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Fishing Rod Racks Organize 6, 8, 12, or More Fishing Poles

Updated on July 19, 2013
Fishing Poles on a Rod Rack
Fishing Poles on a Rod Rack | Source

Fishing rod racks help maintain fishing equipment

Keeping fishing gear maintained and in working order is a big factor in avoiding problems when you are on the water angling. A proper fishing rod rack eliminates the chance of cracking or stressing the poles which can cause damage that will break the rod under pressure. If you have invested thousands of dollars in high end fishing rods like Lamiglas rods make sure to take care of them by placing them in a fishing rod rack when they are at the house.

A fishing rod rack keeps your rods protected and out of the way. Generally you will be able to leave the fishing reels connected to the rods when they are placed onto the rack. Use the rack in your garage or where you store your tackle and other outdoor related gear. Racks can come in a variety of designs from wall mounted to ceiling mounted rod racks. Pick a rack that fits your specific needs and home situation. There are rod racks that allow fishing rods on both sides and others that only fit rods on one one side. Most rod racks have a softer material where the rod blank is held onto the rack halfway up the rod. They come in a variety of materials while wood and plastic being the most common. Keep your rods from falling on the ground or getting all tangled up and make sure that they are well taken care of and fishing rods can last for many years. Every serious angler should have a rod rack or two full of their favorite fishing rods.

Log Cabin Style Fishing Rod Rack

The Log Cabin Style Spinning Rod Rack made by Rush Creek is designed specifically for the serious angler that has many fishing poles that require being ready to go fishing at a moments notice. This is a premium fishing rod rack and capable of holding up to 30 fishing rods. The rods slide into the lower holder and then there is a clip that snaps tightly around the blank to secure the pole to the rack. This holder is designed for both spinning and bait casting style rods & reels. This base is built on a rotating mechanism so the base spins completely free in 360 degrees allowing easy access to any pole no matter where the rack is located, even tightly up against a corner.

Homemade DIY Rod Holder

12 Fishing Rod Holder - Pine Corner Rack

The 12 Rod Pine Corner Rack Made by Organized Fishing is perfect for a corner location in the garage or house. This rack holds up to 12 rods and reels. Like any high end rodrack this rack has quality built clips that secure the fishing pole to the rack to make sure they do not fall over. This is a well made secure rod rack that is affordable for any angler that can have 12 fishing poles to go fishing.

Fishing poles stacked up at the tackle store ready for purchase.
Fishing poles stacked up at the tackle store ready for purchase. | Source

Organized Fishing 8 Rod fishing rod rack

The Organized Fishing designed 8 rod rack is made of solid pine and has a nice classic look for any home of an angler. The rack stands a total of 32 inches tall and has rubber clips that are used for clipping the fishing rod blank to the top support beam of the holder.

Organized Fishing 6 Rod Wall Rack

The Organized Fishing Rod Rack that is designed for 6 rods is of a different design then the others that are shown above. While smaller and more compact this rod rack is perfect for the apartment fisherman that does not have a large garage or space for all the fishing tackle and equipment. This holder mounts easily to the wall and has a base that is mounted to the base of the wall. This is quick and easy to install and is far superior to leaning fishing poles against something in the home. They inevitably fall and gain additional wear and tear and even break. Save your rods and at least set up a nice place for them in a place in the house in a proper fishing rod rack.

Keep your gear well maintained so that you have fun next time on the water. FISH ON!!!

A Personal Carrying Case
A Personal Carrying Case | Source

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Travel or Car Case

So many anglers fish from the bank or in float tubes or kayaks or other smaller vessels that they do not keep the rods that they are fishing with that day in their boat. Travelling from the house to the lake with a dozen fishing poles is easy when you just put them in your rod locker in the boat and go, but anglers without a boat do not have that luxury. There are few options that have been designed for fisherman that want a secure rod rack in the back of their truck. Similar to the same way that rod can be secured on the front deck of a bass boat with a strap that secures the reel in place and keeps the rod from bouncing around. The best solutions also have a strap for the middle or tip to really secure the pole from sliding around during transit.

Anglers just fishing at a local lake and driving in a car are best served by using one of the soft rod wrap storage bags or a hard travel case. These will make sure that the rods don't get damaged going in and out of the car and will also keep the lures, reels, and line from getting tangled which often happens if they are just thrown in the car altogether. The second you put more than a single set up in the back of a car, it is bound to end in a messy tangle that can damage the line and make you retie the rig anyway, so make sure and have a case or rod bag for carrying your equipment to the pond the next time you are fishing. Most anglers spend significant resources in buying the best gear possible and nothing is worse then breaking a tip in a car door or causing other kinds of damage during transport.


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