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A CMLL Running Diary Before Vacation

Updated on June 20, 2017

Well sports fans, this is it. Tomorrow I head out for a week long pilgrimage to Maryland, where I'll visit several family members (including my two uncles who got me into wrestling to begin with and who may be reading this now. HI UNCLE TODD AND SHAWN!) and have a grand old time. That doesn't leave a lot of opportunity to write, so while I'll have my computer with me, tonight will more than likely be my last column until next Wednesday. As such, I thought it be great to go out with a running diary. And what better show to do a running diary for than one headlined by Volador and Cavernario, along with several other good looking matches to boot? There ain't no better way to start a vacation. So with that, let's get the ball rolling. Moses, unbutton that Hawaiian shirt and meme it like you mean it.

8:32: Promoting is done, I'm two minutes behind...and the show hasn't begun yet. This calls for a rendition of Pink Floyd's "Waiting for the Worms", only this time we'll use the actual song! Quick, pause that Who song and jam out to the Floyd! LIGHTS! SOMETHING! SOMETHING! HAMMER!

8:34: Sitting in a bunker...HERE BEHIND MY WALL! (stomping, stomping, guitar rift) WAITING FORRRRR THE WORMS (THE WORMS) TO COME! (more stomping) In perfect isolation...HERE BEHIND MY WALL! (more stomping, guitar rift) WAITING FORRRRRR THE WORMS (The Worms) TO COME! (gibberish and OMG THE SHOW IS LIVE!)

8:35: The X-Files theme is playing and out comes Fantasy, who will team with Ultimo Dragoncito to take on Pequeno's Olimpico and Universo to start the show. It'll be average, it'll be longer than it should and it will definitely feature a second rope Spanish Fly for Fantasy. He never fails to do that.

8:38: Fantasy and Olimpico will start. It's amazing to think this is where we're starting when later everyone will be losing their minds over Volador and Cavernario going bat shit crazy. It's like having an early Chevelle CD in before finding the Deftone's White Pony in your case.

8:41: That wasn't long. Universo and Dragoncito are in. Pace picks up a bit as Dragoncito seems to be trying. That never happens! Universo knocks him out of the ring, so Fantasy comes in to do stuff, including an arm drag.

8:42: Olimpico turns the tide and proceeds to hit the slowest spin kick in the history of spin kicks. I went and grabbed two more slices of pizza while he was hitting it. His clothesline isn't much better and neither are his double teams with Universo.

8:43: Dragoncito taps, more out of shame for how bad this is than actual pain, and Universo then pins Fantasy after a running Shotgun Dropkick. 1-0 rudos. That was hysterically bad.

8:46: Just explained to my non lucha loving brother how Arena Mexico became Arena Mexico. He was more interested in that story than I am this match, and he had no interest at all.

8:47: MISS! The technico comeback is on...yup still on. Looked like the rudos were taking back control, but a mistimed move leads to arguing and Fantasy coming off top for a crossbody.

8:48: Dragoncito submits Olimpico. Cool. Fantasy then submits Universo. Cool. We're tied 1-1 and this match is still going. Not cool. At least we know the technicos are winning; Fantasy hasn't hit that Spanish Fly yet.

8:50: Fantasy and Universo will start fall three. Scratch that; Dragoncito and Olimpico will start. They can't decide who wants to shit the bed more! Dragoncito is at least still trying, going really fast and dominating Olimpico by sending him to the floor.

8:51: Fantasy and Universo are in and I'm seriously contemplating whether to go do dishes while this is going on. In fact, I think I will! Be right back.

8:54: Came back to see that match is over! Don't know who won, don't really care. We'll figure it out later. For now, MAGNUS!!!!

8:56: It's great to see Magnus back, and also good to see Oro Jr. on his team. Unfortunately their teammate is Metatron and their opponents are discount Heavy Metal, Akuma and the lazy old bastard Sangre Azteca. Were Star Jr. and three talented rudos not available?

8:58: Oro Jr. and Azteca are captains. Poor Magnus; I was sure he had it! Oro and Akuma will start.

9:00: Maybe Oro Jr. has really improved or maybe Akuma is better than I thought. All I know is that was decent mat work, and now Magnus is in with discount Heavy Metal. WHY?! WHY DO THIS TO HIM PACO?!

9:01: Magnus just kicked discount Metal as hard as he could. Loved it. Sadly Magnus is now being triple teamed. Lame.

9:02: Sangre Azteca gets Oro Jr. with a double stomp to the nuts. Discount Metal then hits Metatron with a splash, apparently not realizing the fall is over because he's dumber than Pigpen from Out Cold. 1-0 rudos. Someone help Oro Jr. and Magnus.

