the age groups.

Water Slide World

Located on State Route 9, Lake George, NY 12845, it is a family owned tropical paradise with 35 slides and other attractions. Some of the featured attractions at the Water Slide world are Hurricane harbor wave pool, a relaxation zone for all age groups, 2 tasmanian twister slides, Blue bomber slide, 2 lava flow mountain slides, Blue tornado slide, calypso cascade slides, Fantasy island activity pool with water volleyball, 2 caribbean cannonball slides, a long pathway, tube and raft free ride. Amazon adventure river ride has mini falls and fountains, it is a relaxation zone. 2 pirates plunge slides is a long and fastest slide.

Roseland Water Park

Located on Canandaigua, it has many water attractions and non water attractions. Rental rafts and tubes are available here, rest rooms, dressing rooms, lockers, food courts also available.

Water attractions in roseland water park:

Wave pool: with a sandless beach, 5 feet waves are produced here.

Splash factory: a kids zone with six smaller water slides, giant water bucket.

Adventure river: a typical lazy river that is a relaxation zone for all age groups, it has fountains, jumping falls, water trellises, and wave maker. This river is surrounded by a beautiful garden for great views and a relaxing time.

Speed slides: a 65 feet long slide that has two slides such as cliff and twister, both are tubeless thrilling slides.

Tube slides: long slides contain three different paths, such as tornado twist, turn, spin and slide.

Seabreeze (Raging Rivers)

Seabreeze is an amusement park, located on 4600 Culver Road, Rochester, NY 14622. World of Water Raging Rivers is the water park that is associated with this theme park.

The wave pool contains 2,60,000 gallons of water and is 5 feet deep. Helix has a gaint bowl, offers great thrill. Soak zone is for all age groups, and it has many kidde slides.

Aquazonia Indoor Waterworld at Glacier Lakes Resort

Aquazonia is located in Farmington, New York Near Rochester in the Finger Lakes area. Many rides such as flow rider surfing attraction, family raft ride, bowl ride, mat racing slide, lazy river, tube slides, body slides, interactive play structure with dump bucket, children's activity pool and whirpool spa are found at this park for your enjoyment.


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    • profile image

      Nightstar 3 years ago

      It was interesting to find the water parks in NY, but the point is they are not in NY as we think NY is NYC, and all parks as I see located in NY State. NY State is very big state. It is rich in many parks as Water PArtk, Amusement Parks, lakes and forests, rivers and Wildness. I will not say that some parks are better then other. They are all interesting, and they are all very unique.

      It is interesting job you do, but it is still be better if you show separate NY City and NY State because we are, New Yorkers prefer to go to the State in holidays and weekends, but those who come to NY they are more interesting to go around the City of NY, very rich in Museums, History, Culture.

      Thanks for posting.

      Ans thanks for visit my page.

      With Respect

    • TravelingCrab profile image

      TravelingCrab 5 years ago from USA

      very cool photos. thanks for posting