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Boogie Boards For Kids

Updated on July 7, 2011

Boogie board... what a strange name. Boogie boarding, also known as body-boarding, is one of the most popular water activities (can you even call it a sport) in the world. A boogie board is shaped that directly specific to the riders needs; it may have fins, may be rounded, may be square, it all depends on who you are and what you like.

And that's the beauty of boogie boarding, and why it has remained so popular - it's tailored to the individual.

What's the biggest different between a boogie board and, say, a surfboard? A boogie board is much shorter and is usually made of foam material; this compared to a surfboard which is long and made out of a variety of different materials. A boogie board core is flexible, yet strong, able to withstand crashes and other encoutners; in other words it's the perfect board for kids.

And that's why you're here - you want to know about boogie boards for kids. What are the best boogie boards for kids? What are the cheapest boogie board for kids; cheap boogie boards for children, discount boogie boards for toddlers, the top boogie boards for kids for sale online... you get the point.

Top 4 Boogie Boards For Kids For Sale


Battle Boogie Board Assorted Color

One of my favorite types of boogie boards for kids, as well as one of the best boogie boards for sale on the market, are battle boogie boards. Battle boogie boards are, simply put, made for children. They are smaller in size, built just for the length and shape of a small child; this, coupled with the colorful designs and light core, well, makes for a perfect kids boogie board.

  • Built for the pool, lake and ocean.
  • Unique and colorful design.
  • Cheap boogie board for kids.
  • Also a good boogie board for toddlers.
  • Comes in array of different colors.

Wet 33" Boogie Boards For Kids

These are the cheapest assortment of boogie boards for kids for sale online, making them an excellent choice to buy as a gift - or, well, to just buy for fun. They come is many different designs, one of my favorite being a design of a wonderful underwater tropical scene. The other designs follow a similar fashion, capturing some kind of colorful moment.

  • Polystyrene Core
  • A little bit bigger of a boogie board = good boogie board for teens
  • Great boogie board for girls.
  • Very light and comfortable.

Wave Rebel Hawaii Boogie Board

As a single stand alone boogie board, the wave rebel is one of the top boogie boards for kids. Why? It's built for high performenace and this means, in the end, that it can handle the roughness and intenness - the carelessness - of a child. By being such a strong boogie board it's also a great boogie board for boys and girls alike who are a little more experienced.

  • Built for beginners and advanced boarders alike.
  • Cool tropical graphics.
  • EVA deck
  • EPS Core
  • Made out of polpropylene = strong and durable.

Surfster Boogie Boards For Sale

Finnally, at least in my opinion, the best boogie board for sale online, well, in the world. What makes it so good? Is it really the best boogie board for kids? Is it a cheap boogie board?

The answers are a) it's good because it's an award winning boogie board that is meant for junior surfers and b) it's one of the best boogie boards because of how durable, light and easy it is to ride and finally c) it's also a cheap boogie board to buy online which truly makes it one of the top boogie boards.

  • Award winning surfster technology
  • 38 inches
  • Smooth material
  • Easy to ride
  • Great for all ages


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    • GmaGoldie profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      7 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      Great hub! Excellent presentation and I needed the Amazon capsules to guide me. I learned allot. Thank you!


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