9:05: It's a rudo beat down. Sigh. I'm really going to enjoy posting the "it's time for a comeback" meme here, especially since it'll put an end to discount Metal barely being able to lift guys.

9:06: Oro Jr. and Magnus are too kind bumping for these airborne toxic events. But hold on; Oro Jr. has Azteca down and is ripping the mask. TEAR IT ORO! We do this spot with a few other guys, but no comeback as of yet.

9:07: Metatron rolls up discount Metal and it's a three count! Sweet. Oro Jr. then hits a super nice cutter and that ties it up! It was so quick I can't even get the meme!

9:08: Fall three; Oro time!

9:09: I just realized; Metatron looks like a guy who got lost to a Mega Man convention. Poor bastard. He starts this fall with Azteca, who promptly walks out because duh.

9:10: Azteca is back and has the edge. Of course. He slaps Metatron, whips him into the ropes and promptly gets hip tossed. Metatron then tries a few moves he doesn't seem confident in doing at all, sends Azteca to the floor and hits him with a backbreaker. I'll allow it.

9:11: Oro Jr. and Akuma! At least Oro has a shot to do stuff now. Akuma grounds him at first, but Oro gets some speed and hits a nice dropkick. He hits a kick on the apron, then follows it up with a nice hurricanrana that sends Akuma to the floor. Sadly that'll be the most Oro Jr. gets to do here. Magnus and discount Metal back in.

9:12: KICK HIM TILL HE BLEEDS MAGNUS! He sends discount Metal to the floor and actually hits a great hurricanrana that discount Metal caught well. Nice.

9:13: All the rudos except Azteca are on the floor. Metatron hits an awful dropkick, which works out because it allows Oro to put Azteca into an awkward, yet cool submission while Magnus hits Akuma with a springboard Swanton. MAGNUS AND ORO JR. WIN! AND THEY GOT THE FALLS! That's more than enough to make up for them getting little to do.

9:16: Good match alert! Pegasso, The Panther and Blue Panther Jr. (JUNIOR!) take on Virus, Tiger and Puma. As Tiger and Puma are incapable of being anything but awesome, I expect this match to be exceedingly watchable.

9:19: Virus and Junior are captains. Is it just me or has Junior slimmed down a bit? May be for the best; he was getting too bulked.

9:20: Panther and Puma will start. Should be an excellent sequence.

9:22: Nice, crisp wrestling between these two, with the two stalemating after an awesome Romero Special by Panther. They lock up again and it's back to the mat.

9:24: All good things must come to an end. Junior and Tiger are now in.

9:25: Another really nice sequence; Tiger did a good job getting Junior to work fast. Pegasso and Virus are now in.

9:26: Pegasso hits the ropes, does some cool stuff then arm drags Virus out. Puma comes in and super kicks him, Junior comes in and dropkicks him, Tiger then takes him out, Panther then takes him out and now Virus is in tapping Panther! That escalated quickly! Junior came in to send Virus to the floor, but ultimately runs into the Tiger/Puma buzzsaw and ends up on the receiving end of Puma Alabama Slamming Tiger on top of him. 1-0 rudos. Good start.

9:28: Fall two begins with Tiger tossing Pegasso into the stands. Why not right?

9:29: Puma makes Panther run the ropes a lot and then owns him with a front face drop and a super kick. That Puma; ain't he a stinker? He immediately follows it up with a delayed vertical suplex on the ultra strong Junior, just to make himself look even better!

9:30: Virus is now in and he's working like his life depends on it! Full of speed and energy, which makes his clothesline of Junior look awesome. Tiger now in with Puma, and they proceed to own Junior with some double teams. Why not right?

9:31: OH MY! Nice dropkick on Pegasso by Virus.


9:32: It felt like Junior gave each rudo three backbreakers a piece! Eventually Virus retreats, gets hit with a Pegasso hurricanrana on the floor and is thus helpless to help Puma and Tiger as Junior and Panther get them in dueling Nudo Laguneros. We're tied. This is serious fun.

9:33: Puma and Panther start and it's super fast and super good. Panther eventually sends Puma to the floor and fakes a dive. Tiger and Junior time!

9:35: Junior working really well with Tiger. He hits a hurricanrana on him, but can't do a dive as Puma is in to cut him off. Virus comes in for the doubel team, but it ends with Junior arm dragging them both to the floor, leading to a Pegasso tornillo, a Junior suicide dive and an AMAZING Panther suicide dive! AND HE DOES IT AGAIN!

