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FIFA World Cup 2010 - Brazil V/s Ivory Coast

Updated on June 21, 2010

Brazil Enter Pre Quarter Finals , but losses Kaka for next match

In a crucial match in the death group of FIFA World Cup 2010 Brazil defeated Ivory Coast by 3-1. As the score indicate the play was not at all one sided. Fabiano’s two goals were the highlight of the match till the star striker of Brazil Kaka got marching order at 87th minute of the match getting second yellow card.

The match between Brazil and Ivory Coast attracted attention before starting the match as the Africans were thought to be powerful to upset the former world champons. But when the match progresses both the team began to show movements as a team.

After some attempts to goal by both the teams it was at 25th minute of the game Fabiano scored his first world cup goal. The striker who didn’t reached his form in last match against North Korea received the ball from star playmaker Kaka. Fabiano immediately moved passing the defenders and from right side fired like a bullet. The Ivory Coast goalkeeper was helpless before such a powerful shot and it entered in net.(1-0)

The goal made the African elephants to attack the Canary flock. It seemed the goal will be returned at any time. But contrary to this, in a counter attack at 50th minute Fabiano again received a high ball at chest. He again lifted it over another defender and also dribbled one. The bullet shot by left leg trembled the Ivory Coast net. It was Fabiano’s second goal in FIFA World Cup 2010. But in TV replay it is found that when he received the ball at first time it was using hand and the second lifting also when received on chest was through hands. So this goal will definitely create controversy.

Following this Ivory Coast begane to raid Brazilian post like waves. Many time the Brazilian defense crashed down. At 53rd minute a cross from Dindane was headed by Didier Drogba . Unfortunately it went out for inches. Three minuts later another opportunity got to substitute Gravinho. He passed the ball to his team mate and ran to penalty box through the defense. Since the ball was too speedy he couldn’t catch the ball.

In Ivory Coast post goalkeeper was in god form. Kaka’s bullet shot at 61st minute was saved by the goalkeeper. But the next minut was again Brazil’s happy moment. The ball received by Kaka in penalty box was crossed very quickly . Milano ran in and through the defenders he had nothing more to do. Hence score became 3-0. This was Milano’s second goal in FIFA World Cup 2010. Following the goal Milano got injured and was pulled back by Brazil coach Dunga. At the same minute S.Kalou was replaced by Kader Keita in Ivory Coast line up.

Like last match against North Korea Brazil began to attack even after third goal. Defender Maicon put a shot to goal in 69th minute. But it went out. Minutes after it Ivory Coast made a good movement and the sudden unexpected shot from yards away was saved by Brazil goalkeeper Julius Caesar.

At 75th minute Keita got yellow card for the dangerous tackling committed. Bastos was the victim of this foul. The 79th minute of the game was the joyous moment of Ivory Coast. Then Ivory Coast captain Didier Drogba received a cross from left wing and with his sharp head he chipped it into Brazilian net (3 – 1 ). Actually the Brazilian defenders didn’t care him thinking that he is in offside. But he was true in his position.

At 84th minute of the match the star striker of Brazil, Kaka got the first yellow card for quarelling with opposite players. The African’s began to take injuring methods. Keita felt mad in actions due to the defeat going to face. At 87th minute when Keita came near after trying to attend a ball , Kaka lightly hit on his chest . Keita immediately fell down and the players of Ivory Coast rounded the Brazilian players and it seemed the match will get disturbed. But the situation came under control soon. But Kaka being the cause of this mishap he got second yellow card of the match followed by marching order.

With ten players Brazil played the rest match. Ivory coast tried to utilize the moment. But their attacks stopped effectively by Brazil defense. Thus the match ended in the score 3-1.


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