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Hiking trails in Vacaville Ca.

Updated on July 13, 2013
Green Valley Falls in Fairfield, California.
Green Valley Falls in Fairfield, California.
Rockville Regional Park, Solano County, Fairfield, CA.
Rockville Regional Park, Solano County, Fairfield, CA.
lagoon Valley park, VAcaville, Ca, Solano County
lagoon Valley park, VAcaville, Ca, Solano County
I love Fall, color abounds! Autumn leaves
I love Fall, color abounds! Autumn leaves

A beautiful hike with my honey

It is a glorious morning! The sun is shining, the breeze is gentle, and....what to do on such a day?

Take a hike with my honey, on a hiking trail in the country (but almost in town) surrounded by God's many gifts!

As we sat finishing up our morning bible readings I said, "Honey, I have to run to the bank this morning but then, how about if we wear our walking shoes and drive over to the trail off of Butcher road" He said, "sure, lets do it".

We usually just walk around our neighborhood because it is easy to just walk outside the door and head down the street, but compared to taking the time to drive a few miles and be in the midst of HIking trails and winding paths around a redwood grove and up a hill where you can see almost the whole county- a walk around the block just doesn't get it!

As we walked away from the car, the Hiking trail stretched out in front of us. It is the first week in November so the trees along the way are several shades of yellow, orange and red. Then a little farther down the path we stopped to admire a beautiful chow dog that was taking a lady for a walk. The most gorgeous red, long hair and eyes that were a remarkable contrast of light tan shading around dark brown gazing out at us. That is the dog I am describing, not his master!

A few hundred yards around the turn I saw the hill ahead, slowed down a bit and said, "How about if we take this nice level path over to the left here? It's probably better for your sore foot than tackling that mountain ahead." Yeah, you bet, I was looking out for my honey. I want him to be able to walk with me again soon and he just got a cortisone shot in his heal a couple of days ago for Plantar Fasciitis . Of course, I didn't mention that maybe my brand,new knee wasn't quite ready for a mountain yet! This Senior life takes some getting used to!

Quick turn to the left and we continued on around what appeared to be a dry lake. We soon came to a cute little bridge that went over a dry creek bed. I imagine when we get a couple more downpours of rain, it will no longer be a dry creek bed! We stood on the bridge, holding hands and looking over the railing at the many native plants growing on the sides of the down-slope, admiring the beauty that God has placed all over our country for us to enjoy!

There are many parks and hiking trails to enjoy, wherever you may live. Just do a search, and take off on an adventure! There is nothing like a walk through a park to make you and your partner realize how great it is to spend time together, and this kind of time costs you nothing but the time it takes to put on your hiking shoes and walk out your door!

Some hiking areas are only available through planned hikes with clubs, others are there for you to hike on your own.

Places you might enjoy in Solano Country:

Rockville Hills Regional Park Rockville Rd and Oakwood Dr Fairfield, CA 94533

Lagoon Valley Park 4681 Pena Adobe Rd Vacaville, CA 95696

Green Valley Falls is only available on guided tour. Bay Area Ridge Trail Council or Sierra Club

There is a HIking/biking trail that wonders all through the residential areas of Vacaville that is a very nice trail amid trees, creeks, etc and you can access it at various locations in town. One is at the corner of Nut Tree Rd and Marshall at the edge of the softball fields, several locations on Alamo and Elmira Rd. I imagine you could find a map on the internet or perhaps just ask your neighbors where you can get on the path!

Hey, I love walking with my honey because I know that at some point on the walk I will feel his hand reaching for mine and I know he is enjoying time spent with me as much as I enjoy being with him-no television, PDAs or computers to rob us of our special time together!

We are usually hungry by the time we finish our hike or walk so we head out to one of our favorite local restaurants: Joes Creekside Bar & Grill, Black Oak or over in Suisun, Ca there is also great places: Joy of Eating and Babs Delta Dinner.


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    • starstream profile image

      Dreamer at heart 4 years ago from Northern California

      Hi neighbor! Yes, really. Now I love your adventure spirit and also admire all of the gorgeous scenery in our locality. Nice to meet you!