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Buy Lucky Bums Snowboards - Cheap Red Plastic Snowboards & Skis For Children

Updated on January 16, 2012


Lucky Bums Snowboards are ideal for teaching kids how to snowboard. If you are looking to buy Lucky Bums plastic snowboards then you are in the right place. Here we will review the snowboards, take a look at prices and also have a look at some other great Lucky Bums products that your children will love.

Lucky Bums is a company that offer children’s outdoor gear. One of their most popular items is the plastic snowboard but they also do training skis, sleds, foam boards, safety gear and clothing. If you want your child to have fun in the snow this winter then Lucky Bums is the place to find all the gear you could possibly need. First of all though, let’s have a look at the famous Lucky Bums snowboards.

Lucky Bums Snowboards

There are two main snowboards offered by Lucky Bums. The first one is the Plastic Snowboard. This comes in two sizes, either 95cm long or 120cm long. So depending upon the height of your child you can buy the appropriate board, the 95cm board is recommended for under tens, then the 120cm board is for ten and upwards. The plastic snowboard comes in either red or pink. The shape is very similar to that of an actual snowboard so as to get the child used to riding a snowboard. The bindings are simple to use and will strap over any shoe or snow boot. There are no dangerous metal edges on this board, it’s just smooth plastic. This board is a perfect way to introduce a child to the world of snowboarding in a safe environment.

The second board offered by Lucky Bums is the Heirloom Collection Wooden Snowboard. This again is based closely on a standard snowboard but this time it is made from wood. This handcrafted snowboard really is beautiful and is just a small step up from the plastic snowboard. Again this one comes in sizes 95cm or 120cm. The board has no metal edges so it is not overly dangerous, but being made of wood it is a little heavier than the plastic version. This one also has simple bindings that will strap over any shoe or snow boot. The heirloom collection wooden snowboard is another one that is ideal for teaching children the basics of snowboarding without giving them a dangerous snowboard with sharp edges.

These two boards really are wonderful. To be able to actually have a plastic board that will strap to a child’s feet is such a good idea. These really are a wonderful way to teach children to snowboard.

Other Lucky Bums Products

There is an excellent range of products that Lucky Bums offer. Another popular product are the ski sets. Similar to the Lucky Bums snowboards the skis come in either plastic or wood. They are easy to fit to a child’s feet and are great fun to learn on. They also do special training kits which can be used when teaching a child how to ski, these are very clever and are excellent tools for people who are teaching children.

If you are not interesting in teaching children to board or ski and just want them to have fun out on the snow then there are plenty of products on offer that are perfect for your child. From classic Lucky Bums Heirloom Wooden Sleds to simple Snow Foam Boards, Lucky Bums has so many things to offer children. Some of the wooden sleds really are beautiful and are a wonderful thing for young children to have. They are based on classic designs but they still work really well when out in the snow.

Lucky Bums also do more basic plastic sleds and they even make snowshoes for children. Along with all the fun gear they also do plenty of practical warm clothing for children that is ideal for those cold winter days on the mountain. Whatever you are looking for when it comes to snow gear chances are there will be a Lucky Bums product that will suit your needs, this is a great company with some wonderful products, all you need to do is enjoy them.


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