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FIFA World Cup 2010 Argentina V/s Nigeria

Updated on June 12, 2010

Nigerian team

A Narrow Escape for Argentina.

Argentina entered the FIFA world cup  2010 squad after a lot of struggling. Many football lovers and fans feared that World Footballer Lional Messy will not have the fortune to play in FIFA world cup  2010. But finally they made it through the super coach Maradona.

When their first match was fixed against Nigeria football legends again calculated an easy pass walk over to them. But when today’s match viewed it is realized that the group will not be an easy one to Argentina. The football icons like Messy, Teves, Veron , Rodrigues, Haynes,Milito etc are in the dream line up of Argentina. But as a team they are not able to exhibit the best game. They were not able to fully overcome the strength of African black, Nigeria.

Argentina won the crucial match to earn three valuable points, by a single goal scored by Heinse at the 7th minut of the Game. The much expected Lional Messy was tightly defended by the Nigerians. But he broke all the locks and tried his best to score and was near scoring at many time. Whenever Messy took ball it seemed a goal will be scored. The super coach Maradona also was irritated at side line and was seen arguing with FIFA officials.


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    • Brainy Maji profile image

      Brainy Maji 7 years ago from India

      but i'm sure Argentines will find their full potential in coming matches