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Rome Snowboards - Buy The Hottest Designs At Cheapest Prices, Cheap Rocker Garage Boards

Updated on January 16, 2012

Rome Snowboards offer some of the hottest most stylish 2011 snowboards in the world. Here we will take a look at some of the best Rome Snowboards and have a look at prices. We will also see what kind of Rome Snowboard would suit you best and what kind of ride each board is likely to give you. If you are looking to buy a Rome Snowboard online then you have come to the right place.

Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate is a company that started back in 2001 and was lead into business by Josh Reed and Paul Maravetz. The company wanted to embrace the ideals of a snowboarder which meant leaning away from the conventional and fighting against mediocrity. This comes across in the edgy design and vibrant snowboards that Rome create. Now let us have a look at some of the snowboards available from to buy from Rome Snowboards online.

The Rome Cheaptrick Snowboard

This model is designed with one thing in mind. Air! If you are into catching big air and hanging high then this board will be ideal for your needs. The Rome Cheaptrick will deliver the maximum pop to get you high and keep you high. Specially designed for freestyle snowboarding this is ideal for a boarder who likes to show off on the slopes.


The Rome Cheaptrick comes with a TTT core and in twin shape. The measurements for the 155cm board are, effective edge 1200mm, waist width 251mm, sidecut radius 8.23m, stance width 52-64cm. The board comes in lengths of 149cm, 151cm, 153cm, 155cm, 158cm or 160cm. The boards slick design features make this a real favourite among freestyle riders, this is a board that will soon have you scoring massive air.

The Rome Anthem SS Snowboard


This board is something special. The Rome Anthem SS Snowboard is as good as it gets when it comes to freestyle boarding. This is the kind of board you will be having wet dreams about. The board features a super light air pop core, carbon HotRods and CarbonBiax laminate features to give the board incredible pop and strength. This limited edition design really will make you the envy of every boarder on the mountain. The Rome Anthem SS Snowboard is the peak of boarding technology.

The Rome Anthem SS Snowboard has a directional shape with a hybrid camber. This gives it incredible stability whilst making it slick and mean. The core is made from wood & bamboo with carbon stringers and Kevlar. It also has a sinter carbon base. This board comes in four lengths which are 157cm, 159cm, 161cm, 163cm. The measurements for the 159cm board are, effective edge 1245mm, waist width 248mm, sidecut radius 6.7m, stance width 52-64cm. This board really is something very special, with a two year warranty, buy the Rome Anthem SS Snowboard and you will not be sorry.

The Rome Garage Rocker Snowboard


If you are looking to have a play around on the park then look no further than the Rome Garage Rocker Snowboard. This board is ideal for pulling tricks and scoring air. With it’s bright vibrant colors and it’s flexible frame, this board will have you scoring tricks all afternoon long.

The Rome Garage Rocker Snowboard comes in twin shape, has a reverse jib camber and a really soft flex. This give the snowboard that extra feel as you pull tricks and moves on the snow. The board comes in five sizes, 148cm, 152cm, 154cm, 156cm, 159cm. The measurements for the 154 board are, effective edge 1190mm, waist width 252mm, sidecut depth 20.5m, stance width 56-64cm. With a TTT wood core and a XTRD extruded base this really is a classic snowboard. The Rome Garage Rocker Snowboard also comes with a two year warranty.

The Rome Crail Snowboard


If you are looking for a good all round snowboard that will be at home on almost any terrain then the Rome Crail Snowboard is for you. This board is designed to give riders a good stable ride while being slick and fast on the slopes. Whether your heading for the park or taking it out on the bowls this board will give you optimum feel and a superb ride. This is a popular board that suit almost any snowboarder.

The Rome Crail Snowboard has a directional shape. The board comes in five sizes, 147cm, 150cm, 153cm, 156cm, 159cm. The measurements for the 150 board are, effective edge 1160mm, waist width 246mm, sidecut radius 7.52m, stance width 46-54cm. The Rome Crail Snowboard has a pop core matrix and the base is XTRD. As with the other boards this comes with a two year warranty, for an all round board this really is as good as it gets.

There are many excellent other Rome snowboards from 2011 available that feature a vast mix of designs and rides and also a mix of prices. Whatever kind of snowboarding you plan on taking part in I am sure you will find a Rome board that will match you needs. If you do buy a Rome snowboard you will find it durable and as long as you look after it I am sure it will serve you well for many years.

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