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Where to Buy Pool Water Toys Online

Updated on April 29, 2015

Buy Pool Toys

If you need to buy pool toys online for plenty of summer fun, there are plenty of toys to choose from. My family has an above ground pool and we frequently buy pool toys to increase the fun factor in the pool. Swimming around and playing in the pool is great fun and exercise. Sometimes, you may need a little something to jump starts start the fun. After all, you can only play Marco Polo so many times before that gets kind of boring. Pool toys may well be the answer you are looking for and this is the place to find them. My two kids are always looking for me to be the fun leader and and pool toys always help make pool time more enjoyable. Whatever your budget is, I encourage you to take a look below at some of the different pool toys that are available. Whether you just want some little toys that you can dive for or maybe even something that is more high tech like a water cannon that you might actually ride. All these sorts of things can be purchased to make things much more exciting in your pool.

Buy Pool Toys on Amazon

Wild Planet Outdoor Antics Pool Action Pack
Wild Planet Outdoor Antics Pool Action Pack

Wild Planet Outdoor Antics Pool Action Pack


Pool Toys for more Pool Fun

Pool Toys are fun
Pool Toys are fun

Wild Planet Outdoor Antics Pool Action Pack

The first item I would like to recommend is the Wild Planet Outdoor Antics Pool Action Pack. It is a bundled set of toys that includes the always popular water guns. The traditional diving balls that kids always like to take turns diving for to see who can get the most perhaps with one breath. This set also has some magnetic gloves to grab some toys with too. It has a little bit of everything here and might be a good starter pool toy set for you to buy. The items listed here are all shipped straight from as any normal Amazon purchase would be. I have written this review article to help you find what you need and might get paid a small amount by Amazon based on what you may purchase through my referral listings here.

Log Flume Joust Set

If you want other choices to buy pool toys then how about the Log Flume Joust Set for something different. This toy seems to have received some very favorable reviews from the reviews on Amazon. I could see that older kids would probably have a whole bunch of fun in doing battle with each other sitting atop these floating contraptions for jousting and splashing each other. Something like this would really kick up the fun factor in your pool. I would believe that this jousting type toy featured here would probably be more suitable for kids that are a little bit older, probably at least eight years old. Go ahead and click to the right and check out all the details and specifications of the log flume joust set.

Freaky Yellow Octopus Pool Toy



Here's something else to consider in the buy pool toys category. How about the Shockrocker. It looks really cool and four people can participate with this pool toy. Make sure you have some sort of air pump to use for this pool toy. Once it is blown up it looks like great fun for the whole family. This looks like something you might see at a water park. It reminds me of one of those floatable rafts I've seen our our magazine water park we have several miles from my home. I'm betting this toy will be a big hit foe not only the kids but the grown ups too.

When Pool Toys Attack

Lots More to Choose From

Now if any of these three mentioned pool toys is not what your looking for then I've included plenty more choices to the right from which you can browse all straight from Amazon. Again, clicking on any of these items will take you straight to Amazon to read the reviews on these items or purchase as normal. Below, I've recently added some pool toys available from various sellers on Ebay. just remember to always check the sellers feedback rating when making a purchase. Usually, I have found most sellers to be reputable and professional to deal with. I hope you find the pool toys that you are looking for here and hope that you have found this article helpful. Have a great time in your pool and be safe.


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    • hoov45 profile imageAUTHOR

      Terry Hoover 

      5 years ago from Denham Springs, Louisiana

      Joy, did you ever figure out a solution to this problem? I hope so and thanks for your comments here.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I love these pool toys. We got the log flume joust set last year, it was hilarious. The one I have been looking for, it seems like ages is the Wild Planet Rocker. Does anyone know where to get this from in Australia? I know you can get it on Amazon and in America - I'm not keen about buying inflatables from overseas in case I have a warranty problem, but the only site I have found the rocker on in australia - seems to never have it in stock. I have put my email address into their system, but it has been 6 months. Can anyone help - does anyone know anywhere I can get this in Australia?


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