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Five Best Camping Kits for Kids: Goodies and Fun for the Young And The Restless

Updated on September 27, 2010

What happens when you live in the 21st Century, you live in the city, you have some kids at home and you want to go camping? Well, be prepared for a little bit of sweet talk because, depending on your kids’ temperaments, it may take you some time to get them to buy your ideas. Children with video game controllers in their tight grips aren’t exactly the easiest people to take on an outdoor trip – especially if it’s going to take days.

It’s somehow sad that today’s kids miss out on the things that used to provide much fun and lessons for previous generations. Lots of kids miss out the smell of the breeze through trees, the sounds of nature, the feel of the raw earth and the chance to exercise their basic skills for survival. Here are some tips that can help you get your techie kids out for some fresh air and living on the outdoors for a while.

* Show your enthusiasm – This should get your children to build their interest, even just a little for a start. If you yourself only seemed to only convince them to taste camping out but you don’t seem too excited about it, your children will see this through you.

* Give your child ideas on what to do – This way, children won’t easily be bored because they will know what to do. And given the chance and trust for responsibilities, children will be more eager to help.

* Always ask to hear what they’re thinking – Children don’t like being treated like little people of less significance. Whenever your children do something good, give them a pat on the back. This will inspire them to do more.

* Bring goodies for camping – This is so that they won’t get bored and, simply, so they’ll enjoy more their time on camping.

* During camping, take lots of pictures – This will help your children remember how much fun they had on your trip and this will encourage them to hop on the next trip with eagerness.

Aside from the basics like paper towels, diapers, powder and other stuff, here are some items you can bring to make camping more enjoyable for your little ones.

Camp Out!: The Ultimate Kids' Guide [Paperback]
Camp Out!: The Ultimate Kids' Guide [Paperback]

Camp Out!: The Ultimate Kids' Guide [Paperback]

Kids don’t like being lectured or being told what to do. It’s always better showing them because they like to learn from what they see more than from what they hear. However, with this book, you may just get your child to drop the television remote control and get interested in outdoor adventures. This book is one great gift you can give to your little camper. It tackles everything about camping in bright, perky little illustrations that will keep your child glued to it. It tackles things from pitching a tent to packing for the homecoming trip, from looking at the night sky to getting thrills with spooky campfire stories. Your child may even surprise you with more information than you’d never expect. Feel the joy of watching your child learning and doing things for himself.

Kids Explorer CampKit
Kids Explorer CampKit

Kids’ Explorer CampKit

Psyche your children into outdoor vacations with this outdoor kit that includes a tent, a sleeping bag, an inflatable chair, a flashlight and a compass. The tent is easy to set up it will only take a couple of minutes and by the time your child sees it, he’ll be surely delighted. The sleeping bag is made of polyester that will keep your child warm even in 45 degrees Fahrenheit. The chair is inflatable so it’s easy to store when not in use. You can inflate it up to whatever pressure that’s most comfortable for your child. There’s a handy flashlight your child can use as well as play with. Your child will have an easier time making it to the camp toilet after dark and he’ll also have a lot more fun with shadow play.

Childrens Survival Kit
Childrens Survival Kit

Childrens Survival Kit

Outdoors, you can tell your child what to do and what not to do, OR you can teach your child to be more independent by letting him have this survival kit which is suited for children up to 11 years old. Giving him something to help himself with will make him feel stronger and – with continuous support from you – it will be something that will show him how much you value him and what he thinks. This kit includes a dozen 200-calorie food bars and six boxes of Aqua Blox water boxes to give your child energy and hydration. The package also includes ten water purification tablets good for one liter of water. This is to ensure that your child doesn’t get harmed by drinking water with harmful elements. Other things included are a flashlight, a whistle and three glow sticks. These things will help a lot in emergencies. There are also things included to keep him warm like a blanket, a poncho and winter gloves. As for hygiene, this kit is complete with soap, toothpaste, a toothbrush, tissue packs and wet wipes.

The 175 Best Camp Games: A Handbook for Leaders [Paperback] By Kathleen Fraser, Laura Fraser, Mary Fraser and Bernice Lum
The 175 Best Camp Games: A Handbook for Leaders [Paperback] By Kathleen Fraser, Laura Fraser, Mary Fraser and Bernice Lum

The 175 Best CampGames: A Handbook for Leaders [Paperback]

By Kathleen Fraser, Laura Fraser, Mary Fraser and Bernice Lum

Make sure you and your children avoid dead air with this humorous and wittily illustrated book that’s designed to keep you on a roll. Aside from playing, your children will also enjoy reading. Whether you’re with preschoolers or teenagers, this book’s got just the right games. It’s got over 175 games to keep your kids entertained. If you’ve forgotten the games you used to have as a child, then this is the chance to get back to those times and have fun. Some of the games included are Name Dropping, Life Raft, Kitty Wants a Corner Also, Pairs Tag and Fox in the Henhouse. For games involving rough play in the water, there are games like Battleship and Sharks and Mermaids. Do any of them ring a bell? Well, these games are guaranteed to be a lot of fun for everyone so you better not miss on them. Aside from the games, this book also tells you the best games to play on your first day in camp and on the day before you head back home.

Eureka Grasshopper Kids 30-Degree Sleeping Bag
Eureka Grasshopper Kids 30-Degree Sleeping Bag

Eureka Grasshopper Kids 30-Degree Sleeping Bag

Children get cold easier than adults do, that’s why this fun-looking and cozy sleeping bag is just one of the things you have to put in your list of camping gear. Its single-layer quilt shell is made with high-quality polyester taffeta; the same goes for the sleeping bag’s inner liner. It’s filled with polyester Thermashield fiber which provides maximum insulation. Its construction allows it to keep kids warmer even through colder temperatures. At the part for the feet is a trapezoidal foot box to allow your child to sleep with his natural feet’s position and prevent his feet from being cramped. This allows him to sleep more comfortably so he’s ready for the next day. There’s even a pocket on the side in which your child can stash his favorite toy. Your child will surely thank you for it and look forward for more camping vacations.


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