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Manchester United Fixtures 2012/2013 Season

Updated on September 3, 2012

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Champions League Fixtures

The 2012 Season seems like it only finished yesterday and with the Euro 2012 and London Olympics, we are spoilt for Football to see us through to the start of the new EPL season and thank god because i think we all loose a certain part of ourselves during season breaks.

The fixtures list for the 2012/2013 season have already been announced, so you best get checking when your teams derby days are as soon as possible and schedule them into your diary.

Here are some of the key fixtures for Manchester United that i will personally be looking forwards to;

Key Games

(subject to change):


Liverpool (A) - 22 Sep

Chelsea (A) - 27 Oct

Arsenal (H) - 3 Nov

Man City (A) - 8 Dec


Liverpool (H) - 12 Jan

Man City (H) - 6 Apr

Arsenal (A) - 27 Apr

Chelsea (H) - 4 May


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    • profile image

      Richard-Murray 4 years ago

      If only Le Chiffre would have stayed you could have had something close to it

    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 4 years ago from England

      1999 we had 4 top class strikers fighting for position, pretty nice situation to have

    • profile image

      hammad 5 years ago

      i think persie and rooney combination will work but where will dany welback will go then.....?

    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

      I know! normally theres a horrible couple of months without Football but this summer its nonstop its fantastic.

      Fletchers stomach virus was so strange, never heard of one lasting so long, its a shame cos the one game he did play vs City in the 6 - 1 drubbing, his goal was absolute peach

    • barry1001 profile image

      barry1001 5 years ago from North Wales

      God we're being spoiled; Euro's, Olmpics and the the new season right around the corner.

      I still feel Man Utd need a couple of new signings, especially in midfield. We can't keep relying on Scholes and Giggs (the latter is starting to look his age I'm afraid). Anderson is always injured and according to some reports is on his way out of the club. Also, I doubt that if and when Fletcher makes a return, he can get anywhere near back to his best.

      Can't wait for the new season!

    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

      heh well he certainly looks like Drogba, wouldnt be suprised if he didnt model himself on him. Lets hope for him that his time in the squad with Drogba has given him chance to learn from him.

      I actually fancy Chelsea to make it a three way title race, 4 if Podolski can strengthen Arsenal. Buying Hazard was a real signal of intent to stay in the game

    • profile image

      Richard-Murray 5 years ago

      I have seen enough of him to say that he is probably the best young player who can be close to the second coming of Drogba. HE has good legs on the dribble and he is strong. His technique with long balls need help and he needs to get stronger and faster to play the point man like Drogba. But he should get there. Hazard is a good player but in all earnest, I am a little worried about Chelsea. Lampard, Hazard, Mata, Chelsea are not going to play a 433 next season for their roster. Chelsea is going to transition big time how, I dont really know. BUt, I think Chelsea will get at best two trophies next season. UEFA Supercup and the CLug World CUp. Though they may not get the club world cup if Santos win the Copa Libertadores. They are losing 1-0 to cOrinthians but I think Santos will overcome them and beat Boca Juniors.

    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

      Havent seen enough of Lukaku and Drogba is a huge miss but maybe Eden Hazard can go someway to fill that void, obviously not in the same way.

      Utd have actually signed Kagawa and Nick Powell who are 23 and 18? so some youth being injected, once Vidic is back itll all be good, go Jones Evan ands Smalling in reserve

    • profile image

      Richard-Murray 5 years ago

      Can't wait, the Drogba era ended right. Now the Torres era. To be honest, I think Lukaku might overtake Torres in the team overtime quicker as expected as the new drogba. Torres to me, needs a different system and pieces around him. :)

      Man United without changes in the midfield and backline will be a year older and more slower. Evra, Rio, Scholes and Giggs CAN but MAY NOT be potent enough.

    • chef-de-jour profile image

      Andrew Spacey 5 years ago from Near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire,UK

      22nd September - I shall be on the Kop fully focused on this most delicious of games. The rivalry continues! It'll be hot, tense and fascinating, as usual. All you need is love and a Luis Suarez goal. I can't say any more or I'll get into trouble. Know what I mean?

      Thank you for the hub.

    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

      If im not wrong... We will meet on 27th October at Stamford Bridge? :p

    • profile image

      Richard-Murray 5 years ago

      thanks can't wait:)