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Five Best Items To Put On Your Winter Camping Checklist

Updated on October 26, 2010

If you’re going on a camping trip in the snow, be sure you’re prepared for harsher conditions and the unforgiving chill. Don’t worry, it’s not like it won’t be fun. In fact winter camping has a charm of its own and can really be a wonderful experience. However, the fun also comes in when you’re completely prepared for the season.

What you need are things to keep you warm and comfortable. After all, you can’t enjoy something if you’re not feeling okay. So, here are some of the things you must never ever forget before putting your best snow boots forward into the snow. First, you need a shelter – a winter camping tent– which will serve as your home for a few days so it better be comfortable. Your tent should be able to protect you from the cold, from the wind and from moisture. Second, you’ll need a very warm and cozy sleeping bag because you can’t sleep when you’re freezing. Pick something that can keep you warm despite very low temperatures. Third, you’ll need a light – everyone needs a light so you will definitely need a flashlight or a camp lantern. Just imagine if you were to be caught unprepared in the snow and in the darkness and that doesn’t exactly spell fun.

You’ll also need to bring a camping stove. Now this one is a must too or else you will get starve. A camping stove can provide you heat when there’s no way to make a campfire with firewood too. Lastly, you need disposable urinals or portable toilets in addressing your needs when nature calls and you don’t want to go out there trying to relieve yourself on a freezing environment because that is exactly a torture. Moreover, here are some excellent examples of those things that will surely work for your winter camping so be sure to add them to your checklist.

Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8 Tent: 8-Person 4-Season
Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8 Tent: 8-Person 4-Season

Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8 Tent: 8-Person 4-Season

This tent isn’t called Big Agnes for nothing: it has a floor area of 175x 96 inches, a large vestibule space of 35 square feet and a generous height of six feet. It can provide reliable shelter for up to eight adult campers and can even allow you to stand inside. It’s specially designed to withstand all four seasons and is made of waterproof polyester that keeps you and your camping equipment dry even in the harshest winters. It also features two D-shaped doors that provide easy access and adjustable vents for healthy air circulation. It stands on five included poles that are all made of sturdy and rust-proof aluminum that will survive strong winter winds. Be sure to get yourself a camping tent like this to keep yourself and your companions safe and dry in the middle of the cold.

High Peak -40 Deg. Mummy Bag, Ex Wide & Long, 2010 Model, Warranty
High Peak -40 Deg. Mummy Bag, Ex Wide & Long, 2010 Model, Warranty

High Peak -40 Deg. Mummy Bag, Ex Wide & Long, 2010 Model, Warranty

Because winter camping has more special demands compared with camping in other seasons, you’ll have to get yourself a sleeping bag that will perform better than just any ordinary sleeping bag – like this one. This sleeping bag is made of very durable materials such as Invista Tactel nylon and polyester taffeta. It’s filled with Invista Thermolite Quallo inside for better heat retention and better protection against plunging temperatures. This sleeping bag can keep you warm and comfortable even in 40 degrees below zero. It features a chest collar that fits the neck part snugly to keep all the heat from your body inside. On the side is a tough high quality zipper that won’t jam easily. Be sure to add this to your winter camping checklist for a good night’s sleep in the snow-white outdoors.

Coleman Two-Mantle Propane Lantern with Case
Coleman Two-Mantle Propane Lantern with Case

Coleman Two-Mantle Propane Lantern with Case

Because nobody wants to be stuck in the cold winter without light, you’ll have to bring something to illuminate your winter campsite like this lantern. This one is just right for winter camping because it lights up on propane. Propane is a reliable fuel that can work well even in 40 degrees below 0 Fahrenheit. You can be sure that this lantern while light up your winter wonderland no matter what – it can burn for as long as 14 straight hours. Plus, this lantern can stand well with its three stable, retractable feet. It’s very easy to store to because the entire thing can be divided into three parts that can let you keep it in a bag more easily. Be sure to bring one with you lest you spend your winter camping nights in the cold dark.


Coleman Two-Burner Propane Stove
Coleman Two-Burner Propane Stove

Coleman Two-Burner Propane Stove

Stoves are very handy things to bring during camping trips in the winter season because they provide you with easy means for cooking when you can’t find dry wood for starting fires. When looking for a camping stove to bring on winter camps, a good choice is a stove that runs on propane because propane is a fuel that vaporizes even in temperatures of 43 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Choose something like this stove from Coleman. It features a pair of 10,000 BTU burners that allow you to cook two dishes t the same time or allow you to prepare breakfast on one while making coffee on the other. It features the PerfectFlow System that controls fuel pressure so you’re dishes are all evenly heated up and cooked. It also has a pair of panels for blocking strong winds that can put out the flames. With just a cylinder of propane, this stove can run up to 1 hour on high. So be sure you have something to keep your tummy full o you can enjoy your winter camping to the fullest.

Sanitation Equipment Visa 268 Deluxe Portable Toilet
Sanitation Equipment Visa 268 Deluxe Portable Toilet

Sanitation Equipment Visa 268 Deluxe Portable Toilet

Winter camping can be hell if you don’t have something that can help you get relief from the calls of nature so be sure you bring a portable toilet with you. This portable toilet has a smooth finish that cleans easily and a piston-type flushing system that rinses in two directions for better sanitation. For you to keep track of the water level for flushing as well as the waste level, this portable toilet also features a level indicator for both which tells you when you need to fill it up with water and when you need to dump it out. It also has an air vent and quick detaching latches that make dumping easier. You can keep this inside your tent so you don’t have to endure the freezing cold just to take a leak in the middle of the night. After all, it also features a seal that keeps in the odors as well as prevents messy leakages.


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