9:36: Pegasso and Virus are alone in the ring. Bad news for Pegasso. Virus catches him in a pretzel, but luckily Panther is in for the save. Puma sneaks in and it's just him and Panther now...or not as Tiger comes in and the double team is on.

9:37: Puma and Tiger hit a version of their backcracker/double stomp combo, but Junior was in for the save. Puma and Tiger clear the Panthers out and ultimately Virus is able to submit Pegasso with a pretzel like submission. Panther sends Virus to the floor, the Panthers go back and forthw ith Puma and Tiger and I can barely keep track! Ultimately it ends with Panther pinning Puma and Tiger pinning Junior...which is enough for a rudo victory because Junior is a captain and they had already eliminated Pegasso. SOMEONE GET ME AN ICE WATER! Really fun match; very well worked, lots of great action and a lot of chaos at the end. More of this please!

9:42: More good news; Fuego, Drone and Blue Panther are out next to take on Sanson, Cuatrero and Sam Adonis. Another match that, as the Killers would say, has potential.

9:46: Sam getting that HEAT!

9:46: Sam and Blue Panther are captains. I'd watch that singles match.

9:48: Drone and Cuatrero will start. Feels like it's been awhile since Cuatrero has done stuff.

9:49: Drone pretty much making Cuatrero look like the producers of The Big Green when they saw the final cut of the film. Cuatrero tries again with no such luck, so now we're onto Sam and Blue Panther! Excellente.

9:51: Sam is running from Blue Panther! The heat is unreal in Arena Mexico right now. Also, Sam intentionally tripped on the bottom rope there. High comedy as I hear the commentators drop a "Love Machine" reference.

9:52: Finally they're locking up and going right to the mat. Crowd is hanging on almost everything.

9:53: Blue Panther sets up Sam for a Fuego splash and then makes the cover count because the ref was snoozing! Sam then retreats out of the ring to boos. Fuego and Sanson are in.

9:54: Fuego with a first fall dive! DRONE WITH A FIRST FALL SPANISH FLY! BLUE PANTHER WITH A SUBMISSION ON SAM THAT HE'S REFUSING TO LET GO! That is a strong end to fall one with the technicos up 1-0 as Blue Panther threatens to kill the ref.

9:56: Technicos dominating to start fall two. We've entered the Phantom Zone. Where's Zod?

9:58: Cuatrero finally seemed to have something going...then ran into a Drone tiger kick and the Hombre Bala knees. Cuatrero ditches to the floor and it's back to Panther and Sam! Crowd is hot again!

9:59: Back and forth. Sam misses a corner splash, Panther ties up Sam's legs and Fuego hits them with a Shotgun Dropkick. Luckily Sam is then able to back Blue Panther into his corner and the rudo triple team has arrived!

10:00: Backbreaker into Elbow combo by Sanson and Cuatrero and MY GRODD DRONE'S HEAD WAS CRUSHED! He's done, and Sam quickly disposes of Fuego with the Trump Card. We're tied in our second straight wildly entertaining match. It's like CMLL has turned into Lucha Underground here. Is El Jefe in charge now? I KNEW IT!

10:02: Rudos are triple teaming Blue Panther to start fall three. They're also posing. The crowd hates this. All is right in the world.

10:03: UH OH! Blue Panther dodged a double strike and Sanson/Cuatrero hit Sam! Panther slams both rudos heads into the mat, but is pulled out by Sam before he can capitalize. Fuego and Drone get near falls on rolls up, Drone sends Cuatrero to the floor and MY GRODD WHAT A DIVE! Fuego ties up Sanson in the corner as Panther goes at it with Sam, but the ref has his back turned and misses Sam low blowing Blue Panther! EVIL!!!!!!! That's enough to keep the legend down and the rudos have stolen this match. For shame. Really entertaining and heated match that hopefully is a prelude to Sam and Blue Panther having a singles match.

10:07: Semi-main time! Valiente, Caristico and Mistico (who seem to be teaming a whole lot recently) take on Mephisto, Luciferno and Ephesto in our third straight "yo, this match could be really good!" match. Mephisto and the gang are still Mexican National Trios Champs last I checked, so this could set up a title match. Then again it could just be a random match; as good as this night has been, it's still CMLL after all!

10:11: Those entrances took forever! Mephisto and Mistico are captains. Mistico with a cool design tonight. He's also getting booed; I guess the Anniversary Show crowd is in attendance!

