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Chicago Bears 2012-2013

Updated on September 6, 2012

Ready, Set, Go

With training camps around the NFL opening this week, many teams are setting high expectations for the Super Bowl. Coming into this training camp there is allot of buzz surrounding the Bears this season. Matt Forte has his new contract, the defense is still intact, the offense has more weapons, and no more Mike Martz circus act.But with all of the good feelings around the team there are still some areas that concern fans. Can the offensive line be effective? Will the secondary slow down a quarterback driven league? This season is sure to be a wild ride, good or bad.

The arrival of Jay Cutler some seasons ago brought great excitement to a city that had changed more quarter backs the Firestone changes tires. But was always missing were the weapons to go along with. The additions of Brandon Marshall, Michael Bush, and a couple of rookie receivers and tight ends they boast some exciting play makers. The question still remains, can the offensive line actually block. For the past two seasons no other quarter back perhaps absorbed as much punishment as Bears quarter backs. Some will say much of that was brought on with the offensive schemes of Mike Martz. Can Brandon Marshall stay out of trouble long enough for him to become the single season record holder for catches in a season, which would not be a hard job.Just imagine the possibilities if we had kept Greg Olson.

First glace at the Bears defense gives you a warm feeling inside, but from last season to now the Bears did nothing to improve there one glaring weakness, there secondary. Week end and week out the secondary was abused starting in week one, and continued each week of the season. The cover 2 can only carry you so far especially given the fact that the Bears face Aaron Rogers and Matt Stafford two times each during the season. Many times last year safeties were caught out of position, and exploited for big plays down field. Can the defensive line get pressure up front with there front four. Only time will tell how successful this unit can be.

This will prove to be a very important season for the organization as a whole.Lovie Smith is coming up on the last two years of his contract, and needs to produce winning season to perhaps keep his job. Brian Urlacher is in the last year of his contract and it's uncertain if he will be back after this season.With age creeping up on the defensive side of the ball is time running out for the veteran group. And can this team step from the shadows of the 85' Bears team. And can someone please find a solution to the horrible conditions of the solder field turf.


Super Bowl or bust

Can the Bears make it to the Super Bowl this season

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    • Film Fanatic 603 profile image

      Film Fanatic 603 

      6 years ago

      I myself am a Patriots fan being that I'm from New England, but a buddy of mine is a big Bears fan so I thought I'd take a look at what you had to say. I will have to show him this page and see what he thinks.


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