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Five Best Mesh Camping Bags – Just the Right Bags for Active Outdoors

Updated on October 7, 2010

When a planning a trip to the outdoors, you’ll need some bags in which to store your precious camping equipment. A camping backpack is a must-have if it’s not enough for all the equipment you need to carry and you may want to use a durable camping duffel bag in which to put your sleeping bag, camping tent and other stuff.

Even if you get all your camping gear packed up in your camping bags, keeping them organized is another story. If you’ve gone through camping trips where you’ve had to take out all of your things just find a teeny weeny little misplaced gadget you’d been looking for, you don’t have to go through the same situation again. One tip for you is to get your things organized by using camping mesh bags for storing camping items that serve a particular purpose. For example, you can keep your soap, toothbrush, toothpaste and combs together in one bag and put your undergarments in another. Camping mesh bags are great for these because they allow you to see the contents right away. This way, you’ll see everything grouped accordingly when you open your bags. This means no more turning your camping bags upside down for your camping flashlight and for me, this will keep all things organized.

Aside from little mesh bags, you can also bring bigger camping mesh bags for storing soaked clothes. Whether it’s because of a long hike or a wild ride down the rapids, using mesh bags is one way to carry your wet things without them getting smelly or uncomfortable to deal with. Having separate mesh bags for them is also more convenient since you keep them away completely from your dry clothes and sensitive gadgets. Here are some of my very fine camping mesh bags I have collected that will make your camping more convenient.

SSG Heavy Duty Mesh Equipment Bag
SSG Heavy Duty Mesh Equipment Bag

SSG Heavy Duty Mesh Equipment Bag 

For heavy duty purposes such as holding piles of heavy, wet clothes, this camping mesh bag is perfect for the job.  It’s made of highly durable 1/4 mesh polyethylene that can withstand rough conditions and abrasions so they don’t tear easily. You can also use this for storing used yet dry clothes. The mesh netting provides excellent ventilation that keeps the clothes from smelling bad. It measures 32 x 36 inches which is big enough to serve other camping purposes such as storing quilt blankets or camping pillows. The size also makes this an ideal mesh bag for camping trip with the whole family. This bag also has a drawstring for easy handling and closure so the contents don’t spill out. Remember, camping gears are all about durability, convenience and safety.

ASICS Mesh Backpack
ASICS Mesh Backpack

ASICS Mesh Backpack  

If you want something to keep your things organized, protected, ventilated and on your back, this one is the right camping mesh bag for you. Aside from the main compartment, this camping mesh bag has a little zippered compartment at the front for putting in things you need to access the most like your keys or your cell phone. It’s made of high quality 600 Denier polyester mesh that’s durable so it won’t tear and the front compartment is made of 100 percent nylon so it won’t rip easily and spill your valuables. The mesh material is also excellent at letting your things breathe whether they’re clothes, towels, children’s toys or swimming gear. That’s why this mesh bag is one cool bag to bring if you’re planning to swimming or boating on a camping trip. This camping mesh bag has backpack straps on it too so you can easily carry it on your back.

Equinox No-See-Um Mesh Bag
Equinox No-See-Um Mesh Bag

Equinox No-See-Um Mesh Bag 

Here are some camping mesh bags in different sizes for storing and organizing your camping valuables. Use one for your toiletries, one for your important gadgets and keys and one for your socks. These will surely do you a big favor when it comes to keeping your camping things neat and easy to find. The no-see-um mesh allows you to see all the contents without having to open the bags. They’re also highly durable and you can use them to carry wet clothes or things with reasonable weight as long as they fit into the bags. The mesh material dries easily which also makes the bags ideal for holding things designed for water contact like swimming goggles and swimwear. Each bag also has a micro-cord drawstring and a small cord lock for securing items inside. 

Cocoon Nylon Mesh Bag (Set of 3)
Cocoon Nylon Mesh Bag (Set of 3)

Cocoon Nylon Mesh Bag (Set of 3) 

This set of camping mesh bags is here to tidy up your camping bags. Why stuff everything into your backpack or duffel bag and rummage for misplaced items when you can have something that allows you to just open your bags, look around and easily spot what you’re looking for. These mesh bags allow you to do exactly just those. They have the following vital statistics 8x10 inches, 11x14 inches and 14 x17 inches. You can easily use one of them for your cell phone and keys, use one of them for your toiletries and one of them for a particular family of items like your camping recipe books, pens and pad paper. Each bag is made of durable black nylon mesh specially designed for the ruthless outdoors and drawstrings and cord locks make sure that your things are well sealed and stored in your camping bags.

Kwik Tek Mesh Bag, Black, 23 x 30 Inch
Kwik Tek Mesh Bag, Black, 23 x 30 Inch

Kwik Tek Mesh Bag, Black, 23 x 30 –Inch 

Here’s another big camping mesh bags for bigger jobs. For family camp-outs that include hiking, boating and water games in their activity lists, this bag can handle bigger mounds of laundry and other wet stuff. It’s made of high quality black polyester mesh that allows for superior ventilation so the contents can be rinsed and hung out to dry while being safely stored in the bag all the while. You can also put in your swimwear, goggles, lifesavers and lifejackets after the fun. The material dries easily too for more convenience. This camping mesh bag has a tough nylon drawstring and a cord lock for securely storing your stuff. Don’t compromise the fun for convenience when there’s something that can make the after-party easier.


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