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Can Wayne Rooneys injury turn out to be a good thing for Manchester United?

Updated on February 12, 2013
Wayne Rooney's leg injury
Wayne Rooney's leg injury | Source

Looking like he could be out for 8 weeks

After the large cut that Wayne Rooney recieved with a clash with Hugo Rodallega in the Fulham match, it is looking very likely he could be out of action for up to 8 weeks.

With Rooney being out of shapes of late could this be a blessing in disguise?

Recent form

Everyone is well aware of Wayne's recent poor form.

After starting late in the Euro's due to suspension he looked very slow and well off the pace and I am sure if Roy Hodgson had the choice he wouldn't have taken him, instead opting to take a player that could have played from the very start of the competition. Wayne didn't really bring anything to the competition a lot of which SAF puts down to him needing a run of games to find his best form, this just isn't an option when you have a 27 day rest period between the end of the EPL and the start of the Euro's.

He started the EPL as he finished first choice striker with Danny Welbeck, Hernandez and Berbatov playing 2nd fiddle to him but still continued the poor run of form from the Euro's.

Does Sir Alex buy?

I am sure SAF is asking himself, "do I need to buy a replacement striker for cover as 8 weeks is a long time in the EPL and I won't wont to lose any ground on City at this early stage?".

In my view he doesn't need to, not with the cover he has and the quality involved. He still has 4 fully fit strikers to choose from. Hernandez has proved in his first full season with Utd that he is a quality striker that can score plenty of goals, Danny Welbeck has estasblished himself as an England regular and like Hernandez is getting better with every game he plays. Berbatov is a player with outstanding quanltiy, magic first touch and even though he only played 21 games and scored 9 for united last season, he has proved from getting more games in 20010/11 season that if he plays more he will come away with a good scoring record (app 41 scored 21).

The last and arguably the best striker that united now have on their books is of course Robin Van Persie. Although he has come through a rough road with injuries it would appear from last seasons appearance record that they are behind him. With a fantastic record of 48 apperances and 37 goals last term for Arsenal there is no doubting his quality.

Hernandez | Source
Robin Van Persie
Robin Van Persie | Source

Who will come off best from Waynes injury.

it may sound a bit absurd but United are going to be the main winners.

One of the reasons will be the likes of Danny Welbeck and Hernandez will get more games and improve but with Van Persie probably starting just about every game they will have nothing to worry about.

In his time out Wayne will realise he is no longer first choice and when fit again he will know he has to fight for his place. In any football club the manager will always say competition for places is good for the team. Although as a player no one likes to be dropped but if like Wayne you are a fighter then you are going to take the chances when they come to you.

If you look back to when United won the treble they had 4 fantastic strikers in Andy Cole, Teddy Sheringham, Dwight Yorke and Ole Gunner Solskjaer all battling it out to start every match. For any team to be top of their respective league then they need to have players all over the pitch fighting for their places.

Another point will be that SAF will realise that he doesn't need to rely so much on Wayne and actual take a bit of pressure of him, pressure on some players to score goals is a good thing but when a player is a bit temperamental like Wayne has proved he can be, then sooner or later he will explode.

Who will make the best of a bad situation?

Who will make the most of Wayne Rooneys injury?

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