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Catching Lobster in Florida Keys

Updated on December 20, 2011

How to Catch Lobster

The lobstering mini season in the Florida Keys is fun, fast and furious when it starts; and is an experience you do not want to miss. Exploring the different reefs, pilings and holding areas can be challenging but a great time.

It is critical to know the most current rules before you start to catch lobsters during season and the mini-season, so check for up dates.

Bag Limit for State and Federal Waters:
Six (6) lobster per licensed harvester per day in Monroe County, and you must have a saltwater fishing license with a lobster stamp; twelve (12) lobsters per licensed harvester per day throughout the rest of Florida where the harvest of lobster is permitted. The two-day total of twelve lobster per licensed harvester in Monroe County can only be possessed when you transport your catch by car on, or after, the second day of the lobstering mini season.

Catching Lobster Mini Season

Lobster Mini Season - FL Keys

Lobster in the Keys of Florida - Mini Season

The video shows a pair of snorkeling lobster hunters searching for and catching many lobsters. It is interesting to watch underwater scenes such as these. It is also important that everyone on the boat have the proper license as well as the boat maintaining the proper navigation and safety gear and equipment on board the boat. You never know when the marine patrol to stop you for a boat check.

Using items from a lobster kit can make your dive or snorkel activities more productive. A scoop net, hand glove and tickler stick will make you more prepared and more efficient at catching the lobsters you do find.

key west lobster

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      mike maler 7 years ago

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      Reza 8 years ago

      nice video, it makes me wanna try to catch a lobster by myself :)