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Golfing Lesson - Fix Your Golf Slice by Using the Correct Grip Pressure

Updated on March 28, 2011

The Golfer's Frustration

Nothing is more frustrating than having an ugly and repulsive golf slice. You have tried everything to correct this golfing malformation, but nothing has worked. What I am about to explain to you could be the answer to your golf slicing nightmares. Listen carefully........your only contact with the golf club is with your hands. The proper amount of grip pressure can make or break your golf swing. Incorrect grip pressure can actually cause you to produce that undesirable slicing action. Having the correct golf grip is one thing but you must also have the correct amount of grip pressure.

What do I mean by grip pressure???

Its how tight or loose you are gripping the golf club. By watching the four videos below you will get a better understanding about what I am talking about and how to properly gauge your own golf grip pressure. Once you have watched these videos try experimenting with different grip pressures. The next time you visit the practice range try hitting some golf balls with a somewhat loose light golf grip. Then try a very tight golf grip. You will find that the tighter you grip the golf club the more restrictive your golf swing becomes.

Looking Good! A new pair of golf shoes will prevent your feet from slipping.

Loose is Right - Tight is Wrong

A tight grip promotes a tight restrictive swing with slow club head speeds and no power. It also restricts the hands from turning over at impact. This in turn causes the club head to be open which creates that lovely banana ball commonly known as a slice.

On the other hand a loose grip promotes a loose free flowing swing which generates faster club head speeds and more power. A loose golf grip will also allow the hands turn over at that magical moment of impact. Thus creating a much better golf shot. One that is straighter and longer.


Next time you're on the practice range experiment with different grip pressures. I'm sure you'll discover that a lighter grip is better than a tighter one. Good luck.

Get a new driver and show your golfing buddies what you can do now!


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    • scutman032 profile image

      scutman032 7 years ago from nowhere u.s.a

      Nice videos! Thanks for the lessons