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EPL Week 2

Updated on August 19, 2015
Januzaj with Man Utd only goal
Januzaj with Man Utd only goal
Possibly the latest EPL gem
Possibly the latest EPL gem

EPL week 2

Mourinho is becoming a parody of himself once again. After redeeming himself last season and handing Roman Abramovich another title.

This season 2015-16 has started badly so the enigmatic Jose has started with his scatter gun approach by blaming anyone he can, for the worst start for years.

His Captain John Terry bore the brunt of his ire by substituting him for the second half. His reason was “He needed a lot more pace” All avid football watchers will be well aware the fact that J.T has never been blessed with speed. So what we can take from that statement is that the last 177 games he played under Jose Mourinho he was quick enough, now he is not. With the looming transfer of Everton’s John Stone is this the end of the controversial John Terry?

Stones was magnificent against last years surprise package Southampton, despite the ongoing transfer saga with Chelsea. Unlike Man Utd David De-Gea who is not in the right frame of mind to play. I must admit at this point I have to pause before I spit blood. What the hell you are a highly paid professional and you cannot play because your mind is not right.

Imagine a mechanic who could not service a car because of his impending move from Vauxhall to Ford. A nurse moving hospital who refuses to care for patients as her mind not straight.

This is modern day football. As sad as it may be Man Utd fans his head has been turned by Real Madrid and once again you are reduced to be there feeder club

Louis Van Gaal must be wondering on when his £80m summer spending spree on talent will come good. Yet again they flattered to deceive on Friday nights showing against an ordinary Aston Villa scoring only 1 goal. Against a team that has not beaten them at home since August 1995 at that time Take That were Number 1 in the UK Charts with Never Forget and TLC top of the US with Waterfalls

John Major was the UK prime minister and the top selling car was a Ford Escort

Therefore the reality of the situation was they were never going to beat Man Utd who themselves produced a paltry 9 shots only 2 on target.

Spurs who have once again had their customary slow start to the campaign squandered a 2 goal lead against a spirited Stoke.

Its painfully obvious Tottenham need some fire power up top. After the substitution of their starlet Harry Kane. They looked toothless. Daniel Levy almost shylock style obsession with balancing the books has seen the his summer outlay and income at zero net spend. Surely they desperately need the acquisition of Saido Berahino which no doubt will drag on to 11th Hour on transfer deadline day and then he will get his man, but with a plethora of clauses on his contract.

Meanwhile Leicester are the surprise package with an almost unknown Riyad Mahrez stealing the limelight this last season capture from Le Havre seems to be a real find. Only time this season with them being more in the limelight will see if the premier league has found another gem.

Episode 3 of the EPL will see them at home to Spurs who will ask more questions than Sunderland & West Ham

MNF we witnessed more controversy with offside goal given to the Bigger side. This surely cannot be a coincidence. If that incident happened against Liverpool, there would be questions asked in Parliament.

Let us see how this season unfolds is it really a case of decisions evening themselves out. I suspect this is management speak from the Referees Association for some inept displays. I do not believe in any conspiracy that they have been got at. I just think the pressure is on them as human beings to give preferential treatment to the bigger teams for an easier life. Can you imagine an official giving a crucial match winning penalty against the likes of Ferguson Mourinho. Unless he is 100% sure better do nothing against Eddie Howe easy. Not much fallout.

I like every football fan just want a fair playing field even if sometimes it goes against my team

Mourinho blaming somebody
Mourinho blaming somebody


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