10:13: Caristico and Ephesto will start. It just occurred to me that Ephesto is back! Hadn't he been out with some weird disease or something? I was worried he was going to turn into the Bubble Boy kid where he had no immunities or some shit. Wonder if anyone got that joke.

10:15: Mistico in and business is picking up. He uses his speed to own the rudos and then quickly submits Mephisto with La Mistica as the announcer goes nuts and the crowd boos. 1-0 technicos. Quick fall. Good; the quicker we get to the main event, the better off we all are.

10:18: Valiente and Luciferno in to start fall two and they're working it like it's fall three. I don't think is going long folks. Ephesto is in to make the save, but it ain't long before Valiente is owning his ass too and sending him to the floor. All that's left is for Mephisto to come in, eat a couple of Monkey Flips and then roll outside with his horns between is legs.

10:19: Caristico now in. I expect more of the same here.

10:20: I was right. At least Caristico is looking awesome though, owning Luciferno and Ephesto with an arm drag/headscissors combo and a dropkick. Mephisto comes in, gets arm dragged and then backs away when the Gran Alternativa winner goes for a dive. It's Mistico time!

10:21: More boos as Mistico and Mephisto are in the ring. Lots of heat! Ephesto and Mephisto try to double team, it doesn't wait it does! Mephisto actually catches a Mistico hurricanrana, powerbombs the technico and pins him. We're going three falls! I'm a little surprised by that honestly.

10:24: Rudos are triple teaming to start fall three. I can't figure out if the fans are booing the rudos or Mistico. Or is it both? These are the questions we need to be asking peeps.

10:25: The technicos turn the tide and THAT IS AN AWESOME TRIPLE DIVE SPOT! Valiente with a moonsault, Caristico with a suicide dive and Mistico with a top con hilo.

10:26: Caristico and Mephisto in the ring. Caristico gets a near fall on a roll up, then gives way to Valiente, who immediately gives way to Mistico for a West Coast Cop (that Mephisto should've sold better). Ephesto breaks it up, then hits the Shoulder Breaker on Mistico. Valiente breaks it up, Luciferno breaks hip his submission and suddenly we have a triple roll up! Near falls for all. Another triple roll up! More near falls.

10:27: Mistico with a moonsault to the floor on Ephesto. Meanwhile Caristico goes up top with Mephisto, who turns the tide and hits the Devil's Wings off the top for a pin! Meanwhile Luciferno brilliantly counters a Valiente roll up with one of his own and the rudos pull it out. Not sure what the point of this one was, but it got better as it went along and had some really nice spots overall. Good match; should've probably been used to set up a title match next week though.

10:29: Bruce Buffer, the floor is yours.

10:32: We've arrived at what could be a Match of the Year contender. Volador Jr. is putting his NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship on the line against Cavernario in a rematch from two awesome matches just last year. Could be a classic. Drone and Mephisto are the seconds.

10:34: HERE! WE! GO! Crowd is super hot for this one. The only thing preventing this from being great is if the guys decide to take it easy because it's Tuesday. I give that a 15% chance of happening.

10:35: Volador offers his hand to his Torneo de Parejas Increibles partner, who spits in his hand. We're off and we're off in a quick manner. They trade arm drags to the mat, Volador hits a headscissors, a few leg take downs...stalemate!

10:36: More speed. Volador hits a hurricanrana and then is sent onto the ramp. He tries a springboard, but Cavernario counters with a punch and now he's on the ramp and walking towards the stage. Turns out it's so he can run back and hit his splash on the ramp! He then hits the splash in the ring and it's quickly 1-0 Cavernario. Good start; loved the pace, loved the energy, liked how Cav finished it off. Good sign for this match.

10:38: Fall two is on and Cav is putting the boots to Volador. He sends him into the corner...or not as Volador falls right back down! More kicks by Cav as the crowd tries to will Volador back into it. This crowd has been amazing tonight.

10:39: Hard kick by Cavernario into Volador's thigh. He goes right back to the leg and stomps on it. I can't see that lasting long, but Volador is limping around right now.

10:40: Limping is gone as Volador hits the corner and gets a foot up. Cav does the worm, but walks into a hurricanrana that sends him to the floor. Volador goes for a dive, but Cav slides back in as Volador slides out. Cav then kicks Volador back down as he tries to get back in then goes out to taunt the crowd. This is going longer than I thought!

10:41: CRADLE SUPLEX ON THE FLOOR! Nice work from Cavernario! I think they're teasing a countout here, something Volador learned from Japan.

10:42: Volador recovers, both guys are up top...SUPER RANA IN THE SECOND FALL! That will tie it up and my goodness this match has been excellent thus far.

