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Buy a dry bag online - Waterproof Dry Bags by SealLine, Watershed

Updated on August 23, 2009

Why Choose a Dry Bag?

 Water is one of the main reasons many people love the outdoors. Swimming in it, diving under it, boating over it or just taking in the view, water is a great part of nature. Unfortunately, where much of your gear is concerned, water is the enemy. Electrical items, sleeping gear, books and fire lighting equipment all do not fare well when exposed to even a small amount of water.

Modern dry bags are light weight and effective. What was previously a very expensive item is now so cheap they cost just a fraction of the gear they protect. Anyone going near water with expensive or sensitive gear should have at least one dry bag for protection.


How Do Waterproof Dry Bags Work?

Dry bags are simple products with not too much science going into them. They utilize a variety of waterproof materials for different purposes. Some lightweight, others very tough for serious use.

The typical dry bag uses a roll down top as a seal. After a number of rolls to provide the waterproof seal, a plastic clip prevents the top unravelling.

When choosing a dry bag the two main factors you need to consider are size and material. The optimum choice will vary depending on your intended use.

When weight is an issue - such as mountaineering expeditions - specifically designed light weight dry bags are important. They are not suitable for everyone though as they do sacrifice some durability with their thin material.

When the dry bag is not going to be protected inside another bag, a tough material is paramount. It needs to be able to be thrown around without worrying about a tear.

Size is important as well. A dry bag needs to be big enough to contain your largest items but it can be annoying with many bits of small gear in the one large bag as access can be difficult. It is often better to have multiple, color coded small bags for different purposes. Electronics in one, sleeping gear in another.

One extra advantage of dry bags is that they not only keep the water out but trap the air in. This means that in the event the dry bag ends up in the water, it has a good chance of floating.


SealLine 30L Dry Bag

SealLine Baja Dry Bag 30

 One of the most versatile products for outdoor work or play is the SealLine Baja range. They are built from tough vinyl - 19 oz. sides and a heavy duty 30 oz. base - and able to survive rough treatment.

Like most SealLine dry bags they have a D-ring attachment at the top for anchoring.

An excellent bag for a variety of purposes, they come in many sizes from 5L to 55L

Watershed Animas Dry Bag Backpack 54L

 For any trip where you will be combining land and water travel and have to carry your gear, a backpack dry bag is essential.

The 'Animas' by  Watershed combines ease of carrying with a tough dry bag body.

Its seal is different from the SealLine bags - called a ZipDry Seal, it is similar to a freezer bag and presses shut.

It comes in a variety of colors including a clear option to let you see whats inside.

35L SealLine Tie Down Dry Bag

SealLine Tie Down Dry Bag

 These 35L dry bags are specifically designed to be tied down the exterior of kayaks or even the roof of your car. They have multiple anchor points and a stackable shape.

The reinforced center handle makes carrying convenient and they seal with two side compression straps.

Sea to Summit eVent Compression Dry Bag

 This bag combines two products by compressing the contents and keeping them dry.

The eVent base is permeable to air yet waterproof. This allows the bag to compress without the use of a vent.

The opening is sealed using the traditional roll down top.

Watershed Chatooga Dry Duffel Bag

 Watersheds DryZip technology in a duffel bag configuration.

30L capacity

Tough fabric shell.

See video review below

Watershed Dry Bag Review

How to Seal a Roll Down Dry Bag


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