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Buy a FireSteel Online

Updated on March 16, 2011

The Basics of Survival

When away from the comforts of home we all need the same basics requirements: Food, Water and Shelter. In any cold environment, fire can quickly be added to the list.

The ability to start a fire can turn a potentially dangerous situation into one of comfort. Basic fire starting equipment should be compulsory packing for anyone venturing away from civilization.

It is vital that any such equipment is not destroyed or rendered useless by exposure to water as this is always a risk in the outdoors.

A firesteel is a perfect example of a fire starting device that is not affected by water.

Swedish FireSteel - Army Model

 This durable firesteel is good for over 10,000 strikes. It produces a super-hot spark that is 5,500 degrees Fahrenheit and works well even when wet.

As well as fire lighting, its extremely bright spark can be used as an emergency signal.

One of the most popular products around it has a high level of customer satisfaction


Made from pine shavings, MayaDust has 80% resin content making it extremely flammable and perfect for fire lighting.

Only a pinch is required to get a flame going and despite being packaged in a waterproof container, it lights when wet.

This is the perfect product to combine with a firesteel to enable you to light a fire anywhere, in any conditions.

SL Pro2 Multifunction Knife

 Combining a knife, a waterproof flashlight, a signalling whistle, and a firesteel, this product is a handy tool for a multitude of uses.

The firesteel is good for 1,000 strikes and the brilliant white flashlight uses LED technology to greatly improve battery life.

The kind of item you throw in your bag and find yourself using again and again.

Be Prepared

 Now that it is possible to have both a firesteel and mayadust for less than $20 there really is no excuse for not being prepared on the trail.

It is your responsibility to be self sufficient and in the unfortunate event of you requiring assistance, these simple items will make you both more comfortable and easier to find.


How to use a fire steel


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