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Dress Up Your Bike For a Safe Ride

Updated on January 6, 2014

Glowing Bicycle

glowing bike kits available at
glowing bike kits available at

Let There Be Light

Set your bikes apart from the rest by putting EL Wire on it for a WOW factor! Ever think of sprucing up your ride with something a little more than a headlight? Well, consider placing the electroluminescent wire on your bike for a brighter effect. The wire will enhance the appearance of your bike, make for a safer ride at night when it is dark, and alert other riders that you are near.

If you have ever driven down the street and almost hit a biker you are not alone. Bikers are much harder to see because they do not have the amount of lights that cars have, and are much smaller. This can be dangerous for all parties. However, the amount of light the wire provides will exceed any light provided by a simple halogen headlight, or reflector. Visible from 360 degrees, safety should be a priority when riding at night. EL Wire can be seen from every direction, giving you a much safer ride to your local late night taco shop.

Having the wire across your bike will not only be safer, but you'll be unique and extraordinary. In any of the 10 colors, you can wrap it around your handlebars, as well as putting it in between the spokes on your tires. You can even wrap it around the middle of your bike in a spiral fashion for a really cool look. You will shine better and brighter than any other bike on the road. Also, if you ever didn't go out at night because you didn't think it was safe or that you'd have enough light; well now you can! Don't want to waste batteries? Don't worry. Special packs hook on you your bike and the movement of the bike actually allows the wire to glow. Look ma, no hands! Now you can work out and save the environment.

While this article is light in nature, safety issues should be a priority while riding at night. Please use caution and brighten up your ride.


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    • profile image

      radukan75 6 years ago

      It is like in the Tron movie!

    • profile image

      CBeezy 7 years ago from San Diego

      Sweet! I'm going to have the coolest bike in town!

    • profile image

      Jbone-ski 8 years ago

      I wanna deck out my bike now. The beach is a great spot to have a glowing bike!