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Training techniques and exercises for six pack abs

Updated on May 2, 2011

There are two main types of exercises for abs:

Aerobic: requiring oxygen for exercise (running, jogging, swimming, cycling, light weights, gymnastics etc)

Anaerobic: exercise done without requiring much oxygen (weightlifting, bodybuilding)

For 6 Packs:

4 sets of abdominal crunches 20 reps each

2 sets of twisting for the sides/obliques

Can we use a rod with light weights on both ends and then sit up straight and carrying them on shoulders (horizontally-parallel 2 the floor) and then turn sideways left and right for twists?

No, as there are few reasons for this:

  • Any kind of flank reducing exercise done with weights can result in a fast recurrence of the same flanks when you let down on your exercise.
  • You are more prone for muscle cramps with weights.
  • Twisting is best done in the seated portion, where the obliques are given a greater strain with every repetition.

 The right way to do twists:

  1. Get a bamboo stick or any hollow tube that has a greater length than your shoulder width.
  2. Place it behind your neck so that it cushions itself on your trapezii and sit down somewhere where you can get a good range of motion. I would prefer a stool/chair without a back rest somewhere in the middle of a room away from any hindrances.
  3. Sit straight, looking forwards as normal, then twist your torso (upper part- from head down to the hip) from one side to the next VERY SLOWLY making sure you maintain the same speed. At one point, you will feel like the muscle cannot get you any further. That is the point of greatest contraction.
  4. STAY there for 3 seconds and feel the burn.
  5. Come back to normal position SLOWLY without any jerks and twist your torso now to the OPPOSITE side.
  6. Repeat as previously done. You can do 25 for each set, provided you don’t get cramps. Take half a tumbler of electrolytes before this if you are unsure.

Is abdominal exercise on a daily basis good or bad?

We have seen many guys doing abs workout daily. It should be clarified that most people who weight train have a 6 pack already. They just need to lose fat. And the point here is that they shouldn't be trained everyday.

Its because when you do squats, overhead press, or any number of movements, you're also using your abs. So a leg day = ab day. Shoulder a day = ab a day. That is why once a week is usually good.

But for people who want to regularly put emphasis on abs workouts and want to get great abs, read my other hub: 26 Tips for Perfect Abs


Every injury the human body sustains can be healed

Every injury the human body sustains can be healed, with the exception of nerve or brain damage. Give it time, and it will heal.

Rotator cuffs can take several months to heal. Afterwards, people feel pain when they use their arm and think that its somehow still injured, when in fact the shoulder is just tight.

Most injuries can make muscles tight, so you have to stretch it out. But do this only after you're certain the shoulder is actually healed.

Stretch slowly and progressively until your full ROM has returned without pain. When you start weight training again, do it like a 9-year-old girl. For the first few weeks, be very careful as you get back into it. Be progressive but cautious, and you'll get back to where you were before.

How to build six pack abs instructional video on youtube


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