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Edge Rushers Vic Beasley, Dante Fowler and Bud Dupree Were Big Winners at NFL Scouting Combine

Updated on February 22, 2015

Edge Rushing at a Premium for 2015 NFL Draft

by Robb Hoff

After the NFL Scouting Combine, the premium for edge rushers in the 2015 NFL Draft has skyrocketed, largely because the measurables have confirmed that there are at least four freakishly athletic speed rushers who could all find themselves drafted before the first half of the first round of the draft is over.

Bud Dupree of Kentucky, Vic Beasley of Clemson, Dante Fowler of Florida and Randy Gregory of Nebraska all confirmed they have the sheer atheltic ability to warrant high draft consideration as premium edge rushers.

Dupree was most freakish given his 6-4, 269-pound frame. The explosiveness shown by his 42-inch vertical jump, 11-6 broad jump and 4.56 40-yard dash will go a long to dispel doubts about Dupree's positional dexterity as a 3-4 outside linebacker or 4-3 defensive end.

So too will the display produced by Beasley, whose 4.53 40-yard time was as impressive as his 35 reps of 225-pounds, 10-10 broad jump and 41-inch vertical. Beasley added needed weight to tip the scale at 246 pounds, showing he might be able to add even more bulk to his nearly 6-3 frame without sacrificing quickness.

Fowler and Gregory also solidified their 1st-round status with outstanding measurables, if not quite on the level of Dupree and Beasley. Fowler's 4.61 40-yard dash time will only add to his standing as the top outside linebacker edge rusher in this year's draft. Overall, both Fowler and Gregory will likely retain more appeal to teams running a 3-4 defense than Dupree and Beasley because of their distinguishing skills on the football field.

But Dupree and Beasley definitely made the whole process that much more interesting.

The only coveted outside edge rusher who might have lost some draft stock value at the combine was Shane Ray of Missouri, who may very well be the most talented of the group but was unable to participate in the athletic test at the combine due to injury.


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    • Ty Tayzlor profile image

      TT 3 years ago from Anywhere

      This is a strong class of pass rushers