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Lamiglas Fishing Rods for Bass Fishing

Updated on March 26, 2013

Going Fishing


Lamiglas Rods Built for Professionals

Lamiglas rods are a high quality fishing rod that will perform to your expectations regardless of the species of fish that you are pursuing. These are some of the best rods for specific bass fishing techniques that are available on the market. Each series and model of rod is designed precisely for a different species. Each rod has been perfected during the research and production process of building the exact rods anglers demand to achieve performance on the water. While these rods are perfect for large mouth bass if you fish also for trout, crappie, sturgeon, tuna, walleye, sharks, catfish, steelhead, Dorado, blue gill, paddle fish, Chinook salmon, dollys, halibut, pike, muskie, carp, bull sharks, roosters, rainbows, chum salmon, silver salmon, Atlantic salmon, stripers, kokanee, browns, pompano, jacks, rock fish, fluke, grouper, or sailfish then Lamiglas has a line of rods that will match your fishing needs.

There are two specific bass fishing series of rods produced by Lamiglas. The Certified Pro and the Certified Pro Fiberglass. The fiberglass series has a much smaller number of rods that are focused on reaction bait lures. The Certified Pro series of rods has a total of 5 bait casting rods and 7 spinning rods. The fiberglass series has 3 casting rods.

The Excel series of rods is a lower cost alternative to the previous series and offers 13 casting rod options and 7 spinning options. These rods a great alternative to the higher end rods and can allow you to have a few extra rods on the front deck.

While most fishing rods are made in other countries like China or Taiwan, this is an American company that manufacturers fishing poles right in USA in the state of Washington.

Lamiglas Certified Pro Bass Fishing Rods

These are solid bass fishing rods that can perform exceptionally well for the techniques that they are designed for.

1. Lamiglas XC 807 is an 8 foot rod with 7 power rated for 1-6 ounces making this the perfect light swim bait rod. It comes with a long handle for easier casting the heavier baits.

2. Lamiglas XC 724 is a 7 foot 2 inch rod with a 4 power rated for 1/4 - 1 oz. This rod is designed to cast, pitch, flip senkos and other weightless baits like a fluke.

3. Lamiglas XPS 702 is a 7 foot rod with 2 power and rated for 1/16 - 3/8 oz. This rod is the Lamiglas certified pro spinning drop shot special fishing rod.

Rod Manufacturing Process

Lamiglas Fiberglass and Excel Series of Rods

The Certified Pro Fiberglass rods by Lamiglas are amazing with treble hook lures like a crank bait and jerk bait. My personal favorite is the 705R and is used for either large crank baits or when you are using a jerk bait to rip and suspend in front of the fish. This rod allows the fish to eat the bait and get hooked without letting them throw the bait. The Excel series of rods is perfect for the bass fisherman that needs to be conscious of price in their equipment without sacrificing performance on the water. The Excel line has a deep selection for all different bass fishing techniques.

Lamiglas Rods for Large Mouth and Small Mouth Bass

These are high quality bass fishing rods made with great components and manufactured in the USA.

1. Lamiglass 705 is a 7 foot rod with a 5 power and is rated for 1/4 - 1 oz lures

2. Lamiglas XL 704c is a 7 foot rod with a 4 power and is rated for 1/4 - 3/4 oz lures. This rod is perfect as a utility rod for many techniques from spinner baits to jig fishing or other basic fishing techniques.

3. Lamiglass Excel XL 702s a 7 foot spinning rod with a 2 power rated for lures weighing 1/16 - 1/2oz. Perfect for worm fishing and wacky rigging a senko.

Lamiglas Rods Hardcore Fishing Approved

Lamglas Headquarters

A markerLamiglas Fishing Rods -
1400 Atlantic Ave, Woodland, WA 98674, USA
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