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Above Ground Swimming Pool Vacuum- Diver Dave and Leaf Catchers

Updated on June 1, 2015
The Diver Dave above ground pool cleaner may be just what you need to keep your pool clean this swimming season.
The Diver Dave above ground pool cleaner may be just what you need to keep your pool clean this swimming season.

What is Diver Dave?

Diver Dave pool cleaner for above ground swimming pools is an affordable option to help keep your pool clean this summer. This summer pool season I was thinking that I had enough of killing myself trying to keep my large above ground pool clean. The main thing I was hoping to do was to be able to avoid sweeping or vacuuming the pool when the algae build up drops down to the bottom of the pool. The sweeping of the pool like this from all around the sides of the pool is the most physically demanding part for me of keeping the pool clean. I decided to try an automatic pool vacuum cleaner. After looking at several models and not wanting to spend too much on this device to make my life easier, I decided to buy a Diver Dave pool cleaner. Dive Dave has "friends" called Wanda the Whale and Aqua Bug that pretty much do the same thing. I'm not sure why I chose the yellow Diver Dave model. Maybe, because the name sounds more masculine? Tougher? I'm guessing most guys would pick the Diver Dave model too.

Diver Dave

Does it work?

Does Diver Dave help keep the pool clean? The answer to that question is yes. Diver Dave pool cleaner does indeed work. There are some things you need to keep in my about making it work well. First, it works best if your above ground pool has no wrinkles on the bottom. Now, I know my pool bottom is far from wrinkle free. It also covers parts of my yard that are higher in some places than others. That being said, this device will "hang up" on bad wrinkles on the bottom. I found that works best for me in using this device for my pool is to hook Diver Dave up to the pool skimmer while me and my kids are in the pool playing and swimming together. By doing this I can keep and eye on this device and if it does get hung up anywhere, I am easily able to help it along the way and go back to playing with my kids. If your pool is wrinkle free, then you could surely hook up Diver Dave and let him go for a few hours without worrying about it. I used Diver Dave today as a matter of fact as I got in the pool and it did fine.

**UPDATE* - After changing out my pool liner for this summer and having a friend help me to make the bottom wrinkle free, the Diver Dave works great. I left it hooked up all night while I slept and the next morning the bottom was completely clean and algae free. Having a smooth and near wrinkle free bottom to your pool makes a huge difference.

Old School Leaf Catcher Attachment

If you think that the Diver Dave above ground pool cleaner is not what you are looking for then there are some other ways to keep your pool clean. Only recently have I purchased a traditional leaf catching attachment just like the one shown above and it works quite well. I must first attach a water hose to the device and the hose when turned on creates a hard stream of water that shoots up. This stream of water creates a suction that pulls the heavy and bulky leaves that have settled to the bottom of the pool up quite well. I use with my long pool extension pole with this attached to the end of it and push it around on the bottom of the pool to get the leaves out that are frequently blown in with all the thunderstorms that we have here in the deep south where I live.

I found myself wondering why I didn't get one of these things a long time ago. It works a lot faster than scooping out the leaves with a net almost one by one. Move the leaf catcher around on the bottom of the pool over the leaves and watch them shoot straight up into the mesh bag on the top of it. I was amazed at how well this works and also pleased at the amount of time that it saved from the old scoop out with the net routine. Give it a try and you'll be glad that you did.

If you only need to suck up algae off the bottom of the pool then an old school vacuum attachment will also do the trick. You need to have a suction hose attached to the skimmer and a long extension pole. I use this now too when the Diver Dave device is not getting all parts of the pool or I'm ready to get all the algae out quickly without waiting all night long for Dive Dave to do it's thing. Another advantage to the old school vacuum attachment is that is not expensive and efficient.

Leaf Catcher Device Works Great

I use a brush/vacuum attachment just like this one here.
I use a brush/vacuum attachment just like this one here. | Source

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    • hoov45 profile image

      Terry Hoover 6 years ago from Denham Springs, Louisiana

      Update: We changed out our pool liner a few weeks ago. A good friend helped me and we got the liner spread out wrinkle free on the bottom. I ran Diver Dave all night and it worked great. The pool was free of algae on the bottom that had accumulated in the pool for the first time with the new liner. This is going to make having the Diver Dave pool cleaner definitely worth it for me. Especially, as the temperature gets hotter and hotter this summer. Diver Dave Rocks!