10:43: Fall three; fight!

10:44: Volador charges the corner and misses. Cav goes up top, connects flush with a Shotgun Dropkick and gets a near fall. He hits another on the ground for a one count then blasts Volador with a hard kick. Cavernario has dominated this match. He plays to the crowd a little too much though, walking into a super kick/backcracker combo from Volador. Near fall.

10:44: Volador turns on the jets, but runs right into another hard Cavernario kick. Volador rolls out to the ring and HOW ABOUT THAT TRIANGE DIVE BY CAV!

10:45: Cavernario is back in, doesn't notice Volador hanging out on the apron and eats a springboard crossbody. Volador turns on the jets again, this time doesn't get kicked and headscissors Cav out of the ring so he can hit an awesome dive! No regard for human life on that one.

10:46: Back in the ring; both guys are tiring. Cav hits another hard kick and goes for the Fall of the Angels, only for Volador to roll him up...only for Cav to reverse that roll up into one of his own! Brilliant. Near fall for Cav. He picks Volador up, drops him on his face then gets a super nice Romero Special locked on! Volador just barely reaches the ropes. This rules!

10:48: Still in the ring. Cavernario slams Volador against the turnbuckle, hits a hard right and starts chopping and striking Volador like he's Kenta Kobashi. He whips Volador to the other side but misses a spear, falling to the floor. Volador grabs the ropes and MY GRODD WHAT A HURRICANRANA! What a sell by Cavernario too!

10:49: Back in the ring. Volador with the strikes now. He ends up on the apron, Cav charges, slides out and ASAI MOONSAULT FROM VOLADOR! All we're missing is the crowd dive, the splash from the top to the floor...fuck, there's still plenty to do!

10:50: Cav recovers quickly and THROWS VOLADOR INTO THE STANDS! He nearly gets into it with a female fan, then pulls Volador back over and slams him into the barricade twice! I'm guessing it's time for the splash...IT IS! Cav is up...DIRECT HIT!

10:52: Back in the ring and the crowd is losing it's mind! Cav with a clothesline in the corner, but Volador comes back with a huge super kick. Cav recovers quick though and hits that Cradle Suplex! A near fall. The tension is thick!

10:53: Rope assisted splash with Volador face down! I LOVE THIS MATCH!!! Another near fall for Cavernario and the crowd is somehow even louder! Cav with another kick and I'm not sure what else there is he can do...except go up top!

10:54: Volador is up too and THAT'S THE SECOND SUPER RANA! AND IT'S NOT ENOUGH! Cav is still alive.

10:55: LA CAVERNARIA! LA CAVERNARIA! Will Volador tap...NO! He gets to the ropes. No quit in either of these dudes. Cav is up first, sets Volador up in the middle of the ring and is going up again...but he misses a Swanton! Nice looking one too. Volador is now going up and...WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?! Whatever it was Cavernario blocked it. Cav then goes for the rope splash, but Volador blocks it! He hits the ropes and CANADIAN DESTROYER! That'll wrap this bad boy up as Volador retains in yet another classic match between these two men. The best singles match CMLL has seen this year! Great pace, awe inspiring action, great story of Volador having to fight from underneath against the game Cavernario; even the Destroyer ending worked! Crowd is tossing cash into the ring and the only question is how soon till these two can fight again!

Now that is how you go into a vacation! What a show; lots of good stuff in the under card and that main event was awesome. CMLL now has a third MOTYC after this one, and Volador and Cavernario have been involved in 2 of the 3 (first as partners, now as opponents. For those wondering, Ultimo Guerrero has been in the other two). You can't ask for much more than this show folks. Hopefully they're just as good when I start reviewing them again. Clearly that means I'm in for a whole lot of Pierroth main events and Arkangel in the under card.

In any event, that's all from me folks. I'm off to enjoy my vacation. Again, I expect to be gone the entire time and HOLD THE PHONE VOLADOR IS AT THE BOOTH WHERE HECHICERO IS! Surprise ending. Volador is giving an interview, Hechicero is looking awkward, now he's saying I think he's just saying how much he respects Volador. Dammit; I wanted a match set up! Another time I suppose (also, LOL at Drone still collecting coins in the ring. Dude's gonna be rich!). Anyways, as I was saying, I don't expect to write anything in the next week, but it's always possible that I find some time to get something. If not, you'll see me next week, and I should still be on Twitter when certain shows come on. Till we meet again, THIS! Have a great week dudes and dudettes.

Please change disks to continue...


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