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2 Best Waterproof Swimming Heart Rate Monitor Watch For Swimming Workouts

Updated on March 4, 2016
All images courtesy of Amazon
All images courtesy of Amazon

Swimming Workouts Burn Fat, Trim Inches and Help You Get Stronger, Fitter and Healthier Than Ever

Let’s assume you want to increase your swimming efficiency or your performance output. Either way, you want to measure your current performance output first, only after that you can increase your swimming efficiency.

Whether measuring your current performance output or increasing your efficiency, you want a smart tool that can monitor your efficiency correctly.

Without doubt, a heart rate monitor watch is the best tool to monitor just about any endurance activity.

However when it comes to swimming you want the best heat rate monitor watch that is especially designed for swimming.

There are wide varieties of heart rate monitors are available, but finding the right heart rate monitor watch for swimming is a very time consuming task, let leave finding the best.

Because all heat rate monitors are not designed for swimming. So many heart rate monitors are there that uses a frequency for transmission that just won’t play in the water.

Swimming heart rate monitors are different. They’re especially made for swimming. As a result they use different frequencies and different technologies that work just fine in the water.

Plus in a swim watch, you want more data, especially heart rate data, as well as laps, or stroke data to monitor your efficiency.

However, when it comes to choosing the best swim watch, without doubt, you want a heart rate monitor swim watch that is reliable, efficient, accurate, value for money, and especially designed for swimming.

After spending a lot of time comparing various heart rate monitor swim watches we picked up best heart rate monitor watches for swimming.

Let’s check out the features of each one in detail.

Polar Swimming Heart Rate Monitor

This lightweight and easy to wear heart rate monitor watch is one of the best swim watches. And Polar is one of the biggest names in heart rate monitors with an excellent reputation.

This waterproof, easy to use swim watch is ideal for any swimmers or active exercisers, who want to track their performance during any activity.

Tracking your performance is super easy with this waterproof watch. It comes with a chest strap that needs to be placed under your chest, enter information about your weight, height, age, etc in the watch.

The chest strap tracks your heart rate, and the watch will display it. This swim watch has good set of features but not too complicated to use.

Of course, the watch also functions as a normal watch when not in training mode, so you can see the date and time on the display.

At a glance:

  • Provides continuous, accurate heart rate to keep your fitness training simple
  • Smart Calorie feature uses your personal data to provide accurate calories burned
  • Includes heart rate chest strap made of soft fabric material that adapts to your body shape. Requires and includes chest strap for accurate heart rate
  • User replaceable battery and water resistant (30m)
  • Connects with compatible gym equipment using GymLink

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Swimovate Poolmate Heart Rate Monitor Lap Counter Watch

Seeing your heart rate in realtime during swim sessions is incredibly helpful. The Poolmate heart rate monitor can display your heart rate in realtime using the supplied heart rate strap.

The Swimovate comes with an internal accelerometer that can automatically count your laps while swimming. It also counts strokes and efficiency. Plus using this accelerometer the Poolmate swim watch can also determine a lot of info about your stroke including length and frequency of strokes.

All of this info is displayed in realtime on the watch. Plus these info is also downloadable post workout to the Swimovate software.

It also has the useful addition of a vibrating alarm which you can set for different rep distances.

At a glance:

  • Vibrating in pool alarm for laps, distance, or time (intervals)
  • Heart Rate that works under water (chest belt 122Khz)
  • Rechargeable watch last for weeks at normal use
  • Downloadable to software for Performance Analysis
  • Sapphire crystal glass and ceramic dial to make it tough but really stylish

Click below to view more details on Amazon about Swimovate Poolmate heart rate monitor watch for swimming

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