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Biking Trail Riding for Travelers

Updated on May 31, 2013

Biking trails

If interested in the best trails in the world to ride a BMX bike, consider the terrain the obstacles and the fantastic view. Many places all around the world step up to this challenge. Offering you all of the amenities a BMX biker will love. Check out BMX bike videos showing the great trails and quite a few things a BMX bike can do. A BMX video gives very clear demonstrations. Garrett Reynolds gives a wonderful example in his writing on the wall video of the easy maneuverability of the BMX bike and its versatility.

Island wide. A wonderful place to ride a BMX bike is the beautiful country of Ireland. Ride what is known as the Southern trail, an exhilarating 53 miles of interesting terrain.

South Island. Check out this New Zealand trail, 150 kilometers long of knee scratching gravel if you are not careful.

Route Verte. Give the trails a longer stretch and ride through Canada winding through the distance of 4000 kilometers. This will surely keep the legs pumping.

Munda Biddi. This trail is positioned in Australia. Ride through this lovely, wonderfully preserved terrain.

Ruta Austral. This is trail located in Chile is quite the challenge. Ride the landscape and its change in temperature as you go from one extreme to the next while working to step up to the challenge of this ride.

These tracks are listed as some of the best in the world but local tracks abound all over the world. Ride among the tall mountains of Washington State or Tour the beautiful Allegheny Passageway. The weather is great in the Southern United States evening the winter so trail rides are nice most of the year. Idaho, Wisconsin and Virginia all have trails ready for the challenge of ambitious bike riding.

If getting to the trails around the world is out of your reach there are wonderful biking trails located all over the United States. Ride the shores of Alabama and Georgia with the Ladiga trail. Ride the Longbost key and Pinellas trails down through Florida and don’t forget to add the Withlacoochee trail very near Orlando, Florida. Wonderful places to ride and perhaps even stop off at some wonderful entertainment sites.


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    • oliversmum profile image

      oliversmum 6 years ago from australia

      Tiffany Latte. Hi. Wow this sounds like a wonderful way to keep fit, and at the same time see some great scenery, that you may not see when driving a motor car.

      Thanks for sharing with us. :) :)